Max Level Progression and Gearing Changes coming to SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Eric Musco. Charles Boyd and Ben Irving recently did their first in a planned series of streams showcasing new features and content coming in the new expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. The Galactic Command Overview Stream went over this new feature being introduced to the game. Post stream also came the revelation that end game gear will be obtained solely through advancing through the Galactic Command system by increasing your Command Rank.

Before we go into the Gearing Changes, I will quickly explain what Galactic Command is and how it will work.

Galactic Command Interface.
Galactic Command Interface.

Galactic Command

Basically Galactic Command is a new way to queue for all types of content and earn gear at Level 70. You can queue for the following types content:

  • Operations
  • Warzones
  • Galactic Starfighter
  • Dailies/Heroics
  • Uprisings
  • Flashpoints
  • Chapters (KOTFE and KOTET)

When you complete each type of content, you will earn points. These Points add to your Command Rank. When you rank up, you will earn Command Crates. These Command Crates contain either gear or cosmetic items. If you have no use for any item you get from a Command Crate then you can disintegrate it turning it into Command Points.

You can read more about Galactic Command including the Dark vs. Light component here.

Gearing Changes

In two Developer Posts, Eric Musco SWTOR’s Community Manager, outlined the gearing changes.



Additional responses have since followed answering various queries from the community.

The TLDR version is that the only way to progress through end-game and get gear (both PvE and PvP) when you hit Level 70 is through Galactic Command which is only accessible to subscribers. You will only be able to get gear from Command Crates (loot boxes) which are earned by ranking up your Command Rank.

They are taking out endgame crystals/commendations, vendors and gear drops from bosses. This means that the traditional methods of earning gear will be taken out of the game completely at level 70. (At lower levels, you will still be able to earn gear the current way except it will cost credits instead of comms).

This means that the only way to do any end-game content is to be a subscriber.

However, Musco did state that if your sub runs out and you’ve earned gear through Galactic Command, you will be able to keep it and use it but not earn anymore gear.


Musco also emphasised that doing ‘harder’ group content such as Hard/NiM Operations, Uprisings and Ranked PvP would earn more points faster then doing easy, solo content.

In general the rule for CXP is that the more players that participate in content, and the harder that content is, the faster you earn it. – Musco

Hopefully they stick with this philosophy.

The other major change which ties into this new system is the removal of Expertise stat from PvP Gear. This change means that gear will be the same for both PvE and PvP. Queuing for Ranked Arena’s will now have a Valor requirement instead of the Expertise requirement. Warzone Commendations are also being phased out and will be converted into something else (details to be released later).

Finally, it was also briefly mentioned that an alternative way to get gear will be through crafting but it’ll have no set bonuses in it.

For additional details keep an eye on the SWTOR’s Developer Tracker and/or read SWTOR’s Developer Blog which goes into full detail about how Galactic Command works.

Expect to hear more of what I think of this end-game overhaul within the next couple of days.

What do you think of Galactic Command? Do you think it will be good or bad for SWTOR?


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  • Daren Rogers Sr.

    one guy says he thinks the trailer name was a hint for us and it was BW intent from the start .but for me we have to wait and see we havent even tryed it yet the one thing i dont like is its not legacy and or account wide i will not do this for everyone of my characters just like alerts should be legacy wide and or account .one guy even said it was a way to eliminate group content i dont see that at all everything you can so for GCXP can all be done as a group so before you all hang up your light saber lets wait and see might be fun and if not BW may be forced to change a few things