My Cartel Pack Decoration Wishlist

Inspired by the Second Bad Feeling Buvette (or Twovette), I have decided to write up my own list of Decorations from old Cartel Market Packs that need to make a comeback. I wholeheartedly agree with Brian that there are far too many decorations that are very difficult to get and with more Strongholds then ever, more decorations are sorely needed. Making decorations from old packs more readily available is desperately needed to revitalise the decoration market and give the players more choice and variety!

There’s obviously a lot of ways you could bring back these old decorations. You could bring them back as Decoration Bundles (similar to the Cantina or Luxury Stronghold decoration Bundles). Or, you could put them up for individual sale and rotate them out every couple of weeks. Or you could even do themed Grand Decoration Packs where you’re guaranteed to get one decoration from a set of decorations (similar to how a Grand Dye Packs works). Ideally, a combination of all three of these things would be perfect!

Stronghold Decoration Bundles

Modelled after the existing Stronghold Decoration Bundles already on the Cartel Market except consisting of decorations from Cartel Packs (especially older ones). Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with!

Stronghold Zakuul Indoor Decoration Bundle

  • Banner: Zakuulan Royalty [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Arrangement: Zakuulan Luxury Lounge [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Zakuulan Water Sculpture [Anarchists Pack]
  • Arrangement: Zakuulan Party Table [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Zakuulan Nobility Statue [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Zakuulan Artisan Floor Lamp [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Zakuulan Cabinet [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Zakuulan Oval Table [Force Alliance Pack]

Stronghold Zakuul Outdoor Decoration Bundle

  • Zakuulan Gardens [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Zakuulan Fountain [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Zakuulan Arbor Arrangement [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Zakuulan Hanging Foliage [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Potted Plant: Zakuul Vertical Bush [Disavowed Pack]
  • Zakuulan Floor Lamp [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Zakuul Knight Statue [Eternal Command Pack]

Stronghold Underworld Cantina Decoration Bundle

Because why not have another Cantina Bundle? Right?

  • Arrangement: Underworld Bar [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Holo Sign: Bith Musician [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Holo Sign: Champagne Glasses [Architect’s Pack]
  • Holo Sign: Cantina Dancer [Architect’s Pack]
  • Arrangement: Cafe Table [Architect’s Pack]
  • Holographic Tree (Green) [Architect’s Pack]
  • Holographic Tree (Blue) [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Contraband Slot Machine [Acolyte’s Pack]
  • Holo Sigh: Lounging Dancer [Constable’s Pack]

Stronghold Mandalorian Decoration Bundle

  • Mandalorian Weapon Rack [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Banner: Mandalorian (Large) [Revenge Pack]
  • Flag: Mandalorian [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Mandalorian Floor Tile [Revenge Pack]
  • Mandalorian Floor Torch [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Mandalorian Wall Sconce [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Mandalorian Elite [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Mandalorian Specialist [Revenge Pack]
  • Mandalorian Tracker [Outer Rim Pack]

Bounty Decoration Bundle

  • Bounty Terminal [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Bounty Table [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Carbonite Bounty (Slicer) [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Bounty Monitor [Steadfast Champion Pack]
  • Bounty Ceiling Cages [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Bounty Holding Cell [Outer Rim Pack]

Sith Stronghold Decoration Bundle

  • Banner: Sith Empire [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Supply Locker [Oppressor Pack]
  • Pureblood Sith Lord (Female) [Wild Space Pack]
  • Dark Honor Guard [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Sacrificial Pool [Battler Pack]
  • Sith Bunk Bed [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Temple Bench [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Temple Long Table [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Temple Chair [Wild Space Pack]
  • Sith Temple Hall Light [Wild Space Pack]
  • Imperial Logo Rug [Oppressor Pack]

Jedi Stronghold Decoration Bundle

  • Banner: Jedi Temple [Deep Core Pack]
  • Jedi Library [Deep Core Pack]
  • Jedi Consular Meditation Pillar [Battler Pack]
  • Jedi Knight Meditation Pillar [Battler Pack]
  • Jedi Small Council Table [Deep Core Pack]
  • Temple Chair (Ornate) [Deep Core Pack]
  • Kel Dor Jedi Master [Deep Core Pack]
  • Mediative Padawan (Female) [Deep Core Pack]
  • Statue of Ancient Jedi [Visionary Pack]

Medical Decoration Pack

  • DNA Holoconstructor [Gemini Pack]
  • Diagnostic Monitor (Medical) [Constable’s Pack]
  • Medical Shelving [Gemini Pack]
  • Medical Monitor [Gemini Pack]
  • Republic Medic [Pilgrim’s Pack]
  • Imperial Medic [Pilgrim’s Pack]
  • Medical Centrifuge [Visionary’s Pack]
  • Kolto Barrel [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Medical Stanchions [Gemini Pack]
  • Resting Medical Tank [Anarchist Pack]

Dread Stronghold Decoration Bundle

  • Shackled Crystal Sconce [Senesechal’s Pack]
  • Dread Fate Plaque [Wild Space Pack]
  • Cage of Torment [Senesechal’s Pack]
  • Small Statue of Ancient Horror [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Oriconian Standing Torch [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Oriconian Lantern [Senesechal’s Pack]
  • Oriconian Brazier [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Planter: Oriconian Stalk [Gatekeeper’s Pack]

