Knights of the Fallen Empire – Vitiate, Valkorion and The Zakuul Empire Part 2




This post will contain some wild theories and ideas about the upcoming expansion. I based almost all of the speculation on existing content in SWTOR and the Revan novel. I will not be acknowledging the datamined info in this post. I will however do a separate post about it.

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to finish this post. Basically this post is a followup post to my Ootini SpoilerCast appearance and to my original post about Vitiate, Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire. I will be talking mostly about all the new information that has come out since my last post, expanding upon my idea’s and theories in my original post and considering some of the research I did for the Ootini SpoilerCast.

Just to note, for the Ootini SpoilerCast, I did quite a bit of research and I would strongly advise if you haven’t yet done so you should read/play/watch the following things:

  • Revan Novel
  • Master Gnost-Dural Holovids –
  • Sith Warrior Story (from beginning of Chapter 3 onward relates to the Emperor/Vitiate)
  • Jedi Knight Story (first ‘encounter’ at end of Chapter 1, then story focus shifts to the Emperor for rest of class story).
  • KOTFE Trailer and Story Blog – Brothers

We have had several additional new revelations about the Knights of the Fallen Empire story come out since my first post. We had Courtney’s story blog called ‘Brothers’, datamined story spoilers, a new ‘gameplay’ trailer and Twitch streams showcasing Chapter 3 – The Outlander and Chapter 1 – The Hunt.

I divided this post into two main parts. One further looking into what we know about the Zakuul Empire and Valkorion. The other part will look at what we know from previous story content about Vitiate (SoR, RotE, Jedi Knight & Sith Warrior stories), speculate on possible connections and mention some possible additional clues. Note that there is some overlap from what I wrote in my last post.

I will do a separate post talking about the Chapter 3 Developer Stream and the Chapter  1 TwitchCon showcase as well as datamined story spoilers, the TORCommunity database Codex entries and swtor_potato’s leaked audio video’s.

The Zakuul Empire

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the ‘Sacrifice’ Blur Cinematic Trailer and the Brothers Story Blog by Courtney Woods!



Sacrifice seems to be an ongoing theme in the promotional material we have seen for Knights of the Fallen Empire. It all started with the ‘Sacrifice’ Cinematic Trailer revealed at E3.

Valkorion, The Eternal Emperor is the figurehead of the Zakuul Empire. His emotionless facade and callous, commanding voice dominates the trailer as he addresses his sons Arcann and Thexan. Here is the dialogue spoken by Valkorion in the trailer.

A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice

With your birth, comes a solemn vow

You will have nothing, your privilege is the dirt

In the darkness, only ambition will guide you

The oaths you swear, the promises you make,

They are yours, alone.


Your freedom, will be wars you wage

Your birthright, the losses you suffer

Your entitlement, the pain you endure

And when darkness finds you, you will face it, alone.

The imagery of the trailer focuses on Valkorion’s sons. We see from a young age they learn the ways of combat and warfare and even build their own lightsabers. Notably, the twins have an incredibly strong bond. We next see them as grown men ready to lead an armada against the Republic and the Sith Empire. Here, we begin to see sacrifices as they wage a campaign against core worlds. Most notably, Arcann loses his arm. But ultimately, the main sacrifice turns out to be Thexan. Valkorion allows Arcann to kill his brother Thexan as the lesson finally takes hold. He taught his sons from birth to be ambitious, that oaths and promises mean nothing and to embrace the darkness. This was Arcann’s victory, the bond between brother’s, severed.

brothers image 01

Brothers in Arms

Courtney Woods wrote another excellent story blog about Arcann and Thexan. It gives us some background context to a particular scene in the Sacrifice trailer (pictured above) where Arcann loses his left arm and eye and suffers burns across part of his face. It also offers us a glimpse in the Zakuul culture and confirms the cold, detached, disdain Valkorion has towards his sons. The story is told from Thexan’s perspective. Thexan has the following conversation with his father Valkorion after Arcann’s accident.


