Essential Lore for KOTET Part 2 – Valkorion

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This post is part two of my Essential Lore series where I revisit of a couple of lore posts I wrote over a year ago. Part One dealt with more with Vitiate and is essential to read prior to this post. In this Part of the Essential Lore series, I will be dealing more with Valkorion specifically and the events of KOTFE.  There will naturally be some over lap with the previous post. Basically everything we know about Valkorion is from the KOTFE story and the Sacrifice and Betrayed Trailer’s.

In this post I will be going over Valkorion’s important dialogue, take a brief look at the Sacrifice and Betrayed Trailer’s, examine various Codex Entries and use what I find to further enhance the conclusions I came to in Part One.

Assumed knowledge: Jedi Knight Story, Sith Warrior Story, Shadow of Revan, Rise of the Emperor (Ziost) and Knights of the Fallen Empire. Additionally the Revan Novel and Master Gnost-Dural Holovids are recommended knowledge.

Before delving into Valkorion’s dialogue, let’s first look at Vitiate’s Codex Entry with Valkorion’s Codex Entry.

vitiate codex


Key Phrase: “An Ancient Sith entity with the power to possess and control the bodies of others”

As I discussed in Part 1, Vitiate learnt the technique of ‘Essence Transfer’ to separate his life force into host bodies. One part of his life force become Vitiate and the other became Valkorion.

Key Phrase: “he can shed his past and experience a new life unburdened by archaic Sith teachings”.

To be able achieve true immortality, he had to open his mind to other ways of thinking and experiences. This allowed him to evolve to the point where he had all the knowledge he needed to gain true immortality.

Key Phrase: “Valkorion pinpoints the weaknesses of both friends and enemies alike, twisting them to serve his purpose”

Some would say that this is exactly what he is doing to the Outlander. Does he consider the Outlander a friend or foe though? I would say a friend. He has manipulated the Outlander to serve his purpose so he needs the Outlander.

Sacrifice Trailer

We should also consider the Sacrifice Trailer.

Here is the dialogue spoken by Valkorion in the trailer.

A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice
With your birth, comes a solemn vow
You will have nothing, your privilege is the dirt
In the darkness, only ambition will guide you
The oaths you swear, the promises you make,
They are yours, alone.

Your freedom, will be wars you wage
Your birthright, the losses you suffer
Your entitlement, the pain you endure
And when darkness finds you, you will face it, alone.

While the Trailer focuses more on Arcann and his brother Thexan, we are able to gain some insight into Valkorion. He is cold and indifferent. We see this when Arcann kills Thexan he acts completely indifferent.

His dialogue throughout the Trailer isn’t just speaking to his sons. He is also speaking of his own accomplishments and what it took to achieve them with the line “A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice“.

Betrayed Trailer

It is also worth noting Valkorion’s role in the Betrayed Trailer.

When we first see Valkorion in the Trailer, he is watching Vaylin doing her fighting training. After her rage incident, he takes her away to a mysterious planet and performs a ritual on her which he tells Senya is to lock up her power.

Fearing what Vaylin has become after seeing her daughter transformed in a vision, Senya tries to rescue Vaylin from the Ritual but is stopped by Valkorion.

What Valkorion did to his daughter is quite barbaric and cruel. He drained her of her personality making her devoid of most emotion. He shaped her more into his liking. He may have hidden her power away but he did so in a way that uses Vaylin and twists her “to serve his purpose”. This is of ocurse undone when the Emperor’s Voice is imprisoned on Voss.

The Betrayed Trailer demonstrates that Valkorion has no limits. He’s willing to do whatever he takes to reach his goals.

In the next part, I’m going to go through all of Valkorion’s dialogue in KOTFE, by Chapter, to highlight the important parts and events to see what more we can learn about Valkorion.


Meeting Valkorion (Chapter 1 – The Hunt)

The Shadow of Revan and Rise of the Emperor (Ziost) stories were leading to this point, where we finally find out what Vitiate is up to. We finally find him sitting on a Throne wearing a new face. He has the demeanor of a kindly, wise father. Darth Marr and force sensitive characters recognise Vitiate through his disguise straight away.

Let’s look at Valkorion’s key dialogue (Note: italicised dialogue indicates Outlander/other character dialogue):

“Your constant silence across our history… this was your distraction?!”
“This was my focus. Everything else… the means to an end”

Note the wording “the means to an end”. What ‘end’? Was creating an Empire the only way to this ‘end’? The ‘end’ is likely referring to his quest for true immortality. He is also confirming that the Eternal Empire and the Sith Empire existed at the same time for some time.

