KOTET Rule the Galaxy Teaser Trailer Breakdown **SPOILERS**

There is a new Cutscene Teaser out for Star Wars The Old Republic’s for the upcoming story expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne! Here is the 32 second Teaser:

Note: there are heavy spoilers in the images and the Trailer.

Teaser Breakdown

There is voice over from Valkorion speaking to the Outlander while scenes from throughout KOTET flash before our eyes.

You are no ordinary leader
You are the Alliance Commander
Champion of fear and conqueror of my every challenge
There is only one way to end this chaos
And bring order to the galaxy
Claim the Eternal Throne and be your destiny

Some of this dialogue comes from the First Look: Your Knights of the Eternal Throne Destiny Teaser that shows a cutscene from KOTET. I have previously written about this KOTET First Look, so if you’re interested in the context of the text, read that post. However in conjunction with the imagery in trailer, the text pretty much takes on the role of a self-fulling prophesy as you seeing Valkorion’s words come true.

You see the Outlander, in the imagery,  taking the steps necessary to take the Eternal Throne. The Outlander is attacking Zakuul, confronting Vaylin and exploring other mysteries. So is thus fulfilling Valkorion’s words.

I guess the ultimate question is what’s going to happen when the Outlander takes the Eternal Throne? How will the Outlander ultimately succeed?

Note this interesting text in the video description:

A dark empress stands in your way to the throne, and her army is ready to hunt you – The Outlander – and your Alliance to the edge of the galaxy. If you’re going to survive the battles to come, you’ll need loyal friends at your side and the help of unlikely new allies. But when the battle turns desperate, are you willing to put your fate in the hands of the former Emperor?

Key Phrase: ‘put your fate in the hands of the former Emperor?’

Well, there’s the answer, partially.

As for the imagery in the Teaser, it features quite a lot of action! So let’s break it down!


In the first sequence we have Vaylin coming towards the Outlander with menacing flames in the background. It looks they’re fighting on Odessen.


They show what appears to be 3 different parts from either the same or different fights between the Outlander and Vaylin all of which appear to be on Odessen but could be elsewhere.


The Outlander with their trusty sidekicks Theron and Lana, weapons drawn, inside the Odessen Alliance Base. So it’s safe to say that Vaylin brings the fight to Odessen.


Arcann, all healed up, with some mercenaries(?) landing somewhere on Zakuul.


The Outlander and possibly Senya confronting some Zakuul Knights and AT-ST’s on Zakuul.


The Gravestone attacking Eternal Fleet ships. Is Koth or the Alliance at the helm though?


Senya crouching, in combat, on Voss.


Senya fighting Zakuul Knights on what appears to be Voss.


The new planet Iokath. It looks like the Gravestone and an Eternal Fleet ship are heading towards it. It certainly has a Starkiller base vibe to it.


The Eternal Fleet attacking possibly the Citadel on Dromund Kaas.


Vaylin in the Eternal Throne room watching an Eternal Fleet ship get destroyed.


(Click image to enlarge in new tab). The Outlander in the Eternal Throne Room which is on fire. Dead bodies lying on the ground: Sky-troopers, Zakuul Knights, Theron Shan and Vaylin (lying near the Throne). I’m sure we’re all hoping this one of Valkorion’s dreams but it doesn’t look like it.


Senya in the Eternal Throne Room deflecting shots.


Vaylin on Odessen who is seemingly possessed with the full power of the darkside?


(Click image to enlarge in new tab). Vaylin conjures a wave of energy which radiates away from her. Also present is Arcann, Valkorion, Senya and of course the Outlander. Valkorion is in ghost form.


After the shock wave which knocks everyone over, The Outlander staggers up and Vaylin appears to encase herself in a bubble.


There is an awful lot happening in this teaser. The Vaylin and the Outlander confrontation depicted in the first two and last three images looks like it’s going to be quite amazing. The Outlander is going to attack Zakuul at some point and it looks like Vaylin in turn is going to attack Odessen. The Outlander is going to catch up with Senya (and possibly Arcann) at some point and looks poised to work with her not matter what choice made. The Gravestone is also going to show up raising more questions about how or if the story changes depending on your choices? I’m skeptical there will be much difference but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I will talk more about Vaylin and her role in the Trailer in my Essential Lore for KOTET Part 3 – Vaylin article when it’s finished.

So what do you think is going to happen? Are you looking forward to the Knights of the Eternal Throne story?

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