My Most Frustrating and Most Satisfying Warzone Experiences

For a bit of fun recently, I had my Twitter followers guess which one of my characters was my second highest geared (it’s pretty obvious who is my most geared). Those who guessed the correct class and advanced class got to pick a topic for me to write about. Two people (Lorhin and Marano) both correctly guessed Operative Heals so I gave them both the opportunity to propose a topic for me to write about.

Marano chose the topic ‘my most frustrating and most satisfying Warzone experience

It’s honestly quite difficult to recall any specific frustrating or satisfying experiences having PvPed in SWTOR for so many years. But there are certain scenarios both frustrating and satisfying that repeat themselves semi-frequently if you PvP enough.

Most Satisfying

Winning a Close Game

Close Games are always so much fun! Whether it be a 6-5 Huttball (or even a 5-5 tiebreaker), a 10-0 Civil War or a 2-0 Novare Coast. Those scenarios, for me, are always the most satisfying and thrilling to be a part of. And even if you do lose in those close games, it really doesn’t matter because you had a hell of a time anyway.

Even Team Matchup’s

Playing against a team with similar skill as your own always produces satisfying results. When there are good players on both teams it really does make for a much more rewarding experience even if you do end up losing the match. This, of course, ties into my first point about close games.

Most Frustrating

No Support from Teammates when Healing

When you’re a Healer and your team does absolutely nothing to peel for you? That is really really frustrating. When you’re getting super focused by the enemy team and your teammates don’t even bother to hit the other team’s Healer. That is really really frustrating. Why is it so hard for DPS to DPS and be aware of their surroundings at the same time? When I DPS, I always note who the Healers are so I can help them out if they’re in trouble. While DPS should always be focusing the enemy healer as their priority, I’d argue that it is just as important to keep an eye on your team’s healer’s too and be ready to peel for them as needed.

Players not Playing Objectively

This is a fairly common occurrence but it is particularly frustrating, by far, in Huttball. The reality is there is only so much one player who is carrying the ball by themselves can do to stay alive when they have 4+ enemy players hounding on them and thwarting their attempt to score a goal. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is off derping away distracted by 2-3 players (or even just one) making zero attempts to get the ball, thwart the enemy player with the ball or even helping a teammate who manages to get the ball.

What are your most satisfying and most frustrating Warzone experiences? Tweet me or comment below!


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