My Top 10 Healing Pet Peeves in SWTOR

For a bit of fun recently, I had my Twitter followers guess which one of my characters was my second highest geared (it’s pretty obvious who is my most geared). Those who guessed the correct class and advanced class got to pick a topic for me to write about. Two people (Lorhin and Marano) both correctly guessed Operative Heals so I gave them both the opportunity to propose a topic for me to write about.

Lorhin chose the topic ‘Top 10 Healing Peeves’ so here is the finished piece!

Note: This is a more casual piece and the language use reflects that.

Healing can be very fun and tremendously rewarding. It is my favourite role to play in MMO’s. But at times, it can also be incredibly frustrating. Players you have to heal, whose lives are in your hands, can be quite frankly, incredibly stupid.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my Healing Pet Peeves specific to Star Wars The Old Republic (though most of these are applicable to countless other games as well).

Here they are in no particular order!

People who stand in Stupid (PvE)

Because lol why not right? Surely the healer can heal me through this right? It’s not like I need to be paying attention to anything but my numbers right?

You come across this a lot in PvE. Players who are just so single-minded that they don’t even notice that they’re standing in stupid. In easier content, standing in stupid is less likely to get you killed. But in harder content, it’s highly likely to cause your group a lot of issues even if it doesn’t kill you.

See here’s the thing that might come as a surprise to some of you. Healers do not have the time to be healing you through avoidable damage when the tanks are taking a beating. This is why you do not stand in stupid! A healer having to take the time heal you for standing in stupid means they’re not healing the tank. Which could then lead to various issues which may cause your group to wipe.

So please. Be considerate. Don’t stand in stupid. I’m sure I’m not the only healer out there who doesn’t heal DPS who are stupid enough to stand where they shouldn’t be. It’s the best way for us to teach more stubborn DPS how to move, after all.

In PvP, this is less of an issue as a single AOE isn’t going to do that much damage and is typically is just a counter to stop you from capping an objective. When there are multiple AOE’s placed on top of each other, however, you definitely want move out of them. But this rarely happens anyway as the vast majority of players/teams aren’t smart or coordinated enough to stack AOE’s anyway.

People who LOS (line of sight) (PvP)

This is more of a minor nuisance with situational variables at play. There’s someone on your team dying. They’re in range of you but you can’t heal them because they’re LOSing you and you’re trying to figure out where they are wasting precious time that could be used healing a teammate that’s not LOSing you. More often than not, players aren’t aware they are doing this. But generally, good players will make sure that if they are starting to get low on health that they go to where the healers are and make sure there’s no LOS.

So the trick is if you’re a DPS or Tank and you want to stay alive for as long as you can, make a note of who the healers are early on in the match. It should become apparent pretty quickly once the fighting starts who they are. Then if you find yourself away from the healers and in a situation where you need some healing go back to where they are and make sure you’re not LOSing them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally stay near the healers anyway to help peel enemy attackers off of them.

People who expect to be at 100% (or 90%+) health constantly (PvE & PvP)

This is an odd thing to come across and it’s an extremely, extremely unrealistic expectation. But yet some people expect this. Typically, they’re an ignorant DPS or Tank who’ve never healed anything in their lives.

Luckily I don’t come across players like this too often but when I do, it’s really confusing. Like, have they not done group content ever? So what if I was off DPSing and you lost 30% health? Big whoop. You’re totally in danger of dying you poor baby.

People with no Situational Awareness (PvE & PvP)

One of the major skills good players have is situational awareness. Being aware of everything that is happening around them while simultaneously being able to perform their role (Tank, Heal or DPS). Yes, it is true that it takes time to develop this skill. But seeing people constantly playing dumb, not learning from their mistakes and not actively seeking to improve their gameplay can be pretty frustrating.

But honestly, it depends on who I’m running with and the content I’m doing. I’m obviously going to have higher expectations when I do harder content versus when I do easy content.

But when it comes to PvP, I get frustrated. My general expectation is when you’re in Level 70 PvP, you should know just about everything there is to know about PvP because you’ve done lowbie PvP or you’ve had years of experience doing max level PvP. Of course, this is not the reality, sadly. I just wish people would take the time to read about and learn about PvP before starting out and/or start in the lower brackets like I did when I first started PvPing all those years ago.

Tanks that put a Guard on you then run away (PvP) 

If you’re going to Guard me, bloody stay within 15 metres of me constantly (well at least 90% of the time). I’ll try to stay close to you but that isn’t always possible when I’m healing like crazy keeping the team alive.

But honestly, it is so so frustrating to see someone Guard me then run off with all the other DPS derping around and making absolutely no attempt to help me out when I’m being attacked whatsoever. Part of your job while Guarding a Healer is to not just be close to them but actively stun, peel and hell do whatever you can to thwart anyone who is attacking the Healer you’re guarding.

