Introductions and SW:TOR Initial 3.0 Impressions



Hey everyone!

This is Xam Xam (or you can just call me Xami) and you are now reading my blog thing.

So I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself..

I play SW:TOR.. a lot.. on the Harbinger server. I run a cross-faction social APAC guild full of crazy fun peoples. My main class I play is Commando/Mercenary heals which I’ve been playing at max level for well over 2 years now. I have experience with nearly all advanced classes but just keep going back to my Commando and Mercenary. I prefer PvP over PvE. For a long time I hated PvE content but did it to help my guild anyway. But recently, and particularity with 3.0, I’ve started to enjoy PvE content again in small doses.

SW:TOR Shadow of Revan Initial Impressions

Overall I am very happy with this new expansion. Despite the bugs and lag which has been a tad annoying, this expansion has been much better than Rise of the Hutt Cartel. The story, the flow of the questing and both the new planets Rishi and Yavin IV are all really well done.

SOR merc shot 2
My Merc with the gang about to take on Revan

I’ve leveled just my Commando and Mercenary to level 60 so far, just been playing Bodyguard/Combat Medic mostly but I did try out Innovative Ordinance on my Mercenary a couple of days back and didn’t mind it.. I like most of the changes they made to Mercenary/Commando healing. It feels more fluid and so much more mobile now! I can keep myself alive in warzones a lot longer then I used to be able to… One thing I miss is the buff from kolto missile/kolto bomb which increased healing received and I also miss the shield thingy (can’t even remember what it was called now *sob*) from Supercharge but otherwise all is good. In my opinion Commando/Mercenary healing is in the best place it has ever been since I started playing SW:TOR (March 2012).

SOR mando shot 1
My Commando talking to Revan

I have also been leveling my Carnage Marauder (who as of writing this is 59) and my Telekenetics Sage (still 55) and enjoying both of those classes.

Now that my net issues seem to be resolved I’m looking forward to doing more PvP, queuing for ranked and seeing if I can improve myself and get some practice in so I can give Season 4 Ranked a good try both solo and team.


So what am I going to be ‘saying’? Hmm I probably talk about Commando/Mercenary healing a lot with maybe even guides and videos, any news that comes up from SW:TOR and whatever other random shit* to do with gaming that tickles me fancy.

Well that’s just a basic sum up. If you have any questions you want to ask about me you are more then welcome too. Best way to contact me is through my Twitter: @Rach_Games

*Disclaimer: I’m Aussie, I swear a lot.

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