Note Valkorion’s emotionless tone and his  presence despite being on the holo ‘His voice chilled the air’. He doesn’t care at all about his son, Arcann’s condition. It is of little importance. He only cares about the war. That is far more important to him. He sees Arcann’s injuries as punishment for disobeying his command that he stay on Zakuul. Arcann still has not learnt his lesson so will continue to be punished until he does.

The interaction between the two brothers is also interesting to note:


Arcann mimics his father’s words. He is obsessed with the idea of ‘sacrifice’. He works hard to prove himself and to give everything to his father only to be ignored by him. Hence his increasing anger and frustration. He see’s his injury as a sacrifice he has to make, a step towards winning his father’s approval.

We see in the trailer, as children, that Thexan is the stronger of the two brothers in combat and skill. This is likely where Arcann’s anger and frustration began. It’s what drives him to better himself and push himself.

Arcann’s injury marks a step in his change before killing his brother. The war has taken a toll on their relationship as Arcann’s ambition and frustration outweighs all else. Including his bond with his brother.

It’s sad to see the hope Thexan has that his brother will someday be more patient with his father. Only to be killed by his brother within days(?) after the events of Korriban, when they return to Zakuul.

Zakuul Culture Inference

Based on this story blog post and the Sacrifice trailer, we can infer that the Zakuul culture is similar in many ways to the Sith Empire. The Zakuul Knights are in some ways similar to the Imperial Guard. Thexan’s conversation with a Zakuul Knight gives us a taste of their obsessive, pure devotion to their ‘Eternal Emperor’.

brothers-01Father changed our guards regularly to prevent attachment‘.

Valkorion is a ‘god’. Rituals are enforced; as we see in the trailer and read in ‘Brothers’. Everyone else is just a subject that bows before Valkorion and his son’s.


The titles were spoken barely above a whisper‘.

Valkorion’s subjects seem to have a great fear of him and believe he is highly benevolent. What would make the Knights so devoted to Valkorion?

I’ve noted some of the similarities between the Sith and Zakuul Empire’s, but, there are some differences as well. The Sith are driven by ambition to better themselves and are ultimately selfish servants to the Dark Side of the force. They respect the Emperor because of his power and because they are taught from birth that he saved the Sith Empire from annihilation.. Valkorion however, is viewed and treated like a god. Not to say that the Sith Emperor wasn’t shown that same amount of respect. But it seems the Zakuul lack the ambition to supplant their Emperor unlike the Sith.

We know the Sith have quite the social hierarchy. Superior Sith are shown similar respect to what the Emperor is shown.

We don’t know enough about the Zakuul Empire to determine what the full social hierarchy is. But based on what we’ve seen we can assume it’s something like this:

  • The Eternal Emperor – Valkorion
    • Arcann, Thexan, Vaylin
  • Zakuul Knights – force sensitives
  • Sky Troopers – droid army
  • Non-force sensitive subjects?

Are all force sensitives in the Zakuul Empire trained to be Zakuul Knights? Or are there different specialisations like exist among the Jedi and Sith (skill with lightsaber verse skill with manipulating the force). It appears unlikely that there is a nobility or a ‘dark council’ but I would assume that there would have to be some degree of government to keep the masses under control. But their power and authority would be limited.

Wild Space or the Rishi Maze?

We speculated on the Ootini SpoilerCast that the Zakuul Empire could be located in the Rishi Maze. It’s fits in with possible clues from class stories in the SoR storyline. Little is known about the Rishi Maze except that it is a Dwarf Galaxy which orbits the Galaxy. The planet Rishi is used as the starting point to get to the Rishi Maze. It’s is a complex hyperspace route to get to the Rishi Maze.

