Favourite Things About Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront II

Hey everyone,

With the impending reveal happening for the Star Wars Battlefront Reboot this weekend at Star Wars Celebration, I thought I'd reminisce about my favourite things from the first two games. I loved both of them and I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal for the Star Wars Battlefront Reboot this weekend at Star Wars Celebration.


Favourite Maps


In the first Star Wars Battlefront my favourite map was Bespin: Cloud City. It really had that Empire Strikes Back feel with the Carbonite Chamber Room and it was a beautiful representation of Cloud City. Being up in the corridors was always a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the Hoth: Echo Base map (more then the Hoth Map in Battlefront II) with all the different tunnels (They took out some in BFII) and the feel of it.  Some other notable mentions include Rhen Var: Harbour (I really missed that map in BFII) and Kamino: Tipoca City.

Battlefront II

My favourite Maps in Battlefront II were Hoth: Echo Base (XL Mode), Death Star: Interior and Tatooine: Mos Eisley. The Hoth Map was always a ton of fun no matter what game mode you played.

Battlefront-MEME-ewokThe Death Star map, again, reminded me of the films and it felt pretty epic. Kamino: Tipoca City was always a classic with plenty of turrets to use and the various strategies and class roles which were viable. Another nice map was Tantive IV which brought back memories from the movies with familiar locations to hold up in. The game modes available for that and the close combat scenarios were particularly fun.


Favourite Game Modes

I will always be a sucker for Capture the Flag. It will always be my favourite game mode in FPS Games. But I also really loved the Tatooine: Mos Eisley Hero Assault game mode in BFII where all the playable character's were Heroes and you had your choice of hero depending on your faction obviously. It was always so much fun and you could come across some crazy duels/battles with characters in the Star Wars Saga who would have never come across each other.

The other Game Mode which was a lot of fun in BFII was XL where you could go against hundreds of enemies. It was a Sniperfest and always a ton of fun. Each map the mode was available on (Hoth, Kashyyyk and Geonosis) all had really good vantage points.

Assault Space Battles were really fun as well. You could just fly around shooting at other fighters or you could destroy the enemy ship or land in an enemy ship and sabotage it from the inside and even keep your own ship repaired. The controls were quite simple as well and the variety of ships was good for different things.

battlefront space battle meme

Favourite Roles

In XL Game Mode, Sniper was always a ton of fun especially on Hoth or Kashyyyk where you kind a vantage point in sit there for a bit raking up the head shot count until you yourself would suddenly get one shot by an NPC.

The Engineer class was also great for close encounter strategies and a lot of fun to play and I always loved the shotguns made.

Excitment for What's to Come

I'm excited for the prospects of the Star Wars Battlefront Reboot and I'm looking forward to writing more blog posts about it. I'm hoping I'll be busy during Star Wars Celebration writing up posts and getting in on the excitement as best I can. It sucks I can't be their in person. Maybe someday I'll get to go a convention in the US.

So what were your favourite Map/Maps? What role did you like playing the most? What are your fondest memories of the old Star Wars Battlefront Games?

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