Hey everyone,

Here is my Beginners Guide to PvP! It contains all the information needed to get you started on your PvP Adventures in Star Wars The Old Republic!


Last UPDATED: 10th May 2017

I will keep this guide updated as best I can. Hopefully, it will help newcomers to PvP gain an understanding of what PvP is and how it works in SWTOR.


What is PvP?

PvP stands for player verse player. It is a game mode which allows you to play with and against other players.

There are two different types of PvP instances in SWTOR. Warzones (the same thing as Battlegrounds in other MMO’s) which are 8v8 player matches and Arena’s which are 4v4 matches.

There are currently 3 brackets of instanced PvP in SWTOR which are divided up based on level. 10-40, 41-69 and 70.

Getting Started

To get started on your PvP adventure, all you have to do is queue up for a Warzone. To queue for a Warzone, click on your factions icon in the bottom right corner of your mini-map UI, then click Queue Solo or Queue Group if you are grouped with others.

You can queue for a Warzone from almost anywhere in the galaxy (except in Flashpoints or Operations), as long as you are level 10 or higher.

The best way to get started and become accustomed to Player verse player combat is to start out queuing in the lower brackets. That way you can take the time to get to know all the maps, learn different strategies and roles and most importantly, learn how to play your class in a PvP environment.

If you’re starting out PvP for the first time, there is an Introductory Warzone Mission you can complete that gives you some level 10 gear as well as Warzone Commendations. Ideally, you want to do this mission at a low level so you can take advantage of the free gear!


Warzones are player verse player instances where two teams with 8 players each verse each other. There are 7 different Warzone Maps in SWTOR:

Each of these Warzones has a different play-styles and objectives (except for Huttball and Quesh Huttball which are the same). Playing objectively is more important than killing players.

Typically most Warzones are Republic versus Empire matches but on occasion, you can get two teams of the same faction verse each other. The exception to this is Odessen Proving Grounds where you can have a mix of players from both factions on the same team.


Arena’s are player verse player instances where two teams with 4 players each verse each other. There are 5 different Arena maps:

  • Tatooine Canyon
  • Orbital Station
  • Corellia Square
  • Makeb Mesa Arena
  • Rishi Cove

They are deathmatch style maps where the aim is to kill all the players on the other team. There are two or three rounds which last 5 minutes each. The team that wins two rounds wins.

If there are players on both teams still alive when 5 minutes is up, there is a sudden death mechanic which ends the round in the form of poisonous gas which gradually comes out into the arena and kills all the players. The last surviving player wins the round for their team.

Viewing PvP Stats

You can view some PvP Stats about your character by going to the Warzone menu, then click on the Show PvP stats icon.


At the end of each match, you are rewarded with Unassembled Components based on what objectives you completed and credits. A number of Unassembled Components you receive depends on how many medals you earn. You can earn medals for DPSing, Kills, Healing, Protecting, Attacking and Defending.

Warzone Medals      
Offence Basic - 1 Attacker PointDefense Basic - 1 Defender PointQuick Draw - 1 Killing BlowDemolisher - 3k Damage Single HitMedic - 3k Single HealGuardian - 2.4k Defense in 1 Life
Offence Bronze - 3k Defender PointsDefense Bronze - 3k Defender PointsCommando - 4 KillsAnnhilator - 6k Damage Single HitTrauma Surgeon - 6k Single HealPaladin - 12k Defense in 1 Life
Offence Silver - 5k Attacker PointsDefense Silver - 5k Defender PointsSoldier - 8 KillsCombatant - 200k Damage Dealt*Healer - 30k Healed (triggers at 200k)Shield - 150k Defense
Offence Gold - 7.5k Attacker PointsDefense Gold - 7.5k Defender PointsDestroyer -1,500,000 Damage DealtSavior - 2,000,000 HealedProtector - 1,000,000 Defense
Offence Platinum - 10k Attacker Points Defense Platinum 10k Defender Points

There are also daily and weekly missions for PvP which you can pick up at the PvP Mission Terminal in the Combat section of the fleet or from a terminal inside a Warzone/Arena. These mission award Warzone Commendations and Credits.


  • [Daily] Zero Tolerance
  • [Weekly] The War Front (69 and under only)
  •  (60+)
  • (60+)


  • [Daily] United we Stand
  • (69 and under only)
  • (60+)
  • (60+)


A scoreboard appears at the end of each Warzone/Arena which displays stats from the match. It highlights your stats. You can arrange the scoreboard by Damage, Kills, Protection, Deaths, Healing, Objectives, Medals. Hovering over these particular stats gives you additional stats listed below.

  • Damage
    • Total
    • Damage Per Second
    • Biggest Hit
  • Kills
    • Total
    • Killing Blows
    • Solo Kills
  • Protection
    • Total
    • Highest Protection per Single Life
  • Deaths
    • Total
    • Damage Taken
  • Healing
    • Total Healing
    • Healing Per Second
    • Highest Single Heal
  • Objectives
    • Attacker Points
    • Defender Points
  • Medals – details what medals you got.

By default, the scoreboard is sorted by Medals.



When you earn a medal in a Warzone it tells you in your chat which one you got so you can keep track of how you’re doing.