The Developers (in the August Developer Stream) have since referred to the area where the Zakuul Empire is as Wild Space. What is Wild Space? It refers to parts of the galaxy which have been partially explored. Most notable quadrants considered ‘Wild Space’ are parts of the Western section of the Galactic Disk and to the South East of the Galactic Core beyond the Outer Rim. Circled in the below map is where I believe it is likely the Zakuul Empire is located. I highlighted notable planets, in SWTOR, to help you get your bearings.

The original map is from Wookieepedia –

The Rishi Maze could still have a place in the story. We know Darth Vowrawn (Sith Warrior story) went there to escape the Emperor’s Hand after you see him on Rishi.

Where does this leave the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate?

I’ve already speculated in my previous post about if or how Vitiate is related to the plot in KotFE. Let me reiterate some key clues as to his role. I still maintain my position that he will play a role in the story. It is inevitable considering the role he played in Shadow of Revan. He has always and will continue to play a big role in the galaxy.

Notably, the Dev’s have said on a few occasions that they are not throwing away Vitiate’s story. As far back as the Anaheim Cantina this question was asked:

Question: Will we ever get to see the Emperor in his original true body as a pureblood?

Answer: Jesse Sky says ‘One of the great things about the Emperor is that he is all powerful. He can take many forms. That’s all I’m willing to say’. Musco says ‘Stay tuned’. Michael Backus chimes in ‘What if his trueblood form isn’t his original actual form? What if there is more to the story?’ Musco ‘insert eyebrow raise’.

Jedipedia recently did an interesting interview with Charles Boyd. They specifically asked him about Vititae and whether he would play a role in KOTFE:

The Vitiate storyline is not being abandoned. You will see more about Vitiate in the new storyline. That’s all I can say.

It’s good to have Developer confirmation that he will be around in KOTFE. Though it was pretty obvious this would be the case. I have no doubt it will be a significant role. Vitiate has played too big a role on the galactic stage for well over 1000 years. How could he not play a major role in the story going forward? It would be absurd for him to just disappear now. How he will play a role in the story remains to be seen. One likely explanation however…

Are Vitiate and Valkorion the same person?

In my previous post and on Ootini Spoilercast I did speculate that Vitiate and Valkorion could be the same person. Yes this may seem far fetched to some, but think about it. Vitiate and Valkorion have similar personality traits. Note how Valkorion was described in the ‘Brothers’ story blog. We know Vitiate is completely devoid of feeling any kind of emotion. Valkorion appears to also be devoid of emotion. Think about all the planning and scheming Vitiate has been doing for well over 1000 of years. There’s clearly more that he is up to then we know. Let’s consider clues from SWTOR about Vitiate’s plans.

In Game Clues

Here are a collection key conversation lines or codex entries in the game, clues to Vitiate’s greater plans.

I already highlighted a couple of these in my previous post, but I wanted to highlight it again and bring some others to your attention.

The first clue comes from the Sith Warrior story:

After Lord Scourge’s betrayal Vitiate decides that the Sith Warrior will be his new Wrath. On Quesh when Baras betrays you, the Emperor’s hand show up to see if you are worthy of being the Emperor’s Wrath and decide that if the  Sith Warrior survives then that that will prove their worth. One of the first things the hand says to you.

where was the emperor hiding-crop

Key point: I wonder what this could mean ‘withdrawn from the known galaxy’? What is his ‘Great Calling’?

Another clue about Vitiate comes from defeating the Emperor’s Voice (as instructed by the Emperor) on Voss as a Sith Warrior.

You receive this codex entry:


Key point: ‘conversations with this entity (the voice) as extremely disturbing; there is often the sense that the Emperor’s Voice is listening to another conversation when he or she is speaking.

I wanted to add a couple more points about the Emperor’s Voice. The Voice is a body that the Emperor inhabits via Essence Transfer. The Emperor started using a ‘Voice’ after Revan’s failed assassination attempt. Because the process of Essence Transfer is ultimately fatal to the host Vitiate periodically has to change bodies moving from host to host. The Emperor’s original body remains safe from harm in a deep slumber where he is able to control his Voice and direct his pawns throughout the galaxy.

