Knights of the Eternal Throne Story Predictions

Hey everyone,

Here are a couple of my story predictions for Star Wars The Old Republic’s next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne as well as what we know about it for sure.

Note there are **SPOILERS** for Knights of the Eternal Empire.

Chapter 16 Ending Foreshadowing

Below is a screenshot from the very last scene of Chapter 16.


Background to this scene:

In the scene, Vaylin shows up at the Eternal Throne after she went to attack her mother, Senya and Arcann pushed her away preventing a confrontation. She talks to SCORPIO about how she deserves the power of the Throne and SCORPIO reveals that she never wanted to rule the Eternal Empire and only wanted the Throne to free the Gemini Droids which she considers her children. She allies with Vaylin and allows her to sit on the Throne and rule the Eternal Empire.


The first thing they do together is plot how to destroy their enemies. What we clearly see in the screenshot above is a holo of the planet Odessen. Does this mean we can expect another attack on Odessen fairly early on in KOTET? Either way SCORPIO holds a grudge against the Alliance and can inflict quite a bit of damage with everything she knows about the Alliance and it’s Base.

KOTET Teaser Image

At Star Wars Celebration, Bioware revealed the title of the next SWTOR Expansion and continuation of the story as Knights of the Eternal Throne. They also showed us this image:


The image clearly depicts Senya and an unknown figure. There has been a lot of speculation as to who this person is. My initial impression was that it was a representation of ‘The Outlander’. It is popularly believed, however, that is is Vaylin, which would make sense. One thing I did notice however is that this person is very similarly dressed to Koth. The person depicted however is clearly, first of all, force sensitive and secondly, female which Koth is neither so it is not Koth. But either way, I found that realisation interesting. Both Koth and Vaylin want to face off with Senya afterall.

If it is in fact Vaylin in the image, perhaps she decides to go off after her mother and Arcann rather then deal with the Outlander (or maybe there’s a falling out with SCORPIO at some point). Although, like I mentioned above, I feel it is more likely that SCORPIO finds a way to track Arcann’s ship and helps Vaylin find them. I feel this is what Vaylin wants more then anything to face off with her mother and Arcann. But, to some extent, she blames the Outlander for her family’s current predicament. That would explain why Odessen is in the Holo at the end of Chapter 16. She certainly does want to deal with the Outlander at some stage. When? We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the backdrop of this image? It is likely Arcann’s personal flag ship shot down (properly this time). By who? Maybe the Outlander/Alliance or the Eternal Fleet at the command of Vaylin/SCORPIO. Speaking of Arcann, there is a body lying on the ground in the bottom right corner of the image. I believe it is Arcann. If it is him, it would make it more then likely that the mysterious figure is in fact Vaylin. Is Arcann dead or merely injured? Perhaps this image is concept art for a trailer? Either way, it seems what is happening in the image may occur not too long after Chapter 16.


The other notable character to consider is Valkorion. He was quite an invasive presence at the start of KOTFE then he ‘leaves’ in Chapter 12 ‘to attend to other matters’.


What is he up to? What is his end game? Does he really have the Outlander’s best interests at heart or is he using the Outlander as Lana fears? What are his plans for the Galaxy? He’s beyond death but yet is not a Force Ghost? So what is he? How does this all tie in with what we know about Vitiate? Will we ever get answers to these questions?

As you can see with Valkorion, there are many, many questions. Ultimately I do not trust him in the slightest considering who he once was (in the players’ eye). How does one go from being devoid of all emotions (but hatred) and wanting to destroy all life in the galaxy to falling in love? Having children?

One thing to keep in mind is that Vitiate never really liked the way Sith did things, their petty power struggles and their overbearing selfishness. He kept to himself and took advantage of the Sith’s predicament with the Republic drove the Sith out of the known galaxy millennia ago and created an Empire within the confines of Sith Tradition. But still, he was more of a Sith then the rest of them.

A few hundred years later he goes off and makes a better Empire with a new persona (as he is able to possess more then one body at a time) but still keeps the Sith Empire in his grasp. But then he decides that the Sith Empire should invade the Republic with the ultimate goal of destroying all life in the Galaxy to make himself more powerful then ever? He gets defeated by the Jedi Knight, ‘rises’ again then bam! He reveals himself through the actions of his sons then allows himself to be ‘killed’ so easily? What is up with that? Again, whatever his endgame is, it can’t be good for the Outlander or the greater galaxy..

Seriously, Vitiate/Valkorion is a very frustrating, confusing, contradictory character.

I guess something to consider is, did he really want to destroy all life in the Galaxy? Or just the Republic and the Sith Empire so that the Zakuulan Empire could forever be left in peace without discovery? Or did he (more then likely) have other motivations? But then again when you meet Valkorion in Chapter 1, he doesn’t really seem to care about the Republic or Sith Empire. They are inconsequential to him.

Those of you who have followed me for a long while might recall then I wrote a 2 Part series about Vitiate and Valkorion (Part 1, Part 2) a year ago. In the series I primarily went through Vitiate’s history to try and dissect how he became Valkorion (more so in Part 2). Perhaps it is time for a Part 3? To consolidate what we learnt from KOTFE about Valkorion and Zakuul to try make and sense of everything?

Voice Actors

We also know for sure that certain voice actors (in addition to the usual ones) have been recording voice work for KOTET. One notable voice actor in particular was the actress who voices the former Supreme Chancellor Saresh. This means that we will hopefully be getting more of a glimpse of what has been happening in the Republic since the beginning of KOTFE. It would be great to actually see, for ourselves, the state the Republic and Empire are in.

Community Thoughts

I went to Twitter to ask my followers what their story predictions were for KOTET and this is what they had to say!

Sarcasm aside, a common theme among many of the predictions is that at some point or another the Oulander will face Vaylin and/or SCORPIO at some point. Also considered is Senya’s role as well as what will happen to Arcann. Also speculated is HK-55’s role and those wanting to see their favourite companions return.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what they reveal in early October.

What are your predictions for the KOTET story? Which companions do you hope to see again?

Thank you to my Twitter followers who responded with their KOTET predictions! 


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  • I’m a bit worried that Valkorion/Vitiate has become such a convoluted mess by now that no matter how they wrap up his story, something will be off and not make sense. But we can always hope!

  • wangxiuming

    Would definitely appreciate a Part 3 Valkorion analysis! Your posts are always very insightful and well-researched.

    Is it confirmed the figure facing off in the KOTET announcement teaser is female? I can see it being Vaylin, but I could also see it being someone male. The arms are seriously burned or scarred in some fashion … I’m wondering if that’s a clue. I’m trying to think of someone that has scarred arms from SWTOR but I’m coming up blank.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yeah it makes sense that it is Vaylin. But in saying that there’s those arm markings.. There is no one I know of that has any markings like them. So guess we’ll have to wait and see..