Happy Three Years of SW:TOR!

Happy Three Years of Star Wars: The Old Republic everyone!

I thought I’d take the opportunity to write up a couple of my own memories from when I started playing. I wasn’t around at launch as I waited for the APAC server launch in March 2012 before I started playing. But I’ll share a couple of memories I have from my early days.

One of my first memories that sticks out for me is when I first arrived on Tatooine. That feeling of ‘Wow this is Star Wars!’ It was the first planet I came to where I really felt I was a part of the Star Was Universe. It felt really magical and surreal to me to realise that in a couple of thousand years Luke Skywalker would be hanging around Anchorhead. So for me it felt really special as a Star Wars fan and I still feel the same every time I go to Tatooine.

My first character, my Sentinel, now 2 years 10 months old.
My first character, my Sentinel, now 2 years 10 months old.

Another fond memory I have is of the original Rakghoul Event on Tatooine. I was only around level 40ish on my Sentinel at the time but I remember doing the daillies almost every single day. But the best part for me was standing around the GTN waiting to explode and/or get infected. That for some reason was really fun… But I’ll never forget how awesome the original Rakghoul event was. Think I got a good 4-5 levels from it too.

On a final note SW:TOR is also really special for me on a more personal level as it is where I met my boyfriend! We just had our 2 year anniversary! So I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the SW:TOR Devs for creating an great game where I could meet so many amazing, like minded people, especially my man!

A shot of our character's from a while back.
A shot of my Mercenary and my Boyfriend’s Juggernaut from a while back.

So what are your favourite memories of playing SW:TOR at launch (or later)?

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