We saw on Ziost that he can control thousands of bodies at a time. What’s to say he hasn’t already been inhabiting more than one body for the last 300 years at least? This bit of evidence is crucial to understanding more about Vitiate and exactly what his capabilities are.

Commander Iven on Yavin IV the mad Imperial Guard you come across says this:


Key Point: ‘plans within plans’ and ‘all possibilities are witnessed and adjusted for!’

This possibly refers to Revan and the link the Emperor shared with him while he was captive in Maelstrom Prison. He used Revan’s link to the light side of the force to see visions (more on Revan and his connection to the Emperor later). We know Vitiate is paranoid and fears death immensely. We know what great lengths he has gone through to gain immortality and ensure he can not be defeated.

Final clue – (I already highlighted this in my previous post, but wanted to emphasise it again and the accompanying codex entry).

In your final conversation with Vitiate on Ziost, if you choose the right conversation option, he says this to you:



Key Point: ‘I have other plans now–as you will see’

Curiously enough, we also receive this codex entry after the conversation finishes:

vitiate codex

Key Point: ‘Did he have another plan all along?’

So being unable to gain enough power on Yavin IV to restore his full strength (he claimed it was unnecessary), he choose to go to Ziost to complete his reawakening.

Notably on both planets he did not possess a body of his own, he existed in a completely incorporeal form. Incredibly, on Ziost he was somehow able to control thousands of bodies at once. He is also able to speak without possessing a body as we witnessed on both Yavin IV and Ziost. So his form has long evolved from needing a physical body for himself. But, he still needs to posses bodies so he can interact with the physical world.

We know Ziost has a strong dark side presence so this no doubt would have enhanced his ritual.

While there are many other little hints and insights into Vitiate’s power in the game, for example the Jedi Knights conversation with the possessed Master Tol Braga on Corellia, I felt the ones listed above were the most important. In the meantime, let’s look into Vitiate’s apparent (well from our perspective) change of heart.

Why the change in tact?

Up until the Rise of the Emperor story, we have been lead to believe that the Emperor’s plan all along was to consume all life in the galaxy. Chapter 3 of the Jedi Knight story is about stopping the Emperor from wiping out all life in the galaxy. The codex entries you get (depending on faction) after defeating Revan and encountering the Emperor’s incorporeal essence on Yavin IV attest to this.



Yet, after Ziost, it seems this is no longer the case. The leadership of both factions, by the end of Rishi, are aware and understand what Vitiate wanted all along (apparently). When you fail to stop him on Yavin IV everyone essentially panics but doesn’t give up hope. Then things only get worse after Ziost.

On Ziost he succeeded where his servants had failed on Belsavis, Voss and Corellia. He created an ‘Armageddon’ event that consumed all life on the planet giving himself immense power. To do what exactly? As we all noticed, only all life on Ziost was wiped out, the rest of the galaxy remained unscathed. Undoubtedly he needed to do a proper ritual to restore his full strength. So what happens now? Are we to all of a sudden believe that he doesn’t feel like destroying the galaxy anymore?

Was his plan all along to wipe out all life in the galaxy?

It is quite odd, from a story progression point of view to throw this spanner in the works all of a sudden. He’s plans and capabilities are clearly far grander than we imagined. But we must remember that he is incredibly patient. Perhaps he has delayed destroying the galaxy for another reason?

How Could Vitiate and Valkorion be the same person?

As we read above, essence transfer destroys the host body within an unspecified amount of time. So Vitiate has had to transfer his essence to a new host body fairly regularly for the last 300 years. We also saw Valkorion visibly ages in the ‘Sacrifice’ trailer. So perhaps Vitiate does the same thing with Valkorion. Maybe Valkorion hasn’t always looked the same? Perhaps Vitiate is controlling him similar to how he controlled his Children?

