Everything we know about Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath

A compendium of everything we know so far about Game Update 5.2 all in the one spot.

I will keep this updated as more details are revealed whether it be on the Developer Tracker, Twitter, Livestream etc.

Game Update 5.2 The War on Iokath has been delayed and will now be released on Tuesday 18th April (formerly Tuesday, April 11th). Server downtime is happening Tuesday 18th April at 5 am – 9 am PDT (12 pm – 4 pm GMT).

Patch Notes are now available here but are subject to change.

You can watch the Developer Livestream about Game Update 5.2 here.

New Planet – Iokath

  • New story, new dailies, new Operation entrance.
  • Accessibility
    • All level 70 characters will have access to Iokath.
    • Level 70 characters do not need to have completed KOTFE or KOTET to start the Iokath story. But, it is recommended. KOTFE/KOTET progress will not be affected by doing Iokath story
    • You do not need a current subscription to play new story but will have needed to be subscribed at some point (the way this was explained by the Devs is confusing).
    • Dailies access – it is currently unknown whether you need to complete the story to have access to dailies or not.
    • An active subscription is needed to access the new Operation Boss.
  • Faction Switching
    • You will be able to switch faction using a terminal once per day. This will only affect doing dailies and Open World PvP on Iokath (it won’t affect Operations, Warzones etc. that’s still determined by your class’s faction).
    • While you will be able to choose a faction to side with during the Iokath story, it will have no impact on any gameplay outside of the story. But the faction choice you make will have consequences in future story.
    • But once you’ve completed the story, your faction will be based on your class’s faction. So if you wish to switch faction for your Iokath gameplay, you will have to use the terminal.
    • All Reputation earned through dailies and tokens dropped off mobs will go towards your chosen faction’s Reputation Track.
    • Guildship summons, General Chat (on Iokath) are all still based on your class’s faction.

New Operation Boss

  • Tyth is the first of 5 raid bosses which will make up a full Operation by the end of 2017.
  • The new Operation Gods of the Machine (aka The Gods from the Machine) is set on Iokath.
  • SM will be accessible via Groupfinder and you will not need to have completed the story to access it (source). You will, however, need to be subscribed (source).

New Gear & Galactic Command Changes

  • Galactic Command Tier 4 gear is being added to the game and will drop at Command Rank 300 only.
  • Tier 2 Unassembled Gear no longer has a Tier 1 gear requirement to purchase from the Unassembled Component vendor.
  • Tier 1 Gear will no longer drop in Operations.
  • Bolster in PvP is moving up to 238 gear rating (source).
  • Specific Gear will now drop from all Operations bosses in the game (except Toborro & Colossal Monolith).
  • Changes to Galactic Command Tiers 1-3 (source):
    • Improved drop rates of set piece artifact or legendary gear in all gear tiers.
    • Reduced drop rates of non-set piece premium and prototype gear in all gear tiers.
    • As you progress through each tier, the chance of getting set piece gear increases then resets to normal rates once you reach a new tier.
  • Galactic Command Tier 4 (source):
    • New gear tier at rank 300.
    • New gear levels (specifics not yet announced).
    • No premium (green) gear drops at all.
    • Prototype (blue) gear will have set piece which will be better stats then legendary Tier 3 (242) gear.
  • Note: DO NOT save your Tier 3 crates. Only packs GAINED AFTER 5.2 launches will have new gear and drop rates (source).
5.2 Operation Gear Tier and Difficulty.

New Dailies

  • On Iokath.
  • Unknown whether you need to complete story to access dailies?
  • New Reputation tracks for both factions. Reputation Tokens have a chance to drop off of random mobs.
  • You will be able to switch faction once per day using a special terminal and do the dailies on the opposite faction. (Source).
    • Example: If you’re on an Imperial class and choose to switch to the Republic, you will be able to do the Republic dailies only and all reputation earned (through token drops or completing the dailies) will go towards the Republic Reputation Track. You won’t be able to group with Republic players though (source). Again, this ONLY works on Iokath.
  • You’ll be able to buy a Walker, a Mouse Droid, a Stationary Turret and 1 other thing (they wouldn’t reveal on stream) to help with the dailies (source).

New Open World PvP Mechanics

  • Iokath only – PvP instance only (assumed based on source).
  • You will be able to switch faction once per day using a terminal. Allies and enemies are determined by their selected faction. Again, this is an Iokath only mechanic.
  • You will be able to loot a currency (a new currency for Iokath only) off of other players.
  • Spend the new currency to be able to pilot a Walker and other ‘special things’ including a Mouse Droid and a Stationary Turret which can be used on Iokath only.
  • I have quite a lot of questions and concerns which you can read here.

New Story (some minor spoilers based on social media teasers)

  • A continuation of the story after Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Two vanilla companions Malavai Quinn (Sith Warrior) and Elara Dorn (Trooper) are returning.
    • Which companion you get will depend on which faction you choose in the story. However, additional decisions you make (or made in the past) will play into if you get them as a companion (source).
  • To start the story, go to your personal starships mission terminal where you can accept the Mission ‘The Forgotten World‘ (source).
  • You will be able to side with one faction while playing the story. It will have future consequences on the story but won’t affect your gameplay outside of the story (unless you choose to on Iokath).
  • The Republic and Empire come to Iokath and discover a Superweapon.
  • It appears likely that as the Alliance Emperor(ess)/Commander you will have to choose which faction to side with.
  • The story is a return to the Republic versus Empire conflict being front and centre.

New Galaxy Map

  • You will now be able to access the Galaxy Map from anywhere to travel to any planet using the galaxy looking icon on your mini-map.
  • You must have a personal starship to be able to use the new Galaxy Map. (Must complete Class Story on Dromund Kaas or Coruscant to get your class’s personal starship).
  • If you have legacy perks to quick travel to various planets, it will cost you nothing to travel to those planets using the new Galaxy Map.
  • If you have the legacy perk to travel to your starship, you will be able to do so from the new Galaxy Map.
  • You will now be able to use Quick Travel while located inside ship hangars.
  • Any missions you have will show up on the map. (Click on images below to enlarge).

Master Mode Uprisings

  • Assumedly all 10 Uprisings will be available in Master mode? (more details TBA).

Are you excited for Game Update 5.2? What content are you going to do first?


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  • I’m obviously looking forward to battling Tyth! That’s surely the first thing we’ll do when we get a group of 8 together. After that I’m also very much looking forward to exploring Iokath. I loved the overgrown, ruined parts of it, so I’m secretly hoping for more of that in the daily area.

    • Oh I’m certainly looking forward to battling Tyth too. I also really enjoy doing dailies (I find them relaxing for some reason) so having a new set to do along with new reputations to grind will keep me occupied for a bit.