Keith Watch – What has our new Game Producer been up to?

A new weekly series I’m starting keeping an eye on what SWTOR’s new Game Producer is up to!

Keith Kanneg, Star Wars The Old Republic’s new Game Producer surprised a lot of the player base by actually talking directly to the players on the SWTOR forums. For as long as I’ve been playing the game (since March 2012), no Game Producer has ever talked directly to the players on the SWTOR forums.

This level of communication is unprecedented and very welcome! Even if he can’t keep all of the promises he makes I for one will appreciate his effort to communicate and engage with the player base nonetheless.

So what did Keith say? His first post this week was to thank the players for welcoming him and to say he wants to communicate with the players more (Click on images to enlarge).

He also took the time to address concerns about the Road Map he’ll be revealing in the coming weeks.

The next post he did for a bit of fun was in relation to a player asking him about what classes he plays.

When a player misunderstood the requirements for one of the new Iokath daily’s he stepped in to clear things up:

He responded to a player asking if they would ever make cosmetic items purchaseable with Command Tokens:

He addressed player concerns with some of the new Iokath dailies by announcing addional rewards for those dailies would be coming on May 2nd.

He also followed up with specifics about the CXP Pack reward:

That sums up everything we heard from Keith this week. If you want to learn a little more about him, you can read my post and/or read his Producer’s note. I will be publishing the next Keith Watch post next Friday around 5:30 pm CDT.


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