My Raid Team Defeated Revan HM!

My Raid Team, ‘Team Memes’, got our Revan HM (Veteran) kill! After getting so close to killing him on Sunday with a few pulls at core below 10%, we could not wait until Sunday for our next scheduled raid night to attempt him again. So we all got together Wednesday night and one shot him! It was an incredible moment! Only 3 people on Team Memes had previously killed Revan in HM (2 of them were recent) so the rest of us were first timers. It took us over a month of progression to get him down. I (of course) healed the fight. (Click on image to enlarge).

I could not be more proud or happy to be a part of Team Memes! I honestly thought I’d never ever get the opportunity to get to Revan HM let alone ever get my Revanchist Title. I really am lucky to have found this amazing raid team when I did. They are all fantastic, knowledgeable players and incredibly fun to be around!

Special shoutout to our Raid Leader Naz! He’s one of the best Raid Leaders I’ve ever had. His leadership has gotten us so far in a short amount of time. He brought Team Memes together nearly two and a half months ago now and we’ve come so far! o/

I also wanted to give a shout out to my co-healer Myez! He’s one of the best co-healer’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of healing with!

It wasn’t quite a clean kill but nonetheless, we persevered and defeated him anyway. It is such a relief to have downed Revan after all that time and effort regardless. It is an incredibly fun fight and easily one of my favourites in the game.

Doing progression on Revan for over a month was a little trying at times but also a little of fun. Naturally, a lot of memes were made. One of them involved me, of course. So instead of interrupting the healer designated droid during HK phase, I hit Rocket Out and naturally rocketed out to my death. I did this not once, but twice. Hence the ‘Rockets out on cooldown’ meme was born.

I’m glad my raid team can be focused on the raid when needed but at the same time, have fun and joke around. It’s honestly my ideal type of raid team. Having skilled players who can focus and learn quickly while also having a sense of humour is just perfect. It’s really starting to feel like a family.

I am very much looking forward to what’s in store for Team Memes next. We only have Master and Blaster and Coratanni in The Ravagers to kill then we’ll have cleared all the HM content in the game together. Then we’ll be headed into NIM Content! I have no doubt we will have a lot of fun clearing more content together and more memes will be made!


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  • Lorhin

    FARM STATUS! 😛 HM Revan is one of my favorite fights too. My team, Resurrection, took about a month and a half to kill him in 4.0. Interesting to see that it took you all close to the same amount of time.

    Good luck with Master/Blaster! That’s the hardest HM boss in the game, if I remember correctly. Once you all clear that though, Coratanni will be a walk in the park. It’s ridiculous how easy that fight is.