My Favourite SWTOR Companions – Imperial Edition

One of the unique things about Star Wars The Old Republic is the Companion system. Everyone regardless of the type of content they prefer has Companions they love and Companions they love to hate. So I decided to have a bit of fun and discuss who my favourite and least favourite companions are in SWTOR.

In this post, I’ll be focusing on Imperial Companions and divide my discussions according to Class with a ranking of each Class’s Companions.

Note: I have only played female characters so I will be talking about the Companions from that perspective.

Bounty Hunter

  1. Torian Cadera
  2. Blizz
  3. Gault Rennow
  4. Mako
  5. Skadge

(Honestly, my top 4 are practically tied and then Skadge is just way off the spectrum).

Torian is definitely my favourite Bounty Hunter Companion. His romance is so sweet and he’s a Mandalorian! What’s not to like? I’m a big Mandalorian fan so naturally, I was excited to have him as a companion. Then I discovered his sweet side and was all over him.

The other companions Blizz, Gault and Mako are also great Companions in their own ways. Blizz is just so sweet, adorable and a lot of fun to have around. Gault is also a lot of fun and I love his personality, he’s a great Companion for a Bounty Hunter. Mako is super sweet, loyal and her backstory is very interesting.  Skadge is the only Bounty Hunter Companion I really dislike. He really doesn’t suit my Bounty Hunters crew at all.

Imperial Agent

  1. Doctor Eckard Lokin
  3. Kaliyo Djannis
  4. Ensign Raina Temple
  5. Vector Hyllus

The Imperial Agent doesn’t really have any standout companions (compared to the other Classes) that I really like but some of them intrigue me. Dr Lokin tops the list because I do find him somewhat interesting and he always has great advice to offer. I’ve also always liked SCORPIO (even though I’ve naturally never trusted her). I find her really fascinating and unique compared to other droids in the Star Wars universe.

Kaliyo is quite a lot of fun too. I find her anarchist, not giving a damn about anything or anyone attitude to be quite appealing. She reminds me of someone I knew in high school. Ensign Temple and Vector I don’t like as much. Quite honestly, I found Temple to be quite boring. I used to like Vector and I thought his romance was kind of sweet but the whole bug thing just gets in the way. Everyone who is part of the hive being able to see and experience everything he does is quite creepy and unsettling.

Sith Inquisitor

  1. Andronikous Revel
  2. Talos Drellik
  3. Khem Val
  4. Ashara Zavros
  5. Xalek

The Sith Inquisitor has a nice selection of Companions. Andronikous is my favourite not just because of his great romance arc but also because he is also quite an interesting Companion for a Sith to have being a pirate and all. I also quite like Talos. I’m drawn to scholarly types and archaeology is such a fascinating field. Khem Val can be quite humorous at times but otherwise, I don’t particularly like him or hate him.

Ashara is okay I guess. I’ve always been annoyed that I could never fully turn her to the dark side. She’s half apprentice, half slave more or less. While she may be a good match for light side Inquisitors, she doesn’t work so well for dark side ones. If we’d been able to turn her like we could Jaesa then she would probably have been a much better Companion. Xalek I’ve never really liked and only really used him to get achievements.

Sith Warrior

  1. Vette
  2. Major Pierce
  3. Malavai Quinn
  4. Jaesa Willsaam
  5. Broonmark

Vette is easily my favourite companion. While things didn’t start out well between her and my Sith Warrior (you know the whole slave thing) over time, they became best friends. She’s certainly a lot of fun and a great antidote to my Sith’s serious side. She is easily my Sith Warriors most trusted companion. Pierce is pretty amazing too. He’s story is basically the closest we’ll ever get to seeing an Imperial Trooper story. I particularly love his attitude and his dislike for bureaucracy. He just wants to get in there and get the job done which is perfect for my Sith.

Quinn. Oh, my. I’ve always felt incredibly conflicted about him. There’s a part of me that hates him for being stupid enough to betray me despite apparently loving me. Then there’s the other part of me that likes him because of his sexy accent and how much fun I had making him squirm when I flirted with him. So I really have no idea what I’m going to do when I’m reunited with him on Iokath.

Jaesa I don’t like that much. I liked that we could turn her to the dark side but once you do, she takes the whole psychopathic Sith thing too far. I found her fairly boring when you leave her light side. I guess she’s just not my type. Broonmark I have no idea why he’s a part of my crew. He’s the kind of trophy you’d lock up somewhere and use occasionally to inflict pain on someone when you’re really bored and don’t feel like doing yourself (which is never). So I was very relieved to be able to get rid of him (kill him) during that KOTFE companion recruitment mission.

