New Images of Umbara in SWTOR!

My excitement for Game Update 5.4, Crisis on Umbara, coming August 22nd to Star Wars The Old Republic continues to grow as more and more snippets are revealed!

New Images and a Trailer (released a few days ago) confirm that Umbara will indeed be very similar to how it is in the Clone Wars! How exciting is that?

In the Trailer, we get to see how Umbara will look from space.

This is how Umbara looked from space in the Clone Wars Episode Darkness on Umbara (see image below).

We also get to see the planet surface in the trailer (pictured below, click on the images to enlarge).

Here’s how it looked in the Clone Wars.

You can watch the full Trailer below.

New Images were also published on the SWTOR Updates Info Page and in the short story article, Trading Scars – A Short Story on Umbara.

Umbara in SWTOR doesn’t look as foggy or dark as it was in the Clone Wars in these images. But otherwise, the flora, fauna and landscape look pretty identical to the Clone Wars.

This image (below) shared by the SWTOR Twitter account shows an Umbaran fighter in the background. It looks a lot like one of the ones that Fives, Hardcase and Jesse piloted in the Plan of Dissent Episode (Season 4: Episode 9) of the Clone Wars!

This potentially confirms that the Umbaran technology will be the same in SWTOR as it is in the Clone Wars.

Here are Umbaran Fighters from the Clone Wars episode ‘Plan of Dissent’ for reference.

You can read more about Umbara in my article, Umbara – What we know from the Clone Wars! You can also watch the Clone Wars Darkness of Umbara Arc on Netflix (starts Season 4, Episode 7).

Are you excited to set foot on Umbara in SWTOR?


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