New Warzone Coming Soon in SWTOR

Hey everyone,

On SWTOR’s recent January Producer Livestream, Eric Musco and Ben Irving revealed the first official details about the upcoming Warzone Map.

So what did they reveal?

  • It’s located on Odessen (one of the new KOTFE planets where the Alliance is based)
  • The Game Mode is a take on ‘King of the Hill’ and the ‘hills’ will randomly spawn. Sometimes there will be one hill, sometimes there will be multiple hills.

Ben also revealed that the Devs had their first internal play test of the new map on the 13th of January. They commented that they had a lot of fun and they reckon that the players will enjoy it too.

Ben went on to comment that a lot of thought and depth has gone into creating this new Warzone.

As to when the new Warzone will be coming out, they hinted that it wouldn’t be too long after February and certainly not 6 months after February.

They will be revealing more details about the new Warzone, including when it will be on the PTS, during the February Producer Livestream currently scheduled on Thursday 11th of February 2pm PST.

What do you think of these details? Are you looking forward to finding out more in February? Personally I’m very intrigued and am very keen to find out more about it.

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