As we saw in the Jedi Consular story and with Kira Carson (Jedi Knight companion) the Children were able to act independently and go about their lives. But they still acted as Vitiate’s eyes and ears in the Republic and more then likely the Empire. He could also take control of them at will as we saw with Kira at the end of Chapter 1 of the Jedi Knight story. The children are unaware that there is someone tapping into their every move until they get possessed. They are able to go about their lives independently.

One thing that is curious, however, is after Vitiate’s defeat by the Jedi Knight at the end of Chapter 3, some of the Emperor’s Children are still able to hear him inside their heads. Some were driven mad by the voices while others were able to block them out. Suri, a friend of Kira Carson’s from her childhood on Korriban, is driven mad by Vitiate’s ramblings and asks for aid in making the voices stop. She speaks of hearing rambling, incoherent voices.

This is more evidence of Vitiate’s weakened state after his confrontation with the Jedi Knight. His mind likely is fragmented as he struggles to control and keep up with all the minds he controlled. It is conceivable that the connections remain but he can no longer process them all and in turn can not hide his thoughts from those whose minds were touched by him. How this would’ve affected Valkorion in the Zakuul Empire, we’ll have to wait and see.

If they are the same person, it would explain ‘the great calling’ and Vitiate’s retreat from the known galaxy. Forging another Empire and having children could perhaps be considered a ‘great calling’.


Vitiate’s Childhood and Rise to Power

Here are some key descriptors of Vitiate, from the Revan Novel, relating to his childhood and rise to power. As a child, he was known as Tenebras:

They say he was born with eyes as black as the void of empty space, and that he never cried, even as an infant. No animal would come near him…his voice carried a weight and power that should not come from a child.

He showed signs of force sensitivity at the age of six and quickly learnt to feed upon hate and anger to call upon the dark side of the force. He killed his step-father and mother.

Tenebrae…feeding on his father’s anger and hate to call upon the dark side. He snapped his father’s neck with a mere thought, killing him instantly…Tenebrae made her (his mother) suffer for months.. torturing her with the force as he honed his powers.

After finally killing his mother, he made his village and others bow down to him. Those who refused were tortured publicly for days and executed.

Thousands died…to feed his insatiable appetite for suffering, tortured for days in public executions so he could

His biological father, Lord Dramath, heard rumors about Tenebrae and his rising power but he considered it to be beneath him. Eventually he decided to go see for himself the boy’s power.

When they met face-to-face, Tenebrae proved the stronger…he stripped his father of his power and his mind.

Tenebras went on to conqueror the rest of Medriaas (Nathema). He presented himself to Marka Ragnos who recognised him as the ruler Medriaas and gave him the title, Lord Vitiate.

Key Phrases: ‘he was born with eyes as black as the void of empty space’, ‘insatiable appetite for suffering’

Incredible traits, for a child. A child to be born so devoid of ‘life’ traits. Doesn’t feel right even taking into account force sensitivity especially considering he didn’t show signs of force sensitivity until the age of 6. He was quickly able to learn to hone in and use the dark side of the force. An extraordinary feat.

Vitiate the Force Scholar

Now his rule of Nathema ensured he spent the next 100 years learning everything he could about the dark side of the force. He stayed out of the politics of the Sith Empire:

When Marka Ragnos fell, Lord Vitiate did not join in the mad rush to claim his position. He was not part of the Great Hyperspace War against the Republic. When Naga Sadow and Ludo Kreesh fought for leadership of the Sith, he took no side.

Even in the beginning he had no interest in politics. He cared only for gaining more power. He only emerged after the Sith Empire’s defeat at the hands of the Republic to take advantage of the desperation of the surviving Sith. He invited them to come to Nathema and ‘participate in a ritual to unlock the full power of the dark side’. He deceived many Sith Lord’s into answering his call under the false hope that he had found a weapon they could use to save themselves from the merciless Jedi onslaught.

Once they (the Sith Lords) had arrived on Nathema, they quickly fell under Lord Vitiate’s control. He dominated their minds, crushed their resistance. He turned them into slaves of his will, forcing them to participate in the most complex ritual of Sith sorcery ever attempted. Calling on the Dark side, Lord Vitiate devoured them. He fed on their power, absorbing it into himself, utterly obliterating all traces of his victims.