So please don’t bother Guarding Healers unless you know what you’re doing. Thanks.

Healers who don’t Cleanse (PvE & PvP)

Healing 101 in PvP: Cleanse Mezzes/CC’s! Your teammate gets Flashbanged (and you’re a Mercenary or Operative)? CLEANSE THEM! The other healer gets Intimidating Roared? CLEANSE THEM! Don’t be a dick. Just because you want to be top heals doesn’t mean you should endanger your team by not cleansing a mezzed co-healer. Two healers are better than one. Okay? Keep in mind some healers can’t cleanse some Mezzes/CC’s so learn what you can/can’t cleanse! It could save you and/or your teammate’s lives!

Then there’s PvE Cleansing. There are so many Healers who don’t cleanse in PvE! Sure you don’t need to cleanse the vast majority of stuff in SM level Raids or Flashpoints. But, it’s good to practice and it shows you have good situational awareness! In harder content, you better be goddamn cleansing or you risk wiping the raid. I always know I’m with a good Healer when they Cleanse (even when it’s not necessary!)

Melee DPS who run off and DPS number farm away from the objective and expect to be healed (PvP)

Okay, this is situational. For example, sometimes I’ll follow the DPS cause I’m bored and the objective isn’t in any danger. But more often then not, I’ll stay close to the objective, sticking with the team ensuring we don’t lose the objective.

If you’re going to try and chase someone, at least attempt to come back to the group for heals if you’re in trouble. Good melee DPS will do this! Even if you don’t quite make it back before you die, it shows me that you’re a good player that should get priority heals (yes, Healers 100% prioritise who they heal).

DPS who run away from the Healer when they’re dying (PvP & PvE)

Okay, you’re dying, you start panicking and so you just start running. Usually away from the healer. This is bad. I can’t afford to run after you when it’s more important for me to stay with the team and keep them alive. So try to be more aware of your surroundings and where your team is. Chances are, there’s a Healer there.

Again, note who the Healers are on your team early on in the match so you know who to go to when you’re dying.

This happens in PvE too funnily enough. It’s funny because there’s typically less room to move around (compared to PvP) yet players will always find a way to run as far away from the Healers as possible when they’re dying. At least they have the awareness that they’re losing health but really, they shouldn’t move unless they’re in an AOE. Healers always position themselves so they can heal everyone. So be patient, they’ll heal you when they get the chance. And yes, they’re well aware of who’s losing health.

When a Tank or DPS at low health calls out for Heals (PvE)

Okay seriously, I get that you’re panicking. But goddamn it! It’s my job to heal. I can bloody well assure you that I’m very very well aware of your predicament. I’m constantly aware of everyone’s health. So take a chill pill, pop a defensive. I’ll get to you ASAP.

You do not need to tell a Healer to heal you! Ever! It really isn’t going to help your predicament to yell at us either.

If it happens a lot (asking for heals) then it’s a case of bad healers and you should probably get some new ones or get them lessons.

When the other Healer doesn’t bother to Heal you (PvP)

Okay, this is more of a PvP thing but I have seen this happen on occasion in PvE too. You come across these weird Healers who insist on not healing you at all. Healers should be helping each other stay alive! Your chances of survival are better if there’s another healer around. So be nice! Help them out! Hell even throw out a stun or knockback if a Healer on your team is getting focused fired! Don’t be a dick just because you want to be top heals.

When no one bothers to help out the Healer when they’re in trouble (PvP)

This is extraordinarily common. The DPS will be derping off somewhere (typically not focusing the enemy teams healer) while the enemy team is focusing me, the Healer. It’s clear that most people don’t realise this but there is only so much I can do to keep myself alive via healing and using my defensives, LOSing, stuns etc. Eventually, they’re going to kill me.

If you want to stay alive to get them leet DPS numbers, you need to be helping out your Healers. Throwing out a stun, using knockbacks, CC these things help a lot! Hell, you might even be able to peel them off me! And you know what the best part is? You can do all this while still farming DPS! Wow!!!

When your getting focused and your teammates don’t even touch the other Healer (PvP)

As I mentioned above. This is a fairly common occurrence too. I can’t even begin to describe how bloody frustrating it is when I’m getting focused fired like crazy and having to work my ass off to stay alive. Yet, I look up and see the enemy Healer just standing there free casting heals with not a single player on my team attacking them.

It’s infuriating.

More often then not, I find that I have to mark the healers myself because too many players don’t understand the concept of targetting Healers first. I mean you would think that if no one you’ve attempted to kill is dying then maybe, just maybe they have a Healer somewhere? That maybe you should be interrupting, stunning, CCing or just outright killing them? Like how did you get to 70 PvP being this stupid?

