I’m Disappointed in the SWTOR Community, but…

Hey everyone,

One of the SWTOR developers was personally harassed recently over his attempt at further communicating with the sentinel/marauder community.

I find this behaviour on the part of the players, disgusting. Am I surprised this happened? No.

I’ve been following a particular hate movement in the gaming community/industry since its inception. I’ve seen first hand what they do to people, the threats, the ddosing and the vitriol and hate the pour out on both well known individuals and marginalised minorities. I would never wish that on anyone.

Yet here we are, in SWTOR, with a Dev now having a similar experience with hate and vitriol thrown at him yet some in the community don’t care?

Yes, I understand the frustration marauder/sentinel players have with their class. I have had my moments where I’ve been extremely angry and frustrated about the state of PvP. But that doesn’t mean I would ever go out of my way to personally harass the PVP dev would I? That’s just unacceptable behaviour. It will achieve absolutely nothing. The idiots that harassed the Dev have done absolutely nothing to help their cause.

What effect will this have? They’ll be even more silent then they already are.

Yes, there is increasing anger and frustration in the community about the state of SWTOR. But going to all the trouble to personally harass and ddos the Devs won’t get us anywhere will it?

It was nice to see a Dev making more of an effort to communicate with the player base. Yes the lack of communication is frustrating. But the player base needs to be careful not to dissuade them from communicating with us. I’ve talked about the subject of communication a few times. But it’s clear they’re not going to change the way they do things. Why are they so paranoid, controlling and secretive when other game companies like Carbine (Wildstar) are not? Who knows. We don’t know enough about how things work inside Bioware Austins’ walls to know for sure.

Personal attacks against them will only make them more secretive, paranoid and controlling of information.

Personal harassment of the Devs won’t change things or get us what we want any faster. It is quite simply, bullying. It is mean and hurtful and we need to watch how we treat our game Devs. They are human after all with their own lives. Just like you and me. How would you feel if your family got personally attacked because of something you did in a game or over something you worked hard on?

There is a difference between personally attacking someone and providing criticism of a game. I trust most of you know where to draw the line. Poor game management will never ever justify personal threats or harassment of a Game Dev. Ever.

SWTOR can learn from this experience and they must. Maybe they should take it more seriously when players report instances of real life harassment or ddosing from players in the game? If they want to prevent this from happening to their Devs again, perhaps consider giving them handles? Not that it would make much difference because the Devs rarely communicate with us as it is…

Finally, I beg the Devs. Please don’t let what’s happened dissuade you from communicating with us more. Perhaps being more transparent, not surprising us all the time and not keeping things a secret all the time will help? There are still decent people in the SWTOR community. Those that are happy to take part in constructive discussion with you guys. Most importantly, we are decent human beings. Treat us as such.


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  • I couldn’t agree more, Xam Xam. It’s a shame there is a contingent in the SWTOR player community that is so full of anger and vitriol that they would stoop that low. Personally, if I were anyone with some pull at Bioware, I’d track them down and permaban their accounts. That kind of behavior goes far beyond whining on the forums. It becomes illegal and unlawful and could very well result in jail time. And it very well should. These people need to understand that a permaban in that instance could be the least of their worries.

    I also echo your sentiment about the dev team finally peeking out from behind closed doors and interacting a bit with the players. That was wonderful! The last thing any of us needs is for them to retreat and disappear again. It was a great first step, and the good, constructive members of the playerbase need to band around them, protect what got started there, and let the trolls have it. Enough is enough.

    At the end of the day, I am growing more concerned about people in general in the SWTOR community. Between cheating using that Coratanni HM exploit, cheating using the Ziost exploit and now this, I am beginning to wonder if our community is full of bad eggs. I feel like I’m back at high school lol.

    Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog. Glad to know you and to meet you.


  • Skyrush (@9SkytorRush0)

    It is just how it is and its damage without any chance to repair.

    Players are getting tired of half fix changes and changes that barely make any dent and people are too demanding on specific changes they feel are necessary. When people think or know that the feedback they give is legit and feel like their get ignored or not getting trusted with what information they have like the annihilation, plenty of people come up with good suggestion but is left out with some reason and some lack of clarification on why.

    It’s obvious the Devs, netter play or barely play the game as well as they do Class balance is a fact that goes true the community. I guess most of us feel like they do not know or cannot do the job right because they lack the game experience themselves to comprehend and make analysis on what that really needs a change.
    Big minus is the lack of earlier/faster class balance changes and ignore of already Toxic Community (Specially PvP) and then be active again. People are just trying to find a way to blow their frustration in a wrong way but u can’t really blame them except for inappropriate Behavior like Full on Raging and Trolling. In the end it doesn’t help both sides anyways and the only tip I can give BioWare Devs is to Ignore all this BS thrash it comes from us and find the hidden gem of feedbacks that few actually gives and try to know the class better before they make any sudden changes.

    #Rant and Meaningless post, just bored here don’t mind me ^^.