First Glimpse of the New Stronghold!

Today the SWTOR Game Update Page was updated with information about Game Update 5.3 including officially finally confirming what we all have long suspected. That the new Stronghold coming out is indeed on Manaan!

Snippet from Game Update 5.3 Page.

This image was included on the Game Update page (click on the image to enlarge).

We also recently learnt the Costs involved and the names of the Rooms.

AreaCredit CostCartel Coin Cost
Stronghold Unlock2,500,000 Credits2,500 CC
Room 1 - Interior Expansion2,000,000 Credits1,400 CC
Room 2 - Rooftop Garden975,000 Credits800 CC
Room 3 - Deepwater Sanctuary (South)1,450,000 Credits1,150 CC
Room 4 - Deepwater Sanctuary (North)1,450,000 Credits1,150 CC
Total8,375,000 Credits7000 CC

Musco also noted on the Forums that the Guild Unlock cost ‘looks to be around 15,000,000 Credits‘.

There will also be a new Decoration Bundle, the ‘Deepwater Essentials Bundle’ which will consist of Manaan themed decorations. Whether the bundle will include already released Manaan themed decorations from early Cartel packs or if they will be entirely new, never before seen, decorations remains to be seen.

If the Developers reveal any more information, I’ll be sure to update this post and let you all know!

Are you looking forward to seeing the Manaan Stronghold? How do you think you’ll decorate it?


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