So please please please please, please always be on the lookout for healers, mark them up as soon as you find one then, do everything you can to thwart their healing capabilities and kill them. Thanks.

When someone uses a Kolto Station in a Flashpoint (PvE)

Yes, I get super offended when a DPS clicks on one of these. Like hello? There’s a Healer in the group (you ignorant dumbass) you do not need to bloody use it. So you lost a little health? Big whoop! Have some patience. I’ll heal you in a sec when I stop off DPSing. It’s not like you’re in danger of dying.

The exception to this, of course, is the ‘Depths of Manaan’ Flashpoint when players click on the Kolto Barrels for the Achievement (which I still don’t have). So that’s perfectly acceptable! Click all the Kolto Barrels!

But seriously if a Healer can’t heal through the content that has Kolto Stations then they need to go get lessons from someone or just not heal at all.

Whoops! I did 13. Oh well! I really wanted to highlight all the pet peeves I could come up with (even though I was over the limit) even if only one person learns something from them.

Do you heal a lot in SWTOR or even in other games? What are your healing pet peeves?


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  • Lorhin

    “I’m sure I’m not the only healer out there who doesn’t heal DPS who are stupid enough to stand where they shouldn’t be. It’s the best way for us to teach more stubborn DPS how to move, after all.”
    THAT’S WHAT I KEEP TELLING PEOPLE. Don’t heal them, cause that make them think they are doing the correct thing!

    “Tanks that put a Guard on you then run away (PvP)”
    I can probably count one one hand the amount of times a tank actually stayed near me during an entire match (not counting deaths), actually protecting me, giving me openings to heal everyone else. Though, I will say, that I’ve had some dps (mostly ones I group with) try to protect me the best they can as well.

    “Even if you don’t quite make it back before you die, it shows me that you’re a good player that should get priority heals (yes, Healers 100% prioritise who they heal).”
    I think a lot of players don’t understand that, yes, while healers are supposed to technically keep everyone in the group alive (or as many people as possible), we are not obligated to do so if our best judgment declares otherwise. If you are fluffing, not playing the objective and just farming numbers, consistently not making a point to get out of stupid, or just being a general idiot, we will turn our attention and heals to someone else who is actually not doing the above. If you want to get healed, earn our heals.

    “When a Tank or DPS at low health calls out for Heals (PvE)”
    Whenever someone does this to me, they have no idea just how badly it makes me not want to heal them, lol.

    “When someone uses a Kolto Station in a Flashpoint (PvE)”
    Not gonna lie, I actually fussed at a pug that did this when I was healing, lol. I was like, “ARE MY HEALS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?!” and they were like, “Sorry!”

    Here’s one of mine that wasn’t on your list: Healers that don’t use all the tools/heals at their disposal (PvE). I used to dps on a team that had the absolute worst healers ever. They were both sage healers. One of them would only drop Salvation/Revivifivation on THEMSELF, not the melee/tanks, or any clustered group of team members. The other one flat out REFUSED to use Salvation/Revivifivation at all because “it used too much force”. (This was during 2.x, back before Resplendence/Force Bending was a thing.) And they wondered why they were having so much trouble keeping everyone alive. -_-

    I know I probably sound a bit mean due to all my reactions, but I swear I’m not, lol. I’m just a cranky healer that needs to vent every now and then.

  • aaaaa

    Good read! As a dps I’ll try to do better for the healer, though situational awareness is still something I struggle with. Which is point 1: lowbies and midbies are FAR from enough for someone to develop situational awareness skills 🙁 I’ve been playing for a while now, have several 70 toons including heals, pvped w all of them through at least midbies if not lowbies too, but still…

    And point 2, about koltos in flashpoints : I’ve had a healer just plain quit because someone hit a kolto AFTER the boss kill, with everyone almost to full health. It was habitual and kind of a clicky the thingy reflex, and the healer threw a fit and left. I get it, I really do, it can be insulting to do it mid fight, but there’s lots of situations when it’s just harmless. Like zoning out in a vet fp, and absentmindedly taking a kolto out of habit formed from the many runs you’ve had w 4 dps (or less lol). Which is a good habit! Many times we’ve had some ranged dps not bother with a kolto right next to them in such a group, forcing people either really far away or that shouldn’t move, to scramble for one.

    The point is people also take koltos without any connotation to the quality of the heals they’re getting. Unless it’s done in an obviously insulting way like screaming for heals first or berating you after, I wouldn’t give it too much thought.

  • Joel Roberts

    I’m still a pretty new healer and don’t PVP, but god damn that Kolto Station one is a knife to the gut every time.