They were just the eye of the storm though. He created a vortex that spread across the whole planet consuming every living thing. Not just sentient’s but all biological matter. Leaving the planet completely stripped of life.

The Emperor had consumed everything. Life, sound, color, even the force–nothing remained.

Everything on Nathema had simply been snuffed our, extinguished so completely that it ceased to have any meaning or purpose…a blight on the natural order.

Vitiate annihilated every aspect of life yet left all lifeless elements like buildings and clothes intact.

The ritual Vitiate performed on Nathema is what gave him his immortality. We do not know all the exact nuances that went into the ritual. Except that it was a ‘complex ritual of Sith sorcery’.

It is possible however that the Ziost event was different from the Nathema event despite a practically identical outcome. We know Vitiate took control of Sith and Imperial Troops to kill civilians and feed off of their deaths and suffering. When he had gained enough power, he summoned a wave that swept over the planet annihilating all ‘life’. Ziost, as we saw, was a barren husk when he was finished. Perhaps this is how he conducted his ritual on Nathema? But I believe that there would’ve been more to it then what happen on Ziost. Afterall, Vitiate does remind us that he has already ‘cheated death’.

Vitiate is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful being. He is without emotion. His only weakness is his extreme fear of death. He is willing to anything necessary to prolong his life and to ensure his continued survival.

Vitiate is however, not the only extremely powerful force user to have existed. There was another who could’ve come close to matching him.


Revan – How much did he know and how did his actions play into Vitiate’s plans?

I wanted to briefly touch on Revan. Those of you who’ve read the Revan novel will know of the events leading to Revan’s capture by The Emperor. Revan believed, with aide he could defeat Vitiate, but, he underestimated his power. He feared the Emperor’s incredible power and what could befall the galaxy if he was allowed to live. As we know, he fails and is imprisoned.

There are a series of flashpoints, with a connected story arc, you can complete in SWTOR which concerns Revan and it’s essentially the next chapter in his story. Chronologically the story starts on Republic side (Taral V and Maelstrom Prison) then Imperial side (Boarding Party and The Foundry).

In the story arc you rescue Revan from the Emperor’s control. Then on the Imperial side you defeat him and stop him from building up a massive army to wipe out the Empire.

What I want to focus on, however, is the connection Revan had with the Emperor. While he was imprisoned, Revan’s mind was linked to the Emperor’s. The Emperor drew strength from Revan and was able to see visions through Revan’s connection to the Light Side of the force. But Revan was able to get a glimpse into the Emperor’s mind. He apparently convinced him the Emperor that peace was an option. He claims to have seen what he plans to do to the galaxy.

I do not believe that he saw everything. Only what the Emperor wanted him to see.

Revan, at the very least, knew of the Emperor’s back up plan he had, should his voice be defeated. As we know the Jedi Knight defeats the Emperor’s Voice and Vitiate’s essence flees to Yavin IV to rest and wait as Vitiate had planned all along. Revan, ultimately plays into Vitiate’s hands by  leading the Republic and Empire to Yavin IV. The death and destruction caused by the conflict between the Revanites and the Coalition forces was enough, as we witnessed, for him to awaken and flee before anything could be done to stop him.

Revan was nothing more than a pawn in Vitiate’s plans. He was used by Vitiate in multiple ways to advance his plans. Yes, Revan was able to enter Vitiate’s mind and influence him to stop the war between the Republic and Empire and sign the Treaty of Coruscant. But, this ultimately plays into Vitiate’s plans.

More Clues

Here are some more clues in the game I’ve looked into since my previous post. Curiously enough, both the Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular class stories have some tantalising clues about the future story. (I apologise for quality of some of these images).

