Making all Warzones Cross-Faction: How it can work from a Lore Perspective.

Hey everyone,

There have been sections of the playerbase complaining about the frequency of which the new Warzone, Odessen Proving Grounds pops. Musco recently addressed concerns about the frequency of the new Warzone popping on the forums. Musco said that the frequency the new Warzone pops, for some people, can be attributed to the cross-faction nature of the Warzone. This makes it easier for the Warzone to pop is at only requires 16 players regardless of faction.


Many of the comments on that thread, including my own, suggest making all Warzones cross-faction. This is something that has been brought up and suggested by the players ever since the cross-faction nature of the Warzone was announced.

But, how would cross-faction queues fit into the lore/story that is oh so important to Bioware. Most people don’t particularly care whether or not it fits into the lore. They just want an equal chance to get all the Warzones and in turn, increase the rate of Warzone pops overall. But, there are those who say that cross-faction queues can not possibly work because the Sith Empire and the Republic are still at war with each other despite the existence of the Zakuul Empire.

Yes, this is true. But, from the players perspective they are part of the Alliance and are not involved in any conflicts or competition with the opposite faction and are ‘fairly’ oblivious to what is happening in the greater galaxy. They are focused on helping and building the Alliance up so they can eventually defeat Arcann and the Zakuul Empire.

So, what I propose is:

Make all Warzones cross-faction at Level 65 only by making them all ‘training simulations’ for the Alliance.

This, in my view, would fit in very nicely with the KOTFE story line which is mostly max level content. It works with the Alliance building narrative of forging trust and comradeship between both factions. This has been an ongoing theme in the background of the story since the Alliance was formed. Having all Warzones cross-faction would add to the story and give PvP more of a connection to the ongoing KOTFE story.

It doesn’t really work from a lore perspective to have cross-faction queues at lower levels as at lower levels, from a lore perspective, the focus of the story is fighting or competing with the other faction. The Zakuul Empire hasn’t come into play yet. So the other Warzones should remain as they are currently at the lower levels.

To implement cross-faction queues faster, all they’d have to do is get a droid to do the voice over work instead. Of course we’d all love to hear Lana’s voice more but that would probably take time and ideally, we’d want cross-faction Warzones implemented ASAP.

I believe implementing cross-faction queues for all Warzones at level 65 would be a win for PvPers and for Bioware.  It would help Bioware’s ‘metrics’ and PvPers would get more pops and more of a variety of different Warzone maps. Anything to make queue pops go faster is great especially for servers with a low population.

Would you like to see cross-faction queues implemented for all Warzones? Do you think it would be beneficial for the game?

If you’re still a little confused about the new Warzone or just want to learn more about it, you can read my Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone Guide.


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  • Dristan Young

    What would also be nice for new voice overs in the WZs at lvl 65 could be each team getting a major alliance member leading their team. Like, Yellow team gets Senya and Purple gets Koth. It’d make some great banter with Koth making jokes to his team about beating the other team, ie: “Hahaa! Now Senya has to buy me drinks!” and the same with Senya except it’ll be something along the lines of “Now I can sing songs about his loss in this simulation.” There could also be some banter where one of them hops into the other teams com channel and taunts the other leader. Senya in Koth’s channel: “You’re losing.” Koth: “I know, I know! And get off of my com channel!” Another duo I’d like is Hylo Viz and NIco Okar!

    • It would be great to get voice overs from some of the other main characters in the Alliance. But unfortunately that would be time consuming to get the voice acting done and all the other stuff. 🙁