NIM (Master) Operation Gear Drops Need to be Fixed ASAP

This past Sunday, our Raid Leader decided that our one and a half old Raid Team, ‘Team Memes‘ (I LOVE you all), would delve into our first NIM Raid. We have cleared pretty much all of the HM (Veteran) Raid Content except for Revan (we’re up to the core now!) and Master & Blaster / Coratanni. So we went in S&V NIM pretty excited to be doing NIM content.

But to our dismay, after one-shotting Dash’Roode, we discovered that the gear that dropped was completely random and useless. We went on and killed Titan 6 and also had a completely random piece of gear drop (both pieces of gear dropped are pictured below). We do not have an Operative or a Powertech on our raid team.

What is this? Is this how you reward players that do NIM content? Random gear drops for classes that are not even in the Operation group? Who thought this was a good idea? NIM content is among the hardest content in the game. Killing each boss should reward the participants with Unassembled Tokens to buy 248 gear or at the absolute minimum 246 Gear Purple that is actually usable by somebody in the Operation group, not this random gear that nobody can use crap.

Needless to say after a couple of attempts at Thrasher, we decided to stop wasting our time on NIM progression and go back to HM Revan progression. Because that’s actually worth doing over NIM content at this point. At this stage, I don’t see us going back to doing NIM anytime soon unless they change the gear drops.

Other Raiders on the SWTOR forums have also been reporting the terrible gear drops they’ve been getting from doing other NIM Operations and it mimics our own experience. Random, useless gear that doesn’t match the classes present in the Operation group. Only the last boss in a NIM Operation drops 248 unassembled gear.

What is the point of doing NIM content besides getting achievements/titles? It’s certainly discouraging knowing that there’s little to no chance of getting gear that someone on your Raid Team can actually use to then help your Raid Team get those titles/achievements.

Basically what Bioware is saying to end-game raiders is the only way to get the gear you can actually use is to PvP or bloody hope you’re lucky enough to have 248 gear drop from Command Crates. It really is pathetic.

It’s quite simple really, 248 Tokens should be guaranteed drops in NIM and honestly, 248 gear shouldn’t be in Command Crates at all. It should only come from NIM raids or be buyable through PvP. Give players the incentive to work towards and do the hardest content in the game! Random drops from all bosses (except the last boss) that aren’t even useable for anyone in the raid team is completely unacceptable.

Something needs to be done to improve the gear drops in NIM Operations ASAP!

Are you an end-game raider? What do you think of the gear drops in NIM?


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