News: SWTOR has a New Lead Writer

Hey everyone,

Today Ian Ryan, a video games writer currently working for Ubisoft, announced on twitter that he will be the new Lead Writer for SWTOR and will be joining the team at Bioware Austin.

Charles Boyd, the former Lead Writer at Bioware Austin has been given a new title “Lead Designer – Creative on Star Wars: The Old Republic”. According to a ‘Lead Designer – Creative’ is essentially: 

An individual who works on the overall conceptualization and design of a media project.

lead designer creative So Charles Boyd is now in charge of the overall design, planning and organisation of the SWTOR story(?) going forward. Ian went on to tweet that he was excited to get to work with the team on SWTOR.

Ian was previously a part of the SWTOR writing team contributing to Imperial flashpoint stories involving Darth Malgus, the Republic Makeb story and the creator for Thana Vesh (Imperial Taris planetary story arc). You can see more of his contributions to SWTOR listed here by Darth _Wicked.

I for one, am looking forward to seeing what Ian contributes to the new story! What do you think of this new development? Are you happy to see Ian back working on SWTOR’s story?


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  • Well, personally I thought that Thana was super annoying and the Republic Makeb story was much weaker than the Imperial one, but one can hope. 😛 I do think it’s good news that they seem to be doing additional hiring instead of replacing people!