I’ve Resubscribed to SWTOR, but..

Hey everyone,

I have resubscribed to Star Wars The Old Republic for the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne Game Update.


Primarily because I’m interested enough in the KOTET story that I want to play it for myself on my own characters. I also might update my Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing Guide and my Carnage Marauder PvE DPS Guide and potentially write other Guides for 5.0. To ensure that they are of the highest quality possible and so I don’t have the hassle of limited access to content and other features, it will be much easier to subscribe.


I will only be subscribing temporarily. I have not yet decided exactly when I’ll unsubscribe. At this stage, it’ll likely be around mid December but probably sooner.

Why am I going to unsubscribe again?

Pretty much for the same reasons I unsubscribed in the first place. Primarily because of the lack of challenging, new large scale (8 player +) group content and because my Guild has no interest in returning to SWTOR until the Devs return to focusing on making new immersive group content and all the other ‘MMO bits’. Yes, they have recently said that in 2017, that they will be refocusing on Group Content. But, we will not be getting any further details until January 2017 at the earliest.

Also, the new RNG based Galactic Command gearing system being introduced in 5.0 is quite frankly, a terrible system for endgame gearing. It devalues the purpose of endgame by taking the the main driving force to do end game which is to do challenging content and get better rewards so you can progress further through end game. You shouldn’t be able to get top level gear by doing easy content. PvP gearing should never ever be reliant on an RNG based gearing system it is not a feasible system for the competitive nature of PvP where players want to work to get the gear they need ASAP and know that they’re going to get it. RNG makes gearing far to unpredictable making PvP an unfair playing field. So I really don’t want to stick around for such a terrible gearing system and my Guild is not impressed with it either.

Either way, you can expect me to keep writing posts about SWTOR covering various topics for the time being.

I also wanted to clarify that even though I unsubscribed from SWTOR a couple of months ago, I still continued to log in on occasion and have maintained an interest in the game. I will certainly continue with this trend after I unsubscribe again.

Are you currently subscribed or unsubscribed to SWTOR? What are your reasons for subbing or being unsubbed?


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