New Game Update 5.5 Quality of Life Changes and Improvements

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 5.5 introduced quite a few new Quality of Life changes and improvements to the game as part of the greater United Forces Update.

Here are some of the new improvements that came in Game Update 5.5:

  • Bolster in Warzones now raises a character’s item rating to 242, up from 238.
  • The maximum Stronghold cap has been increased to 10.
  • Master Mode Operation bosses now drop Unassembled Components in addition to their existing drops.
  • New Achievements have been added for gaining Command Rank 300 with each Class.
  • The “Commanding Legacy” perk has been modified to allow a player to get a 25% CXP bonus for each mirrored base they have in their Legacy at Command Rank 300. This buff stacks up to 100%. Example: A Sith Warrior and a Jedi Knight that are both at Command Rank 300 only count once.
  • The Command Crate slot which previously had a chance to only roll Schematics has been changed. That slot now has a chance to rewards Schematics, Command XP boosts, Command XP consumables, Grand Chance Cubes, and item modifications from Galactic Command gear. The chance of this slot appearing in a Command Crate has been greatly improved.
  • A Companion Customization vendor has been added to the Cartel Bazaar on both fleets. This vendor sells opposing Faction Companion Customizations. Ex: The Republic vendor will sell Customizations for Vette.

Other changes require pictures to illustrate their new features. So let’s take a look!

New Server Select Screen

Don’t be alarmed when you only see five servers! All you have to do is place your mouse pointer over the server list and use your mouse wheel to scroll through the list of servers. This change is in preparation for the Server Merges coming on the 8th of November when the current servers will be merged into five servers.

  • In preparation for United Forces, the server select interface has been updated to only show five servers at a time. If a player needs to access a server which is not displayed, the scroll wheel will move through the list. Servers are displayed by last used, number of characters, and server name.


They’ve changed up the Inventory UI slightly. They’ve added a bar to indicate your Inventory’s capacity, added more sorting options and moved the tabs (Inventory, Mission Items, Currency) to the top of the UI.

Cartel Market

They’ve completely rehauled the Cartel Market UI and added a bunch of items from older packs as single purchase options. You can now search the Cartel Market or browse through the various categories listed below.

  • The Cartel Market has had its User Interface improved. In addition to a new look, there is also expanded functionality including filters and search. Starting with Shipment 10, each pack opened increases the chance of receiving a platinum item.

Replayable Stronghold Introduction Cinematics


While they did recently increase the number of Strongholds you can own to 10, they also added Terminals that enable you to replay the Stronghold Introduction Cinematic, in all of the Strongholds. That way you ‘screenshot-aholics’ can replay the cinematics over and over again to get the perfect screenshots of your characters!

  • A change has been made to the introduction cinematics for all Strongholds to make them consistent. All Strongholds will play the cinematic the first time the player zones into them on a character. A terminal has been added to all Strongholds so that a player can re-watch the intro. These changes do not affect Guild Strongholds.

Pictured below are where the terminals are located in each of the Strongholds (they’re all mostly near where you spawn in). Click on an image to enlarge it:

What did you think of these QoL changes and game improvements? Are you looking forward to seeing what they do in Game Update 5.6.?


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