Sith Inquisitor Rishi Class Story

The premise of the Inquisitor Class Story involves communicating with the supposed inhabitants of the Rishi Maze. Lord Veijel has spent most of his life observing the ‘dark stars’ of the Rishi Maze.




So you are tasked with examining the machines and seeing if you can communicate with the aliens in the Rishi Maze. This is what they say to you:

So who are these aliens? What do they mean by ‘Beware his desires’? Is this a reference to Vitiate?

Jedi Consular Rishi Class Story

In the Consular Class Story you get to make your own Holocron! The more interesting part to me though was some of things said by Master Kutri O’a and the voices you hear in the visions you have. He has a gift to see visions thousands of probable futures but:


As part of the Ritual to calm your mind to create your own holocron, you open your mind the force and your surroundings and hear voices from the past, present and future. A few of them are quite intriguing:


“Servant One: The Hand closes. The rejuvenation begins.” Intriguing to have a reference to the Emperor’s Hand. They are probably referring to Vitiate’s rise on Yavin IV


This is Vitiate’s voice. Curious thing for him to say.


The Republic gets destroyed in the future. Could this a reference to the Zakuul invasion? Or perhaps another future conflict?

Lord Scourge’s Vision

I wanted to briefly bring this up. I’m not sure if this will ever come into the story again (although it certainly should) unless they go back to doing class specific stories. It should be an indicator of how Vitiate’s fate will be met but I’m sure the SWTOR writers could change that around.

Shortly after acquiring him has a companion on a Jedi Knight, after he assists with your escape from the Emperor’s fortress. He tells you of the vision he has of you being the one to defeat the Emperor.





Key Points: ‘I bowed before you and took a crown from the Emperor’s head.’

Those who have read the Revan novel will know that Lord Scourge originally has this vision when he went with Revan and the Exile to attempt to destroy the Emperor (Vitiate). Seeing this vision, however, made him realise they would not succeed in defeating the Emperor so he betrayed them. Thus ensuring his own survival so he might someday find a way to defeat the Emperor.

In a sudden moment of clarity he saw the Emperor lying defeated at the feet of a powerful Jedi…but that Jedi was neither Revan or Meetra. p. 332.

Key Point: ‘saw the Emperor lying defeated at the feet of a powerful Jedi…’

You will note that there are differences between the accounts. The in-game conversation with Lord Scourge is more detailed. The common factor for both accounts is the single powerful Jedi. As it happens the Jedi Knight is the powerful Jedi Lord Scourge sees in his vision. Funnily enough the Revan novel version sounds more like what happened at the end of Chapter 3 when the Jedi Knight does indeed defeat the Emperor (although is unaware that it is just the Emperor’s Voice).

Knowing the vital role Lord Scourge played in both the Revan novel and the Jedi Knight story, I’m really hoping that casting him aside in recent story (as we saw in SOR and RotE) is not a permanent feature of the game. I’m still holding out hope he’ll play a role in KotFE somehow. I’m still very disappointed by the lack of dialogue from Lord Scourge in SoR and RotE.


It has felt like over these past few months that I have been attempting to put together an intricate puzzle of clues and hints as to where the story is going in SWTOR. I am curious as to how it will all turn out. There’s still pieces missing and things we don’t understand. Perhaps I have misinterpreted some things or missed some clues. I guess only time will tell. What I feel is absolutely certain is that Vitiate will have a part to play in the story. Valkorion is an intriguing looking character and it will be fascinating to see where and how the Zakuul Empire came to be and Vitiate’s involvement.

There are still so many unanswered questions and things to consider. How are the Emperor’s hand involved? How much do they know about Vitiate’s schemes and plans? Seemingly a fair bit. He gave them (and Lord Scourge) immortality to be slaves to his will. Perhaps there is a clue in that somewhere? How are the Hutts involved in the conflict? What mysterious could there be in the Rishi Maze?

Ultimately the biggest puzzle for us to solve will be why Vitiate has gone from wanting to consume all life in the galaxy to creating a new Empire to span eternity. Perhaps he wished get rid of the Republic and Sith Empire’s so he could replace them with the Zakuul Empire.

