Initial Reaction to Upcoming PvP Changes Announced on Bad Feeling Podcast

Hey everyone,

Bad Feeling Podcast have finally released their PvP interview with Alex Modney and Eric Musco. In the interview they announced some upcoming changes to PvP which I’ve summarised below. Most of the changes should be coming in Game Update 3.3 (release date TBA). I would recommend listening to the podcast so you get the full picture of what was said and Chuck and Brian are as funny as always!

Reduced Cost of PvP Gear

The first thing they announced was the reduced cost of all PvP gear. They also announced the removal of Ranked Warzone comms from the game entirely.

  • Exhumed Gear: Cost reduced by 33%
  • Dark Reaver Gear: Cost reduced by 81%

Dark Reaver Gear will now cost Warzone Commendations and yes you will still need the Exhumed shells.

Wow, okay. Makes gearing easier and more accessible for people. Not that getting Exhumed was ever a big deal, in my opinion, but this will make people happy.

Double XP and Credits from PvP

They also announced that they are doubling the credits earned  and XP gained for completing Warzones. They’ve also slightly increased the amount credits earned from completing the Dailies and Weeklies.

I’ve been asking for this for a long time. So I’m very happy to see this.

Official Warzone Comm Transfer System Incoming

They realised, after they got rid of the ‘bug’ where you could transfer Warzone Comms via Stronghold titles, that it would actually be a good idea to be able to more easily transfer Warzone Comms between characters. Those were Musco’s words by the way..

So, they are introducing lockboxes which you’ll be able to buy from the Warzone Vendor for 99 Warzone Comms which contain 99 Warzone Comms. You’ll be able to move them between your characters and store them as you please as there will be no timer on the boxes.

This means I’ll be able to go back to PvPing on whatever character I feel like then moving comms to whatever character I feel like gearing.

Minimum Expertise Requirement to Queue for Ranked Arena’s

Yes. They are finally making it so you need to have 2018 expertise to queue for ranked.

This change has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It will help weed out the clueless PvE idiots with their 53k hit points and no expertise. But, it will also mean players who took the time to BIS using old PvE set bonuses and 162 gear to get bolstered to 2018 expertise (eg. Operative healers) will be left sitting in the dust.

Ultimately, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal but I know there will be those who disagree with me. I reckon it’s best they have the cap but then again gearing will be 10 times easier anyway. So will there be much of a difference in the quality of players in queue? I’m not so sure…

Change to Ranked Rewards System

They are introducing a token system for ranked. How it will work is, basically, you’ll be able to earn tokens from doing ranked arena’s. The amount of tokens you earn for each match will depend on the number of medals you earn and whether you win or lose. The tokens will be used to buy rewards (like weapons, mounts etc.) and are bound to the character you earn them on.

To clarify, they will definitely be maintaining the Tier system they’ve always had. There will be an exclusive reward for each Tier (unable to be purchased with tokens) and the usual special rewards and Titles for the Top 96 players will remain. What this token system will allow players to do, for example, is if they earn enough tokens they’ll be able to buy rewards that would automatically be earned from getting to a higher tier. So a tier 2 player could earn enough tokens to buy a tier 1 reward, hypothetically.

AOE’s No Longer Interrupt Node Caps

No more Force Storm spam to stop node caps, bomb caps or diffusals etc. This is something they would like player feedback on and testing done on the PTS.

I have mixed feelings about this change. I can see why they would do something like this. But, at the same time, it’s a lot easier to just chuck an AOE down then to have to rely on the sometimes shoddy tab targeting system and hope you hit the right person especially when there are multiple enemies around and little time to act.

Additional Info Mentioned:

  • No new Warzone will be out anytime soon. They are however in the prototype stages for developing a new Warzone.. Yeah… Sigh.
  • No mention of ‘better then cross-server’ whatsoever.
  • They explain why the Top 96 players is worldwide and not server specific. I more or less agree that they have to have to leave it worldwide with the way things currently are.
  • They talk about the Dev Harassment (I’m not going to go into that in this blog post)

Overall Thought’s

Most of these changes, are ‘quality of life changes’ to make PvP more accessible and more rewarding for the players.

They did say that the goal of these changes was to get more people in queue, having fun and progressing more quickly; ultimately to increase population and competition (they hope). So I guess this is their better then cross server solution after all?


Unfortunately, there will be no new content in the foreseeable future. Not surprising of course, but still disappointing nonetheless.

I can see these changes making Ranked Arena’s more appealing as it will be ‘easier’ to get rewards. But these changes don’t offer much substance for the dedicated PvPer. Sure we will once again be able to transfer Warzone Comms to alts and we could see a surge in the ranked participation. But I feel Bioware Austin are still missing the mark when it comes to dealing with PvP in SWTOR.

While I do welcome some of these changes, I still have little confidence in their approach to PvP. These changes will no doubt bring about a small surge (at least) in PvP participation and interest. But ultimately, the content drought will continue to impact negatively. Making gearing even faster has the disadvantage of making content lose relevance more quickly. So that will be an issue as well.

TLDR. These ‘quality of life’ changes are mostly nice and seemingly could have (and should have) easily been implemented a lot sooner. Some of the changes will be a nice bonus for the PvPers still left in the game but ultimately I don’t think it will bring back many PVPer’s to the game.

What did you think of the interview? What is your favourite ‘quality of life’ change coming in 3.3?


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  • Thanks for the summary! I’ll have to listen to the podcast later.

    Some interesting changes in there. Not sure how I feel about the suggestion of AoE no longer breaking node caps. Wouldn’t that effectively turn “everyone try to cap at once” into the new strategy of choice (since it would be tricky to hit five people all with single target attacks in time)? Sounds a bit dumb…