How SWTOR could compromise on Galactic Command

I know this is a pipe dream. But hear me out.

I have already discussed how to terrible the ‘grind of chance lottery’ Galactic Command system is, in my view. But there are ways SWTOR could compromise. Again, I know they probably won’t. But still, it doesn’t hurt to discuss how they could.

If SWTOR brought back Commendation/Crystal vendors into the game but kept the Galactic Command system as it is, would that be acceptable? Reduce how many Commendations we earn a little but still have them as a method of gearing with the RNG Command Rank system as a ‘bonus’. Having the Commendation Vendors back would also mean Preferred players would be able to get gear and participate fully in PvP.

I realise this somewhat ‘solves’ PvP Gearing concerns, but not PvE.

For PvE, I think that raid bosses should have a chance to drop gear as well as give a small amount of Crystals. This way, again, preferred players could still earn gear albeit a little slower.

I recognise that these are very ‘middle ground’ solutions and not ideal but, I feel they could be the most easily implemented by SWTOR to make the ‘grind of chance lottery’ not as bad.

Ultimately, my ideal solution is to take the gearing component out of Galactic Command entirely and just leave it as a tool to queue and get bonuses. Keep it as a subscriber only feature. Leave gearing as it is now and then as subscribers queue for content through Galactic Command, they get bonus commendations/crystals as well as vanity items from ranking up through Command Rank. This way preferred players could continue to gear and queue for content the old way but not get the bonuses subscribers get in turn, adding incentive to subscribe!

What compromise solutions do you have for Galactic Command? What idea’s do you have for making gearing better?


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