Everything you need to know about Game Update 5.4 Crisis on Umbara

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 5.4 features new story set in an unprecedented location, along with a new Stronghold and some Class Changes.

Maintenance for Game Update 5.4 has been delayed until Thursday the 24th of August and will be happening at:

  • 5 am – 9 am PDT
  • 7 am – 11 am CDT
  • 12 pm – 4 pm UTC
  • 10 pm (24th) – 2 am (25th) AEST


The story continues on after Iokath in the form of a Flashpoint ‘Crisis on Umbara’, Yes, it is set on the planet Umbara from the Clone Wars. The Flashpoint will be available in multiple difficulty tiers so everyone has access to it.

Here are the requirements to access each mode of the Flashpoint (taken from ‘Crisis on Umbara: Gameplay and Rewards‘ News Article:

  • Story Mode – You must have a level 70 character which has completed the War for Iokath storyline. You can grab the Mission for this Flashpoint from your ship terminal. This is the only version that is the continuation of the story from the War for Iokath.
  • Story Mode (repeatable) – You must have a level 70 character, completing War for Iokath is not a requirement. You can access this mode through Group Finder.
  • Veteran Mode – Any character between level 15-70 may queue for this Flashpoint through Group Finder. Characters from 15-69 will be bolstered to the appropriate power level.
  • Master Mode – Only level 70 characters can access this mode. If queueing for the Flashpoint through Group Finder, your character must have an average item rating of 242 or higher (as shown on your character sheet). Any pre-made 4-player group can simply zone into the Flashpoint regardless of item rating. This Flashpoint is intended for a balanced 4-player group of one tank, one healer, and two damage dealers.

Basic story synopsis:When a deadly traitor is tracked to the shadow-world of Umbara, you’ll need to lead a strike team to confront the betrayer before the galaxy is thrown back into war.’

A new short story Trading Scars was also released to give us a first look at Umbara.

You can read more about Umbara in my Article Umbara – What we know from the Clone Wars‘.

Class Changes

A few classes are getting some adjustments to their DPS in this update. Here they are taken from the 5.4 Patch Notes. Note that Operative Medicine and Scoundrel Sawbones (Healers) are no longer getting any changes this Game Update.

Jedi Knight



  • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Saber Storm from 15% to 10%
  • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%


  • Increased the damage done by Burning Slices by 35%

Sith Warrior



  • Reduced the critical strike damage bonus granted by Sever from 15% to 10%
  • Reduced the damage bonus to Ataru Form attacks granted by Ataru Mastery from 5% to 3%


  • Increased the damage done by Bloody Slashes by 35%




  • Flechette Round’s damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Flying Fists’ damage has been reduced by 27.68%


  • Brutal Shots weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Sanguinary Shot damage
  • Brutal Shots no longer deals additional damage per bleed effect. Instead, Brutal Shots weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic bleed effects
  • Sanguinary Shot now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage

Imperial Agent



  • Acid Blade’s damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Collateral Strike’s damage has been reduced by 27.68%


  • Corrosive Assault weapon damage has been increased by 13.97% but it no longer triggers Toxic Blast damage
  • Corrosive Assault no longer deals additional damage per poison effect. Instead, Corrosive Assault weapon damage now triggers additional damage from your periodic poison effects
  • Toxic Blast now costs 10 Energy and deals 14.29% more damage

New Stronghold

We’ll also be getting another new Stronghold. This time, a moving Train ‘Umbara Mobile Base’ the same one which will be featured in the ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Flashpoint. To access the new Stronghold, you’ll have to run the Flashpoint a few times to earn a currency called Alliance Recon Data which is used to purchase the Stronghold.

Tentatively this is how many times you’ll have to run the new Flashpoint to get enough Alliance Recon Data (click on the image to enlarge):

  • Story/solo mode – 10 times
  • Veteran Mode – 6 times
  • Master Mode – 3 times

Keep in mind that this could have changed since Keith posted this. But the general idea that the higher the difficulty the more Alliance Recon Data you will get should remain.

The initial unlock cost for the Stronghold will be 5000 Credits plus Recon Data (exact amount of Alliance Recon Data needed has not been revealed yet). The unlock cost for the other rooms will be similar to the Manaan room unlock costs.


In 5.4 we are once again getting adjustments to a number of Unassembled Components rewarded for completing various dailies and weeklies.

  • Unranked Daily Mission: Now rewards 10 Components, down from 12.
  • Unranked Weekly Mission: Now rewards 54 Components, up from 40.
  • Ranked Solo Daily: Now rewards 15 Components, down from 16.
  • Ranked Solo Weekly: Now rewards 100 Components, up from 30.
  • Ranked Group Daily: Now rewards 30 Components, up from 20.
  • Ranked Group Weekly: Now rewards 200 Components, up from 60.

We’ll also see the start of Season 9 of Ranked Arenas.

  • Ranked Season 9 Begins! With Game Update 5.4, Ranked players will be receiving their rewards for the end of Season 8. That also marks the beginning of Season 9, so get in there and go berserk!

Quality of Life Changes

There are a few QoL changes in Game Update 5.4. Here are some of the main ones listed below.

  • Item Rating Display – A new addition has been made to the character sheet which displays your average item rating. This will help a player determine their overall power level. Additionally, the new Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint has a minimum item rating requirement to queue for in group finder.
  • The amount of damage which is shielded will now be displayed in the combat log as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where the player would be unable to interact with a Stronghold hook while using a filter in the decoration UI.
  • The Manaan Stronghold is now properly set as a rest area.
  • The Conquest Objective “Critical Missions: Galactic Flashpoints” now correctly states that it requires Veteran Flashpoints. The objective has not changed, this change addressed a typo.
  • The Guild interface will no longer jump to the top of the list if a member note or rank is adjusted.
  • Accidentally entering a space as the first character in the decoration UI will no longer stop the search from returning results.
  • Companions can now be summoned while moving.
  • A new option has been added to the Graphics preference menu for higher graphics settings called “Enhanced Shadows” which will improve the realism of contrast and shadows.
  • Senya Tirall Customization – Senya can now have her appearance customized and take advantage of your favourite armour sets!

You can read more about Game update 5.4 on the SWTOR Updates page and more about the Flashpoint in the news article ‘Crisis on Umbara: Gameplay and Rewards‘. You can read the full Game Update 5.4 Patch Notes here.


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  • Shaun Salisbury

    Too bad that it seems BW has low quality control as they find a game breaking bug the day before they go live with the patch.

    • At least they discovered the bug before the update launched.

      • Shaun Salisbury

        Problem is that from the testers I talked to about this bug is that it was report about a month ago and it seems nothing was done about it.