How SWTOR Should Do x12 XP

Hey everyone,

With another Double XP incoming for Star Wars Celebration weekend, I thought I'd take the opportunity to discuss our old friend x12 XP. It was a very popular initiative with the players and it would be great to see it return in some form.


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Instead of just bringing it back for just class stories though, they should introduce it for other modes of game play such as Warzones and Flashpoints. I know there are many who play SWTOR, or who have tried it, that don't necessarily like grinding out story content. So having the option to level through PvP could bring back quite a few players to the game.

How would it work?

Make the mode of increased XP gain a one time choice when you first create a character (or for preexisting characters). Make it free (the first time anyway) for subscribers and make non subscribers pay Cartel Coins. Something they could add, however, is to make it so you can change your mode of increased XP gain. But, have a lockout of how often you can change it to say a week, but make each change cost Cartel Coins for everyone.


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The cost for F2P to pick their mode of increased XP gain should be 1500 CC, at the absolute minimum. A more reasonable price would 2500 CC or even higher. For subscribers to change their mode of increased XP gain it should be 1000-1500 CC or 10 million credits (just to throw a credit amount out there). You could argue for various costs, but there should be a price for changing your mode of increased XP gain especially when it is as much as x12 and it should be cheaper for subscribers then F2P players.

Bring Back the PvPers to SWTOR

It doesn't have to be x12 XP, but a fair number that would make PvP leveling faster and more reliable. It would be a great addition to the game. To make this work even better, they would have to make PvP no longer be restricted to subscribers and be accessible to F2P without the additional CC cost. Make all brackets accessible for F2P except Ranked. Keep it accessible for subscribers only and/or make a CC pass for it (lol).

Okay, I'm not saying this will bring PvPer's back to the game, because it definitely won't on its own (that's the subject for another post entirely). But, it would be a step in the right direction into making PvP a more feasible game mode and help to cater to a wider customer base, the one that doesn't have the patience for story content and enjoy's more competitive game play.


Concluding Thoughts

Having x12 Xp was a great initiative for the player base. It served a purpose in the eyes of Bioware, to get us all leveled up in time for SoR. But nonetheless it was very successful. You only have to look at how often people ask for its return as to how highly regarded it was. It would make a great subscriber perk and making it optional would ensure everyone is (mostly) happy.

It would be such a shame to let such a good concept never see the light of day again and I really hope we do see its return, but, expanded to consider other modes of game play like PvP.

How do you think SWTOR should bring back x12 XP? Do you think it would be beneficial to have increased XP gain accessible to other game modes besides class story such as PvP?

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