Game Update 5.6 Highlights, Overview and Impressions

Arguably one of the biggest Game Updates Star Wars The Old Republic has had for a while, it encompasses a variety of content and quite a few Quality of Life improvements.

New Activity Window

One of the big QoL overhauls was the new Activity Window which combines Group Finder PvE, PvP and Solo Content into one handy window interface. Not only does it make it easy for you to queue for what you want but the rewards for queuing for some content has been improved greatly.

New Boss, Nahut, in the Gods of the Machine Operation

The third boss encounter of the Gods of the Machine Operation, Nahut, was released in this update and boy is he fun! It is more challenging than the previous bosses, mechanically speaking. But that’s what makes it so much fun! The encounter utilises the whole room with mechanics keeping you on your toes and on the move with increasing frequency as the encounter progresses. It isn’t the most melee friendly encounter, though.

New Character Customisation Options

Quite a few new Character Customisation options were released onto the Cartel Market in one handy bundle Appearance Options: Expanded Selections which costs only 240 CC.

Some of the new customisation options include:

  • New Hairstyles: 1 Unisex, 1 Male, 5 Female
  • New Complexion Options: 4 for Chiss, 1 for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan and Miraluka.
  • 5 New Makeup Options for female Chiss, Human, Cyborg and Miraluka.
  • 3 new Eye Colours for Human, Cyborg, Mirialan and Cathar.

My favourite new option, by far is the new Human and Cyborg Blue Eye Colour. It is so vibrant and perfect. I’ve always wanted a nice vibrant Blue Eye Colour and now we finally have one. Now, all we need is more Blonde Hair colours and I’ll be even happier!

New Flashpoint A Traitor Among The Chiss

While the setting of the flashpoint is absolutely breathtaking and drops some very pretty decorations, it doesn’t fare so well mechanically. The mob grinds to the first and second bosses are quite tedious. While I had no issues completing the Flashpoint on a Sentinel or Marauder, including the bonus bosses (didn’t even die once), a lot of players were having difficulty with some of the boss encounters. It certainly isn’t the most solo, ‘casual’ friendly flashpoint we have. But that should all be getting fixed in Game Update 5.6.1.

The story that goes along with the Flashpoint was somewhat interesting. The Chiss politics and interactions were certainly intriguing. But there was no resolution to Theron’s betrayal. The story went to pains length to throw us hints that the commonly held theory that Theron is going undercover to stop the organisation and is faking his betrayal holds true. Sadly, the villains behind everything that’s been happening since Iokath were painfully obvious when they were finally revealed.

We can look forward to a resolution to this ‘Theron’ arc in early 2018.

New Augments

A new tier of Augments was introduced in 5.6. At item rating 236 and crafted from new rare exotic crafting materials, they aren’t exactly easy or cheap to get. You can only get the new mats from Ranked PvP, Nightmare Operations or from Command Crates (all tiers) if you happen to have very good RNG luck.

Hopefully, in time they will make it easier to acquire the mats cause right now, NIM players are forced to do Ranked PvP and vice versa if they want to obtain the mats to craft the new augments. This system punishes those with limited time and rewards those with no lives (as any grind does). No one should be forced to do content they don’t like or normally don’t do for better gear.

I’m also honestly getting sick to death of this notion that top tier skilled players (which these augments are aimed at) only do NIM Operations of Ranked PvP. It is nieve and stupid to pigeonhole skill with the content consumed when this game offers so much variety in content. Not everyone has the time to be a part of a NIM team or likes 4v4 Arenas which is sadly what ranked consists of.

I would like to see the new mats drop more frequently from Tier 4 Crates and be obtainable from the Warzone Weekly and possibly other Weeklies. It would even be great if we could trade Tier 2 Exotic crafting mats for these new mats. That would be a good start at least.

Coming in Game Update 5.6.1 (Tuesday 12th December)

You can read the Patch Notes in full here. Maintenace is happening Tuesday 12th December 4 am PST – 10 am PST (12 pm – 6 pm GMT).

How do you feel about Game Update 5.6 so far? Are you looking forward to anything in Game Update 5.6.1?


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