Ideas for Stronghold Decorations

With a new Stronghold (where it is located has not officially been announced) coming out very soon (Game Update 5.3, tentatively July 11th), I thought it’d be a great time to talk about decorations, we don’t already have, that I’d like to be able to place in my Strongholds! I figured the easiest way to do this would be to take screenshots of various things I’ve come across in-game that I think would make great Decorations.

So, without further ado, here’s a gallery things in-game that should be made into Decorations and where they can be found! (Click on an image to enlarge).

I did my best to crop out text when possible in the screenshots, but there is still some visible, unfortunately. I’m also aware most of these things can be found in other area’s in the game, not just where I happened to find them.

There is certainly a lot of inspiration for decorations already in the game! Hopefully some day, we’ll see some of these items/personnel pictured above made into decorations for our Strongholds. I would especially like to see Cantina Band NPC’s and Instruments as decorations ASAP!

Additionally, I’m hoping that they’ll add some new decorations to the Basic Decoration Merchant (Felusia Stato) in Game Update 5.3. They added some new decorations when the Yavin Stronghold came out so perhaps they’ll add some new decorations themed around the new Stronghold.

It would also be good if they added more decorations to the Prefab Fabricator Vendor Droids as well to freshen things up. More in-game means of obtaining decorations is always a good thing. Adding them to existing Vendors, especially the Prefab Vendors would revitalise Stronghold crafting.

I discussed more ways the Developers could improve Decoration accessibility in my ‘How SWTOR Could Improve Stronghold Decoration Accessibility‘ article I published a couple of weeks ago.

What other decorations would you love to have for your stronghold? Would you like to see more decorations that you can interact with? What is your favourite decoration currently in game?


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