Explanation and Feedback on Game Update 5.1 Endgame Gearing Changes

On the recent Holiday Producer Livestream, Eric Musco, Ben Irving and Charles Boyd revealed changes they were going to be making to endgame gearing come Game Update 5.1 which is set to be released on the 24th of January. If you missed the Stream, here is a summary of what they’re doing:

Gearing Changes in Galactic Command

  • You can work towards specific pieces of gear through endgame activities.
  • Elements of working towards those pieces are legacy-wide.

In PvE

  • Unassembled Gear pieces are a guaranteed drop from the last boss of each Operation, with specific drops on a boss (Ex: Soa dropping chest).
  • Each other boss in an Operation has a chance to drop any token. Bosses that are later in an Operation have a higher chance then those early in the Op.
  • Turn in an Unassembled Gear piece along with Command Tokens (which come from Command Crates) to get that piece of gear.

In PvP

  • Playing any Warzone will earn you Unassembled Components. You earn more based on medals, match outcome, etc.
  • Turn Unassembled Components into a PvP vendor with a Valor requirement to get an Unassembled Gear piece.
  • Turn in an Unassembled Gear piece along with Command Tokens (which come from Command Crates) to get that piece of gear.

General Notes

  • Command Tokens are legacy-wide.
  • Command Tokens will be retroactively granted to each character based on their Command Rank when 5.1 goes live.

So basically they’re bringing back some semblance of how gearing was before 5.0. PvPer’s will get tokens to use to get gear (like we used to) and PvEers will have unassembled pieces drop off Operations Bosses they can roll for (like we used to).

There will likely be five vendors (I’m guessing it will work something like this) for turning in Components and Gear Pieces to get Set Piece Gear.

  • [For PvPers] A PvP Vendor (with a Valor requirement) to turn in Unassembled Components earned into an Unassembled Gear piece of your choosing (eg. earpiece, headpiece etc.).
  • [For everyone] One Vendor for each class (Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter, Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior) where you’ll turn the Unassembled Gear Piece earned into a set piece for your discipline.

PvPers have two steps to get gear while PvEer’s only have one step to get gear as PvEer’s have the Unassembled Gear Piece drop straight up from Operations bosses. PvPer’s have to earn Unassembled Components then turn them into Unassembled Gear of their choosing.

Everything about Galactic Command (and crafting) is staying the same as it is now so there is still a chance to get set piece gear from Command Crates. So those who don’t do Operations or PvP will still be able to get gear through the Galactic Command. The changes ensure that players who do endgame content can get the gear that they need quicker so that they can properly progress through endgame content.

My Feedback

I am honestly quite impressed that they are introducing these changes so soon after the launch of 5.0. It is good to see that they are able to adapt and consider the concerns of the community. These changes take the stress out of gearing for harder endgame content and guarantees endgame players will be able to get the gear that they need more quickly and easily. Player agency has somewhat returned to endgame gearing!

I am in favour of these changes. They help to mitigate the effects of the RNG lottery grind fest and bring gearing back somewhat to how it was. It will mean Guild raid teams will be able to work together again as a team and ensure all members get the gear they need. It is no longer left to chance who gets what gear. It will be just as it was before. No matter who gets the piece of unassembled gear, it will help the raid team and the raid team will be better for it. It will mean PvP players will be able to use this new token system to get the pieces of gear they need. We’ll once again have the assurance that the time put into doing PvP content will be rewarded with gear. It won’t be left purely to chance anymore.

Will this change to gearing bring players back? Without there being new Operations or Warzones to play, it is really only a solution for those who still play the game. If they do announce in January that they are bringing out new Operations and possibly PvP content then there is a chance more people will return to the game.

As for what minimum Valor required to access the vendor should be (they asked on Stream for feedback on this), I would say it should be around 50 (at the absolute minimum) to 60. Those who do a fair bit of PvP while levelling (so more hardcore PvPers) shouldn’t have difficulty getting to this Valor ranking by the time they hit level 70. A 50 to 60 Valor requirement ensures that PvPers will be able to get endgame gear with tokens not too long after hitting 70. This system is designed for PvPers and it should be for them to get gear.

Overall if we don’t get new Operations or PvP content within the first half of 2017, these gearing changes will be for nought. It is not a perfect solution. I’m sure we’d all love it if gearing completely went back to how it was. But they have found a way to compromise within the confines of their new Galactic Command System which is unexpected but is certainly welcome. We all knew realistically that they would never revert back to how gearing was. What they have come up with is a decent compromise that ensures endgame players will be able to more easily get gear that is more in keeping with the way we used to gear pre 5.0.

The next Producer Livestream will be happening on either the first or second Thursday (5th or 12th) of January. This will be when they announce what new group oriented content will be getting some time in 2017.

What do you think of the new changes to endgame gearing? Do you think it helps ease the burden of endgame gearing? Are you looking forward to what they announce in January?


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