Guide: How to Install SWTOR on Linux (by Andynul)

Hey everyone,

Andynul (@gloverpatrick3) is a frequent Linux user who figured out how to get SWTOR running on Linux and wrote this guide. If you have any questions about the guide you are welcome to ask.

There is two ways of installing Star Wars the Old Republic on Linux. First way is by using the Terminal. The second way is by installing the game through Play on Linux.

Steps using the Terminal

[USERNAME] = use your username on your linux system

1. Download the swtor.exe from

2. Open your terminal type :
env WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/[USERNAME]/wine/swtor winetricks d3dx9 vcrun2008 msls31 winhttp

3. Change directory to where you have swtor downloaded usually this is in the downloads folder :
$ cd Downloads

4. In the Downloads folder :
env WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/[USERNAME]/wine/swtor wine “SWTOR_setup.exe”

5. Next cd out of the Downloads folder and into :
cd “/home/[USERNAME]/wine/swtor/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/BioWare/Star Wars – The Old Republic”

6. Copy and paste the code from into a text file and save it as

7. chmod 755

8. ./

9. The first time you log in and start downloading it will pop up with an error you have to open up the “launcher.settings” in an text editor and replace :

, “PatchingMode”: “{ “swtor”: “BR” }”

and replace BR for SSN, so in will be like this

, “PatchingMode”: “{ “swtor”: “SSN” }”

10. Save and start again :

Thank you to those that created swtor in the first place and those who’ve created guides on how they got it to work and thank you to the user that created the swtor_fix.exe that made it possiable to play on linux.

Steps using Play on Linux

1. Download and install Play on Linux

2. When you open Play on Linux click on Tools and click on Manage Wine Versions

3. Install the latest Available Wine Version for 32 bit (x86)

4. Click on install and the Games tab in the Search tab type in Star Wars

5. Let the game do the install process. Once the Login screen pops up it will be in French so in the Options save it as English. The first time you try to log in the game will freeze exit the game and Log back in and then let the game install.

6. On the Play on Linux menu under Configure make sure that Star Wars is running under the latest wine version. Star Wars comes with 1.7.22 Wine but the latest wine versions are better to have.

Both ways work for installing the game. While in game on the Character load screen you will have to change the graphics here if you do it in game the game will crash (I run my graphics just under max graphics). The map works but if you hover over an area quest the game will crash. I have not tested the Galactic Starfighter mainly because I have not gotten a pop for it. But other than that the game runs smoothly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll refer them back to Andynul or you can ask him yourself on Twitter @gloverpatrick3.

About the Author

Hi I’m Andynul I play SW:TOR on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have played around with other Ubuntu flavours along with Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and Fendora. I started programming in high school with C++, and Java, I have learned Python since high school. I mostly play Juggernaut and Vanguard although i do have all class level 55 to 60.I was apart of the Friends and Family Beta test program prior to closed beta for SW:TOR.

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  • Gwen

    Have you had to do any firewall configuration? I’ve been trying to get it to run on Linux Mint 17 both with Play on Linux and straight on Wine and I just have it hang up. I’ve been wondering if it’s my firewall settings.

  • D Bedford

    Terminal instructions worked like a charm. Been looking for this for days. Thanks.

  • shenlun

    HiI am using linux mint and I can’t seem to find the game when i install play on linux. Calease helpn you please help. I have linux mint 17.3 and running and running wine 1.7.21=SWTOR and 1.7.22-d3dforce
    Kind Regards ShenLun

    • Hey ShenLun,

      I asked Andynul to take a look at your comment and he said he has no experience with Linux Mint so isn’t sure how to help you. Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance. 🙁

    • I hope you got it working, because I am also going to attempt to get SWTOR working on Linux Mint in the next few days. If you did, please come back and share your experience, of other Mint users.

  • So I just jumped into Linux (17.3) and have no idea what I’m doing yet. The adventure begins! My main goal was to get SWTOR up and running. Opened up Play on Linux and I downloaded Wine 1.9.5, 1.7.53, 1.7.22, 1.7.21-swtor. First were 9.5 & 7.53. I had an error come back with MD5 mismatch, so I cleared all .exe files and downloaded 7.22 & 7.21-swtor. While those were loading I made sure to configure SWTOR to run off 9.5. When all were loaded I ran the install from POL again and magic! The launcher came up french as noted. Just waiting for the install to complete.

  • Alexis Queen

    Worth noting that the settings crash issue has been fixed, along with hovering over the minimap or mission items, and GSF is now playable. Rejoice! 😀

  • Gildas Garcia

    Hi, thanks a lot for this tutorial. I’ve been able to play but a weird prb occured from time to time on my ubuntu. Launcher get stuck at login. Last time it did, I had to reinstall everything to make it work again but it doesn’t help today… Any advice ? Thx !