“You say you know me–if that is true, then you know the depths of my power. Whatever you hoped to achieve here, you know–deep inside–that you cannot succeed.”
“But you do not have to stand against me. Instead.. you can kneel.”

Why offer us his power? This is more evidence of what I speculated in my previous post. That Valkorion needs a connection to the ‘physical realm’ when he ‘ascends’ to immortality so he chooses us.

“Look around you. Zakuul is poised to become the greatest civilizations in the history of the galaxy. I have forged the empire to surmount all my previous works. To span eternity.”
“The Eternal Throne Commands a fleet more vast than any ever built. It has the power to reshape the galaxy into any image that I choose. That we choose.”

He wants his greatest work, the Eternal Empire, to last forever just like he himself wants to live forever.

It is interesting to note that regardless of whether you or Arcann ‘kill’ him, Valkorion let’s himself be killed so that he can fully ascend and become fully immortal. Signifying that he is beyond the point of needing to be in the physical realm. But he stills needs us for a reason..


Dream Invasion (Chapter 2 – A Dream of Empire)

In this Chapter Valkorion talks to you in your dreams as you hibernate in Carbonite. A lot of the dialogue in this Chapter is class/faction specific so I’ll do my best to cover everything that’s relevant. Any attempt to say you are more powerful then him is met with amusement. He also frequently insists that he is not our enemy.

“You have earned my respect. I followed you here so we might speak undisturbed.”

It is disturbing that he could enter our dreams and influence them. Evidence that a part of him resides in the Outlander.

“You focus too much on the past. All things evolve.”

His seeming change in heart ie. him no longer wanting to destroy the galaxy. He ‘evolved’ to the point where he no longer need to destroy the galaxy to achieve true immortality

“Without a center to hold… without us… the galaxy and all within it spiral into chaos.”

Referring to the chaos of Arcann invading the Republic and Sith Empire simultaneously with both the Outlander and Valkorion no longer being around. He wants us to to bring order and make things right again.


“Our failed Empire. You were always superior to the murderous fools in charge here.”
“The Dark Council… Imperial Intelligence… Mandalorians… all fail. You alone find victory.”

Referring to his failed Sith Empire. He was weighed down by Sith dogma so was unable to evolve until he opened up his mind to other possibilities.

“I am not your enemy. I will help you see.”
“This Empire is not worth saving, and the Republic is not worth destroying. There is a greater purpose awaiting us.”

When he first hints to what your purpose is, taking the Eternal Throne.

“Empire… Republic… Both fall before the Eternal Throne. You cannot stop what is to come.”

Not only has the Republic and Sith Empire already fallen at this point but, he is also alluding to the flow of Destiny.


“There is greatness in you that cannot be denied. You are a far superior leader to any chancellor.”
“This Republic is not worth saving any more than my Empire. We have a greater purpose.”

Essentially similar to the Imperial dialogue. He believes his Eternal Empire to be far greater.



“Ziost. The World where everything changed. For me, you… the galaxy.”
“You killed every living being here.”
“They died opening my eyes to the truth. I have passed beyond death’s reach.”

This pretty much confirms that when he destroyed all life on Ziost, he realised he didn’t need to destroy all life in the galaxy as he gained true immortality (no longer needed a physical body) when the Ziost ritual was completed.

“Our flesh is not who we are. Voices… Hands… Children… I no longer require those crude vessels. At long last I am truly free.”

This dialogue again confirms that after Ziost he no longer needed a physical body. Our life essence is a part of the living force “There is no life, there is the force”. He was finally free of the fear of dying. As long as he was reliant on physical bodies, he constantly feared death.

“You choose to visit me. Why?”
“Our story is not finished.” “You are a part of me I wish to keep.”

This again confirms that he needs us and chose us for a reason. I’m almost getting a horocrux vibe from Valkorion. Like I discussed in Part 1, when he ‘dies’ in the Throne room, his incorporeal form explodes from his physical body and hits the Outlander. So while Valkorion can now exist beyond the physical realm, he exists in the mind of the Outlander because a part of his life force is in the Outlander. So from that perspective, he wants to do all he can to preserve our life. But I believe Valkorion’s reasons for wanting us to live and defeat Arcann and Vaylin are far more complex then we realise.

The Eternal Throne Room

“The Eternal Throne. The new seat of power in the galaxy.”

“an army of guardians who know the force is more than just light or dark.”

The Knights of Zakuul have a more balanced approach to the force just like Valkorion does.

