My Ultimate SWTOR PvP Wishlist

I’ve been thinking about my PvP wishlist for a while now. But, now that the ‘Summer’ Road Map has been released (for a while now) and we have a rough idea of what to expect this year content wise, I figured it was about time to publish this. Some of the things on my Wishlist have been addressed by Keith in recent months but others haven’t.

Here is what Keith said about PvP in the Road Map published the end of May to refresh your memory (click on the image to enlarge).

Server Merge / Cross Server / Mega Server

Some kind of server merge or cross-server queues would certainly help improve PvP queue times. However, Keith in his recent interview with Bad Feeling Podcast revealed that cross-server is completely out of the question due to technical limitations. It is not because of the game engine as has been postulated in the past but rather due to the way they have built SWTOR’s database, it would be impossible to implement.

He also revealed in that interview that they do have the capability to further consolidate the servers, they just need to figure out a few of the kinks such as moving Guilds, Legacy Banks and other things that don’t currently transfer with your characters.

Obviously, the main aim of some kind of population consolidation is to increase the PvP population for faster and more frequent queue times. Most PvPers have already moved at least a couple of their characters to their regions most populated server (NA – Harbinger, EU – Red Eclipse) but I feel that more could be done to help and incentivize players to move to high population servers to ensure access to PvP 24/7. I reckon fixing issues that exist with transferring

The Return of 8 v 8 Ranked

Yes, this is a pipe dream but with a server merge or mega server, it would definitely be very viable. But honestly, it shouldn’t matter what the server population is, 8 v 8 Ranked should be in the game anyway (and never should’ve been removed in the first place). I figure it would pop okay on the Harbinger and the Red Eclipse at least.

I would like to see Solo and Group queue options for 8 v 8 Ranked. For Solo and Group queue, there should be a Valor requirement like there is for Ranked Arenas. I don’t know if the rewards for Ranked Warzones should be the same as Ranked Arenas. It would certainly be good incentive to participate in both if the rewards were different.

Separate Warzone and Arena Queue’s

Yes, this is another pipe dream. This is one feature I feel would only be viable if we had a mega server situation. You need a high population of PvPers to ensure that both Warzones and Arenas would continue to pop frequently. I would honestly never do an Arena again if I could just queue for Warzones.

A New Warzone

A new Warzone was announced in the Road Map. No specifics about when we’ll see the new Warzone has been announced other than ‘later this year’ but hopefully, we’ll hear more by the end of the summer.

What kind of Warzone would I like to see? I would really love to see a ‘Capture the Flag’ map in SWTOR. It’s basic and it’s a classic. You could easily add a more ‘Star Wars’ twist to it without making up a complicated ruleset. Hopefully, whatever the Developers end up doing, the rule set/parameters for the Warzone should follow the ‘keep it simple, stupid’ mantra. That way we don’t have a repeat of Odessen Proving Grounds.

As for a setting for a new Warzone Map, the possibilities are endless. I’ve always wanted a Warzone set on Darvannis or Oricon (remember the days when they used to release a new Warzone in a conjunction with a new Operation?).  Rishi would also be a fun setting (but there’s already an Arena set there) or even Yavin. Or they could just go for one of the vanilla planets like Voss or Hoth. But honestly, they’re probably going to be boring and put it on Iokath. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Iokath as a planet. I find so bland. Ideally, the new Warzone should be set on Umbara (there’s a Flashpoint set there coming out in Game Update 5.4) because that would just be amazing!

I think Zakuul would be a good setting for another Hutball if they ever do another Huttball Map. It fits in with the lore too. Afterall, the Hutts did invest a bit of money into the Old World. Coruscant would also be a good setting for a Huttball map (I’m sure the Hutts already have money in Coruscant’s Underworld in this time period).

I always thought this part of Voss from KOTET Chapter 1 would make a good setting for a Warzone map.

Mixed Faction Queues for all Warzones

I know this was a bit of a controversial topic when it was proposed when Odessen Proving Grounds came out. Having mixed faction teams makes sense from a lore perspective for Odessen Proving Grounds but not necessarily for some of the other Warzones. But I would say that all Warzones exist outside the purvue of lore (to an extent) anyway so it really doesn’t matter. Queues should be mixed faction for all Warzones. This would help with PvP queue times too especially for factions and servers with low populations of PvPers.

