New Warzone Delayed – Plus new details about Game Update 5.6

Eric Musco, Star Wars The Old Republic’s Community Manager, posted on the forums today (16th November) that the new Warzone, set on Yavin IV with an Alderaan Civil War rule set, will be delayed two weeks and will not be part of Game Update 5.6.

The new release date for the Yavin IV Warzone will be 12th December as part of Game Update 5.6.1.

The reason for the delay is due to quality issues.

We feel we need just a little bit more time to really bring the new Yavin Warzone up to quality.

A few years ago, the Makeb Mesa Arena (which was originally slated to come out in Game Update 2.4) had to be delayed to 2.5 due to numerous bugs and quality issues. This will be the second time a PvP Map has been delayed due to quality issues.

No other content slated for 5.6 has been pushed back.

Here’s what we can expect to see in Game Update 5.6 (with a couple of new, previously unknown details). Musco also hinted that this was not a comprehensive list.

  • New Flashpoint on Copero, a planet in the Chiss Ascendency (Solo Story, Group Story, Veteran, and Master Modes) and the continuation of the Alliance traitor storyline.
  • The return of Raina Temple.
  • Nahut, the third boss in the Gods From the Machine Operation (Story and Veteran modes).
  • New GSF Deathmatch map set in the orbit over Iokath.
  • Significant changes to Group Finder (new UI, all queuing in one place, upgraded rewards, solo activities added).
  • Legacy-wide Credits and Unassembled Components.
  • Changes to Galactic Command disintegration (gear now disintegrates directly into Unassembled Components to help mitigate RNG).
  • New item, the Master’s Datacron. This allows you to take any existing character and boost them to level 70; this boost does not progress story.
  • And more!

The Master’s Datacron is a new, previously unknown feature of Game Update 5.6. It is an item that will allow you to boost an existing character to level 70 without progressing any story. How much it will cost and how it will be acquired is unknown at this stage but it will likely be a Cartel Market Item.

Update: Musco has since confirmed that the Master’s Datacron will be purchasable on the Cartel Market. It will also be a tradeable item which can be sold on the GTN. Additional Information will be published in an upcoming Blog.

It was actually mentioned in the roadmap, but it was a small mention so I think most people missed it.

We are producing a blog on it but I can give some basics. It is purchased from the CM (similar to the 60 and 65 tokens), and will be tradeable (so it can be sold on the GTN). It then gives you an item which you use on a character. That item will level you to 70 and place you on your Class ship (whether you have one or not from story, this doesn’t impact your ability to get it naturally). It will also give you a set of starter gear for level 70.

It does not progress story at all so you could even use it on a brand new level one.

Update: Musco has also revealed some additional details about Unassembled Components in Game Update 5.6. There will no longer be a cap on Components (as they won’t be tracked in the Currency tab). They will instead become stackable Bound on Legacy Tokens. Any items that cost Unassembled Components will have their price doubled, however, places we previously got Unassembled Components from will give double rewards they do now.

There is no longer a cap on UC because it isn’t actually tracked via the currency tab any longer. It is now a stackable bind on legacy token in your inventory (allowing you to move it across characters).

Also related to that is UC costs and accrual. Costs for all items via UC will be doubled in 5.6, BUT, everywhere you previously gained UC (Warzones, Missions, Ops) will also double. This totally breaks even, there is no change to current rates for gaining and spending UC. The team set those numbers higher to be able to get the values for breaking down items from Galactic Command in place.

Why do you think the new Warzone has been delayed? Let me know on Twitter or in the Comments below!


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  • I don’t understand why they would make UCs into items that take up inventory space instead of leaving them in the currency tab. That just sounds impractical and backwards to me?

    • Yeah I would’ve preferred them to be more like what Warzone Comms used to be where they were stored in your currency tab but you could convert them to Legacy tokens to transfer to your alts.