Everything until now has been the means to an end. I forged the Empire of Zakuul to surmount all of my previous works. It will span eternity.

We still don’t have all the answers and even when we play through the first 9 Chapters, there will be even more questions to answer. But, we have already gotten some glimpses into the lore of KOTFE through various means.

This will be the focus of my next post. I will examine swtor_potato’s story spoiler video’s, the TORCommunity database codex entries (there’s some really tantalising stuff!) and also examine what Bioware has officially revealed to us through their August Dev Stream and TwitchCon.

I will of course be reviewing and analysing the Knights of the Fallen Empire story and look forward to the research and clue hunting that will entail.

Thank you all for reading this post! Feel free to comment or tweet with your own thoughts or idea’s on the lore I covered!

Finally, a special thank you to my guildy, Moonstorm for proofreading this post for me!

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  • Holy mega-post, Batman! Thanks for collating all this information; it’s very interesting. We’ll see how much of it is connected… personally I suspect that a lot of it isn’t and that stuff like the Rishi Maze was just a random story hook that they threw in there for future use without necessarily having decided on anything in specific. But we’ll find out the whole story soon. 🙂

    • Yeah for sure some of this is crazy speculation on my part. But either way I’m looking forward to seeing how the story turns out! I really enjoy researching and speculating about this kind of stuff! 🙂

  • I was just running my Assassin through Ziost and I ran into this bit of dialogue from Master Surro during the Armory scene: “The Empire is a failure. You can have it–not that you should expect it to last much longer.”

    That’s a nice bit of foreshadowing hidden away in one particular dialog option. Hopefully KotFE will explain why and when Vitiate started to view the Empire as a failure.

    • Oooo that’s a very interesting line! I have not run either of my Inquisitor’s through Ziost yet. I think I will now. 🙂

      Indeed I hope so as well. There’s still a few holes that need filling.

  • ellchicago

    Interesting read! A few things I would like ask though: I thought Valkorion was true body of the Emperor, not Vitiate’s pure blood Sith form based on Chapter 1 and the SWTOR Cantina Tour in Anaheim. I know you are probably going to cover it in your next post on Chapter 1 and TwitchCon. I understand if plot points are discarded, Lord Scourge did have a vision that Revan could have destroyed Vitiate. I wonder what role if any would Revan’s force ghost play. Since it is possible that Revan may be only being that could match Vitiate/Valkorion/the Emperor, I wonder if the heroes will try to bring Revan back to life by letting his force ghost consume a planet like Vitiate.

    I’m not trying to steal your thunder, but when the Jedi Knight confronts the Voice of the Emperor. These quotes seems interesting.

    “You are a blind insect, contemplating the void of

    If Valkorion is the true form of the Emperor and the Jedi Knight only believes that he/she needs to destroy Vitiate this makes sense for Valkorion talking about how the Jedi Knight is blind to the truth. He could also be talking about this next quote.

    “If you kill everyone in the galaxy, you’ll be Emperor
    of nothing. What’s the point of all this?”

    “You discern a fraction of reality. Beyond these stars
    exist other galaxies, other worlds, other beings. I will experience or ignore
    them as I wish. I will spend eternity becoming everything: a farmer, an artist,
    a simple man. When the last living thing in the universe finally dies, I will
    enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to begin again.”

    The Jedi Knight is able to grasp that there seems to no point being an Emperor of nothing, but the Voice references “other galaxies, other worlds, other beings.” Is the Voice talking about the Zakuul Empire?
    Sorry to steal your thunder, but I love discussing the plot and analyzing it.

  • ellchicago

    I think Vitiate’s Pure-blood Sith body will show up, trying to rally his remaining Sith loyalists to the Eternal Empire. Whether Valkorion is the true body of the Emperor is an open question, it may be his preferred body since it may be easier for the galaxy to accept a human as Emperor than a Sith.