At the very least, Huttball should definitely be mixed faction as it’s run by the Hutts and it makes no sense to have faction restrictions for it at all. The other Warzones do have a Republic versus Imperial element to them (in terms of lore setting) but Huttball doesn’t, at all. So if you want to be fussy about lore but still have more mixed faction queues for Warzones (to help with PvP population), Huttball is the perfect place to implement mixed faction queues if the Developers aren’t willing to do so for the other Warzones.

Incentives to participate in low-level PvP

With much faster means of levelling available (and other reasons) low-level PvP pops are slower than they used to be. I believe the easiest way to get more players into low-level PvP is to make it so you can earn Unassembled Components. Whether it just be from the Daily and Weekly and/or if a small amount was earned from each Warzone match. It would be great if we could start earning the Components prior to Level 70 like we used to be able to do with Warzone Commendations. Making the Components Legacy Bound (the Developers have said they want to do this) would make this even more worthwhile. That way you can PvP on whatever character you feel like regardless of their level and still earn components to gear any character of your choosing just like we did pre 5.0.

Making the Components Legacy Bound (the Developers have said they want to do this a couple of times) would make this even more worthwhile. That way you can PvP on whatever character you feel like regardless of their level and still earn components to gear any character of your choosing just like we did pre 5.0.

Matchmaking in Regular Warzones

I wouldn’t want Regular Warzone matchmaking to be as strict as it is in Ranked Arenas. Allow 1-3 healers, 1-2 tanks then fill with DPS. Obviously, you want to balance the number of tanks and healers. But realistically, there isn’t going to be an even number of all roles in the queue. The aim would be basically to stop 5 Heals & 3 DPS versus 8 DPS matches from ever occurring by simply distributing the roles in the queue in a more even matter. I’m not a programmer or coder so I have no idea if it would be possible to implement this. But, I reckon it would help make ‘regs’ more fun if role distribution was more equal. It could also be used to prevent two premade groups from ending up on the same team.

Well, that’s my list! I guess I could’ve included class balance. But we all know that’ll never happen.

But hopefully, we’ll hear more about PvP (the new Warzone in particular) in the next Road Map (due maybe around the end of August?) Either way, Keith has hinted that they’ve (maybe) begun working on it.

What is on your PvP Wishlist? Do you think any of my more far fetched wishes could become a reality?


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  • Why do you think ranked 8v8 would pop now when it rarely ever did back in the day when the population was actually higher (I think)? I mean, 8v8 on TRE back in the day was an amazing community effort, but precisely because of that it wasn’t sustainable in the long run; it just took so much effort to get anything going. I don’t think it would be a big success now either, even if there are people who still remember it fondly. Even the dedicated PvP guilds quickly used to grow tired of just playing each other all the time.

    I think capture the flag would be pretty boring, but I’m happy to take whatever. I’m in the minority who loved Odessen Proving Grounds though, it’s actually become my favourite warzone by quite a margin. 😛

    As someone who feels quite a bit of faction pride, I wouldn’t want to see mixed queues everywhere! Huttball would be OK though.

    And definitely a thumbs-up for the low-level warzones. I still enjoy playing them, but it’s a crying shame that they only give XP and pretty much nothing else now.

    • I guess a part of me is just super nostalgic for 8 v 8 Ranked of late because my Guild had so much fun doing them back in the day. But it’s no different to the current situation with Team Ranked Arena’s. Those only happen if organised by the community. I feel if there were proper motivations in place ie. the different rewards than Arenas and a solo queue option, it would get utilised. Maybe it’s been too long for this to work but I can’t help but feel a little hopeful. I know a lot of PvP Guilds and PvP players (some from my old Guild) who left the game because they took out 8 v 8 Ranked. Of course bringing it back won’t necessarily bring them all back. But I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in the game anyway at this point. The only downside I can think of atm is bringing back 8 v 8 Ranked would be it further dividing the PvP population to different queues in turn increasing queues times.

      I don’t mind Odessen Proving Grounds myself (it’s not my favourite but I certainly don’t ever leave it when I get into one) but it gets a lot of hate from the community from being ‘too complicated’ and too RNG dependent. I think it’d be more ideal to have the next Warzone be something with a more simple, easy & quick to comprehend rule set (with little to no RNG). I always enjoyed Capture the Flag in all the FPS games I used to play before I started playing MMO’s but I’m of course open to other basic rule sets for a new Warzone.

  • ChinguZilla

    I would love to see matchmaking and a ladder system for individuals and 4/8 man teams.