Happy Holidays Everyone!

tumblr_static_at-at-sleigh_midIt’s Christmas Eve here in Australia so Happy Life Day (Happy Holidays) from Australia everyone!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying throwing snowball bombs at overheated droids, making Holo-tree orchards and the 12 days of ‘lamesale’. :p But all seriousness hope you all have a wonderful holiday season (outside of SW:TOR) whatever you may be celebrating!

I’ve included some pictures of my Nar Shaddaa Stronghold which is now open to the public on the Harbinger (if you’d like to see for yourself) with Life day cheer included! Hope you enjoy!nar hold 001

Nar hold 02

Nar hold 03nar hold 004Here’s hoping for a good year of SW:TOR next year. Be sure to be on the look for my next blog posts coming soon where I reflect on my year of gaming playing SW:TOR and WildStar and what I would love to see happen in SW:TOR next year.


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  • There is a Legacy travel to Rishi you can unlock. That’s how I’ve been getting there. 😀

    • Yeah I know but I’m too stingy to spend the credits on that haha. 🙂