More Cross-faction Features Coming to WildStar

The next Game Update coming to WildStar, Redmoon Mutiny isn’t just bringing with it part to of the Redmoon Terror Raid but a bucket load of new cross-faction features! Wildstar already has cross-faction PvP queues, cross-faction dungeon queues, cross-faction mailing and a game-wide cross-faction chat channel (/Nexus).

Set to be released in November, Medmoon Mutiny is going live on the Public Test Realm on Tuesday 18th October. Pappy (Chad Moore), Wildstar’s Game Director, filled us in with additional details about what Cross-faction features they’re introducing.

  • Cross-faction groups, including raid groups (Adventures and World Story instances are not currently supported for cross-faction groups)
  • Cross-faction PvP Arena Teams
  • Cross-faction Guilds
  • Cross-faction Circles
  • Cross-faction Neighbors
  • Cross-faction Friends

These features will allow for cross-faction grouping for World Bosses and Events and visiting player houses on the opposite faction if they’re your neighbor. Along with the other new social features this will be great especially for the underpopulated Dominion faction. It will mean having more Guilds to choose from and more opportunities to socialise while being able to play as the better faction.

Additionally, PvP Leaderboards and Redmoon Terror Phase 2 will also be available for testing on the PTR.

And don’t forget that Shade’s Eve, a Halloween themed in-game Event is starting on Wednesday the 19th of October!

Are you looking forward to these improvements? Do you think they will be beneficial for the community?


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