My Return to Nexus

For the past month and a bit, I have once again been playing Wildstar.

I stopped playing WildStar around August/September 2014. I was in Closed Beta and was there throughout Open Beta and Launch, excited and eager to get to Endgame. But once I reached the Endgame Imbuement grind, my interest slowly waned and so did my Guild’s. About a month after the Strain update, with no hope of ever getting to try out raids and the fact that PvP gear was still completely screwed up, I called it quits and went back to SWTOR.

When F2P launched and I came back to WildStar briefly, but I couldn’t bring myself to stick with the game as I was still too invested in SWTOR and I really didn’t know what to do with myself in Wildstar anyway..

So what’s made me stick it out on Nexus for this long, this time around? Well, I got the Wildstar Soundtrack and found myself feeling incredibly nostalgic for the game. I’ve always loved the music in Wildstar, so hearing it again made me want to jump back onto Nexus. My interest in SWTOR is now waning so the release of the Soundtrack proved to be perfect timing. 

My main character from launch, a Medic Healer.

My Experience So Far

When I logged onto my main character from launch, I was so confused as to where I supposed to go and do (to progress through the story I missed). I couldn’t find anything online to tell me. So I decided to make a new character and experience the story again from the beginning.

I made a new Dominion character (Cassian, Esper DPS), who I’ve now gotten to level 50 and completed all the story quests on. I actually quite enjoyed the leveling experience this time around. It was very noticeable that the majority of quests are now less grindy then they use to be making the leveling experience more faster and enjoyable. Having to do less (then you used to) to complete a quest made all the difference. That’s not to say there weren’t parts where it was still a drag to get through, but for me, those moments happened less often.

I saw some people say in that in char that you could just focus on the story quests and skip the ‘tasks’. But this did not work out for me at all. I did skip doing Tasks on Ellevar, but after that, I had to do everything so I wasn’t too under leveled. I was usually a level or two under what I should’ve been most of the time. It wasn’t until I got to Malgrave that I was, (for some reason) able to not only get to the right level, but be over leveled for quests. If I had done some PvP or a Dungeon while leveling, perhaps this wouldn’t have been as much of an issue. But because I exclusively quested to level, I was under leveled a bit.

My new Dominion Character, Esper DPS.

Speaking of quests, one thing I found a little annoying at times was the flow of the quests. There were a couple of instances where I would finish up in an area (eg. Whitevale) and not get a call to go to the next area. Luckily I knew to check the Mission Board near the Taxi on Illium to get the quest to go to Farside. I think this may have happened because I was under leveled, but still, it was annoying.

The Filthy Exile

I have even made an Exile character (Aurin, Spellslinger DPS). I’ve just started Galeras on her and I have to admit I’m not enjoying playing as an Exile. Thayd really is a horrible, messy, disorganised place that drives my OCD crazy! I can’t stand it. I’ve always been a very staunch Dominion player. I do find the Aurin a little tolerable and the Mordesh morbidly intriguing, so that got me through Celestion. Playing as an Exile made me feel so ‘diseased’. I felt like I was trespassing and was a fugitive, that I didn’t belong on Nexus. I even felt bad killing Dominion NPC’s and secretly wanted their plots to succeed wishing there was a way I could be a double agent. And oh my god that quest where you capture the Dominion pilot in Galeras and get him to tell you their plans made me so angry. Bloody coward! If any of my Dominion characters ran into him they would execute him on the spot!

So yes… I get very into the lore of Wildstar. My staunch devotion to the Empire has even motivated me to create an Exile human who is actually a Dominion spy. It also means I finally get to see the Northern Wastes and Algoroc story which is the only starter areas I haven’t completed before.

My Aurin Exile character.

At this stage I’m not sure whether I’ll try and get into Endgame or not. I still have horrible memories of trying to get into it back in the day. Also with my current 300ms+ I probably wouldn’t be very useful anyway (also why I haven’t tried PvP yet). I guess it’s one of those ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it’ things. For now, I just want to immerse myself in the lore of the game.

Outside of the main game, I have spent a fair bit of time and plenty of gold decorating my characters houses. I’ve been redecorating my main characters’ house as well as my new alts houses. Perhaps in time I will share some pictures of my progress cause obviously none of my houses are anywhere near finished.

Something else I find highly enjoyable, for some reason, is gardening. I love collecting different plants/herbs, planting them in my Garden on my housing plot, harvesting them then repeating the process. I don’t even do anything with the plants (like Cooking) I just love the ‘interactiveness’ of it.

Now I know people will ask me this and have already asked me so I’ll address it now. Would I recommend trying Wildstar? I’d say if you can get into the lore and story of the game, you’ll have a much better time leveling, otherwise it can get quite grindy. So take that as you will.

You also have to like the quirkiness and humor of Wildstar, which is also manifest through the ‘cartoony’ graphics, to really be able to stick with it. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve personally always liked the quirkiness and humor of Wildstar. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s refreshing. It’s quirk is shown when the Devs communicate and advertise about the game as well. Something that is quite refreshing in the gaming industry.

Either way, I’m enjoying myself for now. I still have things I want to do so for now, I am hooked on Wildstar. Expect to see some more posts about Wildstar soon!

Note: I’m currently not subscribed to Wildstar.


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  • CHUAS!!! I love them so much. I want to see what you do with your houses. I was just in love with the decorating in that game, and I’d probably do more of it.. if I didn’t have to leave the house to earn pesky money to buy furniture.