PvP Gear

You do not have to worry about PvP gear in the lower levels (10-69), PvP Gear only matters at max level (70).

There is now only one type of gear for both PvPer’s and PvEer’s making gearing a little easier. The new gearing system introduced in 5.0 is called Galactic Command. Basically, you can do any type of content you want earn Command levels and hopefully get good gear from crates that drop as you level. But it is not the only means to get gear. You can gear through PvP and earn Unassembled Components which go towards buying gear and/or can go do a couple of story mode operations to get your set piece gear a little faster.


You can buy Legendary Gear with Unassembled Components and Command Tokens or through drops from crates. The other gear levels drop from Command Crates


One final important thing to note is that the weapons you buy from the vendors do not have crystals in them. The crystal slot is empty. You will need to find Critical

  • PvP Items Vendor – Jensen (Imp), Corr (Rep) located next to PvP Mission Terminals.
  • Cartel Packs (search GTN)
  • Events – Rakghoul Event Vendor: Jeelvic sells Black/Green Colour Crystals.
  • Eternal Championship Vendor (name): Purple, Cyan

Below is pictured all the Colour Crystals you can buy with Warzone Comms from the PvP Items Vendor – Jensen (Imp), Corr (Rep):


What is Bolster?

Bolster is a system that automatically changes your stats to a predetermined level in a Warzone. In the lower brackets, your stats and level are bolstered to level 70. In level 70 PvP depending on the level of gear you’re wearing, your stats are bolstered accordingly. The current bolster is set at 238 level gear.

Roles and Strategies


Defending a Control Point/Node or Objective is a crucial role in all Warzones. There should always be at least one person defending a captured Control Point/Node.

If you are defending a Control Point and see an enemy coming, immediately call out where you are and how many enemies there are. For example:

  • Grass/G1 = Grass Control Point 1 enemy (Civil War)
  • East/E2 = East Control Point 2 enemies (Novare Coast)
  • Left/L or West/W2 = Left/West Door, 2 enemies if defending (Voidstar)
  • Pylon/P1 = Your team’s Pylon, 1 enemy (Ancient Hypergates)

You shouldn’t need to type too much in chat to let your team know what’s happening, your teammates should know what you mean.

Do the best you can to delay the enemy stun them, CC them, use cooldowns so your teammates have a chance to reach you. Ultimately your goal is to survive as long as possible so your teammates can come and save you.


When attacking a Control Point to the first step is to always mark out healers as soon as you see one. Ideally, when you first enter combat, classes that are capable of healing (Operative/Scoundrel, Sorcerer/Sage, Mercenary/Commando) should be your first priority to neutralise. Once the healers are discovered, focus them.

If there is a tank guarding the healer, try and separate them. If the tank is more than 15 meters away from the healer, the guard will be ineffective.

Stealth Strategies

Whether attacking or defending an objective, stealth classes have advantageous tools which make them invaluable for either taking an objective from the enemy team or defending an objective for your team. Stealth Class can typically delay the enemy team longer than other classes.


Resolve is a system that mitigates the effect of impairing/crowd control abilities on a player. Everyone, regardless of their role, needs to understand how resolve works, how it will affect you and how your stun, CC (crowd control/mezz) and knock back (all CC effects) will affect resolve. When you stun, CC, knockback your opponent it will fill up their white bar incrementally. Once their bar is full they are immune to stun’s, CC’s and knock backs for a short duration until their white bar gets reset to zero. The resolve bar appears under the character name.

If you have a full resolve bar most of the time, this generally gives you an advantage. However good players can use the resolve system against you.

How To Improve your PvP Game

Playing Other Classes: This is essential if you want to be a good player. Learning how to play other classes, especially in PVP, mean’s you’ll know what they do and in turn learn how to counter their abilities, know how they can counter you, know what to interrupt and know roughly how much damage you will/can take!

Situational Awareness: This is also a very crucial skill. Not just being aware of your surroundings, there’s more to it than that. You need to be able to play your class/role while also knowing how many of their team there is and how many of your team is at a particular location. You need to be asking yourself, where is my team? Where is the enemy team? Am I needed here or am I more needed elsewhere? Make a mental note of who is guarding a node so if you notice their health drop you can help quicker.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Being able to predict who is going to take how much damage and judging the rate someone is taking damage so you know which heals to use on them and who get healing priority takes time and practice.

Ranked PvP

Ranked PvP is a separate PvP Queue of Arena’s only where you’re given a rating. You can either queue solo or with a group of 4 people. There are two different Ratings you can get, one for Solo Queue and one for Group Queue.


To queue for Ranked PvP, all you have to do is click on the Warzone icon, (1.) select Ranked Warzone Arenas then (2.) Click Queue Solo (or Queue Group if you have a group of 4 people).


There are Leaderboards on the SWTOR website which by default show the top rated players per class in Solo Ranked. You can change how the Leaderboards are sorted.

For doing Ranked you a rewarded with Ranked Season 7 Tokens which you can use to buy rewards from the Giradda the Hutt Ranked Season Reward Vendor in the Combat Section of the fleet. Also depending on your rating, you are given rewards at the end of each season. There are usually 3 tiers of rewards…