How SWTOR Could Improve Stronghold Decoration Accessibility

SWTOR has made some strides in improving accessibility to good Decorations recently. With the return of the Nightlife Event came a new Vendor full of brand new items to buy. Among those items were a few brand new, phenomenal decorations which all have an interactable component. It really is fantastic to see high-quality decorations accessible via in-game means instead of them being gated by the Cartel Market.

I added some of the new decorations to my Nar Shaddaa Stronghold, my Mercenary’s home, which is essentially one big party house for her to show off her wares and hold extravagant parties. My favourite of the new decorations is easily the Gambler’s Party Floor. But I also love the Gambler’s Mic Stand and the Dynamic Underworld Ceiling Lights.

New Nightlife Decorations – Gambler Party Floor, Mic Stand (both centre) and Dynamic Underworld Ceiling Light Blue (top right).

I really, really do hope that the Developers continue to add decorations that are accessible through in-game activities. They are a great way to incentivise various types of content. They have already added decorations to the other Event Vendors which are themed to those events. But there’s a lot of other content in the game they could add decorations to as purchasable rewards.

Yes, you can already get decoration drops from Operations and Flashpoints but wouldn’t it be great if there more decorations themed from the various encounters that you could purchase? They could even be reskins of existing Cartel Market decorations from the various packs. An example of some great decorations would be the Cantina Band that gets eaten by Bonethrasher during his encounter in Karagga’s Palace (I really really want to see more NPC decorations especially a ‘Cantina Band’). There are a lot of things in Operations and Flashpoints themselves that would make for some great decorations!

They could even add more decoration rewards for completing achievements such as the Open World PvP Kill achievements on various planets. What a great way to further incentivise achievement hunting! I’m sure they could come up with decorations themed to the various planets (like trees or plants endemic to those planets or even NPC’s) to add to various achievements for each planet. Again, reskinning Cartel Market sourced decorations would be perfectly fine.

New Dynamic Underworld Ceiling Lights. Yellow (top left) and Blue (top right).

Something I’d really like to see which I’m not sure they’ll ever do is to make some of the Cartel Market decorations (especially from older packs) somehow purchasable via in-game means or released as packs on the Cartel Market. (And no, I’m not talking about the RNG decoration packs. I want to see decoration bundles consisting of decorations from various packs themed by style or type eg. Zakuulan or Plant decoration Bundles). There are quite a few nice decorations from the older packs that are really hard and expensive to get these days. As I’ve mentioned above, I would have no issue with them reskinning existing decorations from the Cartel Market and making them obtainable via in-game means.

Another thing they could consider is adding decorations to Collections but make it so you have to pay a Credit unlock fee (maybe the same price/methodology as unlocking decorations for Guildships) each time you want to make a copy of an existing decoration you own. But perhaps limit the number of copies you can make so people don’t go crazy with racking up their prestige.

One final issue that needs to be resolved (that’s more Cartel Market related) in regards to decoration accessibility is the lack of Cartel Certificates. Cartel Certificates have not dropped from CM Packs for a very long time now making it hard (or very expensive) to get some of the original NPC decorations and other decorations that you need Cartel Certificates to purchase. Either an alternate means of purchase or a new way to get Cartel Certificates needs to be introduced into the game. They could make it so you can convert an existing currency into Cartel Certificates or make it so you could earn them completing your weekly Conquest or even add them to PvP, Operation, Uprising or Flashpoint Weeklies.

New Gambler’s Bar Decoration (left).

Hopefully, with the new Stronghold coming out very soon, we’ll continue to see more new ways to get decorations, especially via in-game means. We do have decorations slated as rewards for Season 8 Ranked so we have more in-game decorations to look forward to obtaining. Ultimately, the more ways players have to get decorations for their Strongholds, the more fun Strongholds will be for everyone!

What do you think of the new Nightlife Event Decorations? Would you like to see more decorations earnable through in-game activities? How do you think they could make decorations more accessible in-game?


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