My Return to Progression Raiding

I have a very long history of Raiding (on and off) in Star Wars The Old Republic since the 1.0 days. My return to raiding (after my APAC Guild <Corvus> quit SWTOR in 4.0) came sooner than I expected. I said to myself that I’d never do Progression Raiding again unless the Developers announced new Operations. But I kinda broke that promise. I made the mistake of telling my new Guild <Backpack> that I was interested in Progression Raiding (they were gauging interest to form another Progression team) but only if they announced new content.

Literally the next day, they asked me to heal for their new Operations Team anyway. So I decided to help them out temporarily at least. Then a week or so later, the Devs announced the new Operations content anyway. So I guess finding a Raid Team when I did was good timing after all. It gives the team I’m in the time to synergise together before the new content comes out. The gearing changes favouring PvE also cemented my interest in Progression Raiding again.

In the ~month that Team 2 has been together, we’ve done EV and KP Veteran Mode (obviously to get people some gear and get us started) and we’ve cleared TFB and S&V VM (except for Styrak we’re so close!). I have also been filling in for Team 1 as one of their healers has RL stuff happening. So I’ve been kept pretty busy raiding since 5.1!

It does feel great to be healing again in Operations. The last time I did Progression Raiding (early 4.0) I was on my Marauder. While it was nice to go back to my 1.0 roots (I played a Sentinel mostly when raiding back then) ultimately, I wanted to go back to healing again.

But don’t worry I’m still PvPing! But nowhere near as much as I was during 5.0. I will not completely stop doing PvP but with gearing the way it is now, it’s much faster for me to gear by doing Veteran Operations, getting the 236 shells and then using them along with Unassembled Components to buy 242 gear straight off the bat.

The next stage for our Progression Team is going to be the two Dreads! Unfortunately, we’re skipping over EC for now. For some reason, I’ve come across quite a lot of people who have a very strong aversion to doing EC even in SM. I did EC back in 1.0 when it was hard (but never got to clear it then because my Guild gave up/got sick of it after a while) but I still don’t mind doing it. I originally thought the EC hate was just a thing in my old APAC Guild given our experience with it. But it turns out a lot of other Guilds and people can’t stand it either. Which is a real shame because I really want to do it again.

But in any case, we have finally have some new Operations content! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

Are you looking forward to the new Operation Boss Tyth? Are you a Progression Raider or have ever been part of a Progression Raid team in SWTOR? What’s been your experience with Progression Raiding over the years in SWTOR?


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  • Lorhin

    As a fellow progression healer, I am also thrilled about the new op coming out. 😀

    I don’t get the EC hate either. I love the Kephess fight, and Toth and Zorn is a great warm up. From what I’ve heard, it’s one of the more forgiving NiM (oh, I mean Master mode) ops. The only tough fight is Firebrand and Stormcaller, and the bosses drop some not so easy to get pieces. My raid team is working on clearing it, so we’ll find out if that’s true soon enough.

  • I’ve been raiding since early on and have never stopped. 🙂 Which makes it kind of embarrassing to still not have killed all the bosses on all difficulties five years later! But I guess I’m just not that good, and the “resets” of 4.0 and 5.0 haven’t helped with actual progression.

    I do kind of get the thing with EC. Even after various nerfs, it just has so many mechanics that will wipe the whole group if even one person derps.

    “Oops, I got Fearful and blew myself up!” (So now we’ll hit the enrage timer.)
    “Oops, I hit the shield generator.” (So now half the group dies.)
    “Oops, I accidentally stepped across a line on the minefield.”

    The other night we had a horrible run where people kept doing the last one mentioned on story mode. 😛 It’s enough to scare you away from the place for a while.