Luxury Accents Stronghold Decoration Bundle

  • Topiary Tree (Hedge) [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Round Patterned Rug (Gold) [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Luxurious Rug (Gold) [Battler Pack]
  • Statue of Dignified Scholar [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Landscape: Gold Plated Hutt [Constable’s Pack]
  • Engraved Reliquary [Constable’s Pack]
  • Reliquary Vase [Constable’s Pack]

Weapon Stronghold Decoration Bundle

  • Armory Locker (Open) [Strategy Alliance Pack]
  • Encased Warhead Stockpile [Strategy Alliance Pack]
  • Munitions Stockpile [Strategy Alliance Pack]
  • Plundered TC-16 Spewie Display Pedestal [Pluderer Pack]
  • Weapon Stand [Strategy Alliance Pack]
  • Rishi Pirate Canon [Master’s Pack]
  • Electoblade Rack [Architects Pack]

Decorations for Individual Purchase on Cartel Market

Maybe this is something that could be rotated monthly or bi-weekly? But I definitely would love to see decorations from Cartel Packs direct to buy on the Cartel Market. There are far too many decorations to list here so I’ve just listed some of my favourites that I would like to get more of!

  • Zakuulan Chandelier [The Distant Worlds Decoration Bundle]
  • Zakuulan Cabinet [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Zakuulan Nobility Statue [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Zakuulan Arbor Arrangement [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Life Day Fireplace [Life Day Event]
  • Round Patterned Rug (Gold) [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Banner: Mandalorian (Large) [Revenge Pack]
  • Statue of Dignified Scholar [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Fountain of Blood and Fire [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Topiary Tree (Hedge) [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Jedi Library [Deep Core Pack]

Grand Packs

Similar to how the Grand Dye Pack works except for specific sets or types of decorations. One pack would only give you one decoration from a set.

Stronghold Monitor Decoration Pack

  • Bounty Monitor [Steadfast Champion Pack]
  • Coil Monitor [Vigilant Defender Pack]
  • Medical Monitor [Gemini Pack]
  • Server Monitor [Constable’s Pack]
  • Armory Monitor [Strategy Alliance Pack]

Stronghold Alderaanian House Banner Decoration Pack

  • Banner: House Alde [Constable’s Pack]
  • Banner: House Thul [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Banner: House Ulgo [Architect’s Pack]
  • Banner: House Rist [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Banner: House Organa (Hanging) [Precious Cargo Pack]

Stronghold Ancient Sith Decoration Pack

  • Forgotten Sith Sarcophagus [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Profane Sith Mural [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Sith Tomb Column Statue [Oppressor Pack]
  • Statue of Throned Sith [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Suspended Sith Crystal [Vigilant Defender Pack]

Stronghold Jukebox Decoration Pack

  • Jukebox: Underworld Classics [Gatekeeper’s Pack]
  • Jukebox: Stellar Hits [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Jukebox: Soothing Melodies [Architect’s Pack]
  • Jukebox: Core World Classics [Constable’s Pack]
  • Jukebox: Galactic Mysteries [Underworld Alliance Pack]
  • Jukebox: Grand Metropolis [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Jukebox: Riveting Themes [Strategy Alliance Pack]

Stronghold Civilian Personnel Decoration Pack

  • Rodian Citizen (Male) [Master’s Pack]
  • Togruta Citizen (Female) [Apprentice’s Pack]
  • Zabrak Pirate (Female) [Plunderer Pack]
  • Destitute Smuggler [Acolyte’s Pack]
  • Kubaz Citizen (Male) [Master’s Pack]

Stronghold Rug Decoration Decoration Pack

  • Round Patterned Rug (Gold) [Seneschal’s Pack]
  • Luxurious Rug (Gold) [Batler Pack]
  • Corellian Rug [Architect’s Pack]
  • Voss Rug (Red) [Eternal Command Pack]
  • Zakuulan Rug [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Zakuulan Military Rug [Stalwart Leader Pack]
  • Imperial Logo Rug [Oppressor Pack]

Stronghold Commemorative Statue Decoration Pack

  • Commemorative Statue of Darth Malgus [Wild Space Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Darth Marr [Force Alliance Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Arcann [Battler Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Theron Shan [Underworld Alliance Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Lana Beniko [Visionary Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Aric Jorgan [Disavowed Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Kaliyo Djannis [Anarchist Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Gault Rennow [Plunderer Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Revan [Mid Rim Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of SCORPIO [Gemini Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Jace Malcolm [Strategy Alliance Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan [Deep Core Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Shae Vizla [Outer Rim Pack]
  • Commemorative Statue of Vette [Plunderer Pack]

Brief Comments on Additional Methods of Decoration Aquisition

Keith mentioned on the most recent Developer Stream that all the stuff that costs Cartel Certificates now will cost something different in the future. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the specifics on this soon. There are quite a few Cartel Certificate Decorations that I sorely need more of!

Something else that could be done to give us more decoration options is to give us the option to unlock copies of decorations we already own with Credits for our Strongholds (similar to how we can unlock decorations for Guild Ships). But, put a limit on how many times we can do it depending on the rarity of the decoration (the rearer the decoration, the fewer times it can be unlocked). Maybe this could be done through collections or via some other means.

Finally, a while back I also wrote a post detailing various items in the game that I’d love to see turned into decorations. You can read the post here: Ideas for Stronghold Decorations. Hopefully, we’ll see more new decorations available in a variety of ways in the future.

Obviously, there are plenty of more pack combinations and decorations that I missed so feel free to suggest your own Decoration Pack combinations or individual Cartel Pack Decorations you’d love to see more readily available!


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