Who are your favourite Imperial Companions? How would you rank each Imperial Class’s Companions?


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  • SavingPrincess

    1. Mako
    2. Torian
    3. Gault

    Mako is really all that matters. Everyone else on the BH roster is a plot point. Mako has the only real motivation for being part of the journey, and every moment without Mako at your side that isn’t forced by story feels non-canon. Lacey Chabert kills it.

    1. Kaliyo
    2. Scorpio

    There’s a huge writing quality gap between these two and the rest of the IA cast. For being the undisputed “best story” in the entire SWTOR universe, the only two companions that are crucial to that story and couldn’t be replaced by temporary NPC’s are Kaliyo and Scorpio. As with most characters in the SWTOR universe, the ladies outshine the men as far as acting quality is concerned. Canon IA is FemAgent, in a (non-game-allowed) romance with Kaliyo, game design be damned.

    1. Andy

    The SI cast is incredibly underwritten and under-served. Andy only stands out for being voiced by the impeccable Steve Blum (who should have voiced the Bounty Hunter or Smuggler instead). I couldn’t dress him up like Spike Speigel fast enough. The rest of the cast is a bunch of bland tagalongs that do nothing in service of the story, even Khem is more of a “plot device” than a companion. This is likely due to the way they wrote the SI story overall.

    Zash should have been a companion instead.

    1. Vette
    2. Quinn
    3. Jaesa (DS, Male Romance-version only)

    Aside from being the series’s second-attempt at Mission Vao, Vette is probably one of the best companions in the entire game. This is likely due to Catherine Taber’s awesomeness (Hi Padme!). Out of all the Imp companions, only Vette and Kaliyo feel like they could carry their own games/stories. You can tell when writers care about characters vs. when they have to “write more characters” and I have a feeling the writers had Vette in mind from the very beginning. Easily the stand out companion in SWTOR writ-large with maybe only Kira receiving more plot-attention/performance quality.

    Honestly, give me a game that stars Kira, Kaliyo and Vette romping across the galaxy and I’ll give you all my money.

    Jaesa only earns points for her amazing psychotic performance that only fits in a DS Male-Romance. Truly one of the most fun performances in the game.

    • Oh I fully agree with you about the IA story. It’s such a shame some of those companions weren’t better fleshed out to complement the incredible story.

      Indeed the SI companions could have been written/used much better.

      I agree Jaesa’s performance was good, I just didn’t like her that much personally but that’s probably cause I’m creeped out by the number of guys that really like her.

      I guess with the BH as much as I like Blizz, he’s just a gimmick so to speak that has little value to the story but is really cool to have around all the same because OMG Jawa!

      • SavingPrincess

        I’m pretty certain the reason Mako and Jaesa haven’t come back is the cost. 🙁

        So many companions fall into the “obligatory alien” camp (see: wookies). Plus they’re cheaper to produce since you don’t have to hire voice actors for them. Jaesa has good performances on both sides of the force, but her DS performance is way more fun.

        If I had to write KOTOR3, it would have been an expanded variant of the IA story… it would be controversial to make a KOTOR where a “Jedi” wasn’t the main character, but having a IA go through that arc to take down/join Jadus would have been awesome to see in a fully-fleshed out single player experience.

  • I never really understood what people see in Torian. The one time I romanced him I felt more confused than anything else, hah! To me, he mostly comes across as a perpetually sleepy-sounding guy who likes to randomly talk at you in a language you don’t understand. He’s just incredibly boring.

    Vector is my favourite agent companion because his romance is my favourite, but he’s also by far the best companion to have along if you’re a light-sided Imperial loyalist, which is what my first agent was. For the same reason I absolutely loathed Kaliyo, there just seemed to be no reason to keep her around if you’re aligned like that and everything about her involvement seemed so forced. After playing a dark side agent she’s grown on me a little though.

    Khem is my favourite SI companion because his comments are incredibly fun even if you don’t get along with him and he literally saves your life throughout the course of the story. He also has one of the most fascinating companion arcs in the entire game in my opinion. Andronikos is interesting for being different from the norm if nothing else. I’ll never forget how hard I cracked up when I started flirting with that hunk of a Sith on Alderaan and Andronikos approved even though we had been flirting too, hah! I don’t recall seeing a similar reaction from any other romanced companion.

    Sith warrior just has many great companions. I just think Jaesa is kind of overrated as I always found her pretty blah, and Broonmark doesn’t get much characterisation.