“I was different here.” “Abandoning my past let me experience pleasures I denied myself before. I have known love on Zakuul.”

Our first hint that Valkorion was quite a different person then Vitiate. Letting go of the ways of the Sith allowed him to experience different things such as love.

“We must deal with my errant son and daughter before they ruin everything.”
“Do not underestimate their threat. It will take both of us to undo the damage they can inflict.”

We know Valkorion believes his son, Arcann is blinded by jealousy but what is Vaylin’s error? He also says that they abuse their power. So is Vaylin ‘abusing’ her power?

“I’m dying….”
“We are being reborn.”

Now that the Outlander is awakening from Carbontite, he can now begin to progress he’s plans further using the Outlander as his tool. He can have his son and daughter dealt with and have his pawn take back the Eternal Throne.


He’s not just in our Dreams (Chapter 5 – From the Grave)

While exploring the Gravestone, we come across a mysterious eerie room. There Valkorion, in ghost form confronts us and we learn that he exists inside our minds.

“Don’t be so surprised. Where you go, I go. We are indivisible now.”

We find out, that we have a seemingly permanent connection to Valkorion due to a part of his life force living inside of us.

“You have had a taste of my son’s Empire, his reach. And Vaylin–she does not believe in restraint. We can only defeat Arcann if we work together.”

Again emphasising that he and the Outlander are in this together. Only they, together,  can defeat Arcann and restore order to the galaxy.

Swamp Fight

“You are outmatched. Death is all but certain for your Sith friend….” “I could save her. I only require the briefest moment of control.”

He lies to us. We know that if we refuse his power, that yes Lana is injured but she survives. It’s interesting to note that he asks for our permission to take control of our body. He wants our cooperation but it is more then likely he has the power to do what he wants with our ‘body’. In a way he is testing us to see if we put our trust in him or not.

Meeting the Scions (Chapter 6 –  Asylum)


Senya takes us to meet her mysterious allies. In turns out it’s the last of the Scions hiding from Arcann. They take you through trials to try and determine your destiny as they can not see it. Valkorion speaks to you as you go through the trials:

“The Scions are driven by revenge, but they require fate’s compliance. We are above such negotiations. Destiny is merely the conduit to our will.”

They also question Senya’s commitment to them. They aren’t aware yet of Senya’s connection to Valkorion. Valkorion is thrilled when she does reveal she is the mother of Arcann and Vaylin.

They discover that Valkorion is residing in your mind. And that apparently explains why they could not see your destiny. They see your destiny is to defeat Arcann but they can not see whether you will spare him or kill him. How convenient.


Valkorion’s Family (Chapter 7 – The Lady of Sorrows)

Senya reveals to us more about Valkorion how different he was. She describes him as ‘benevolent, wise, kind’ initially anyway. But, they didn’t agree on how their children should be raised and Valkorion grew more distant and cold with time. She also mentions how his mind was elsewhere and that he would barely acknowledge her and their children for weeks at a time. She ultimately left because she was afraid of what her children would become. They chose to stay with Valkorion when she left. Valkorion never attempted to stop her or contact her again.

We have since learned from the Betrayed Trailer that her leaving was more then likely due to the ritual that Valkorion performed on Vaylin.

Inevitably when he was giving no attention to matters on Zakuul he dealing with the Sith Empire and the War with the Republic.

Part way through the Chapter when you are alone, Valkorion talks to you briefly about Senya. He didn’t reveal that she was the mother of his children as he wanted to see what she would do first.

“I granted her the freedom to make her on decisions, just as I have with you.”

He has granted the Outlander freedom within reason. As long as what the Outlander does aligns with his greater plans. But as we know, in Chapter 12, he gives us a push when things aren’t going the way he wants.

Arcann Fight (Chapter 8 – Taking Flight)

No matter what choice you make, you are critically injured whether it is by Arcann hands or from using Valkorion’s power. And even if you refuse to use his power to attack Arcann, he still uses his power to keep you alive.

“My son is too strong. You need my power. Only together can we strike him down.”

He once again emphasising the bond between the Outlander and himself as they only way to defeat Arcann and Vaylin.

The Bridge (Chapter 9 – The Alliance)

Senya talks to you more about Valkorion about how he at least considered her viewpoints and listened, sometimes. Then Valkorion shows up.

“You may not see an alliance, but our destinies are now intertwined. Take advantage of that fact and there is much that you will be capable of.”

If the Outlander is suspicious of Valkorion, he tells them the line above.


Lessons (Chapter 12 – Visions in the Dark)

Lana advises you to consult Valkorion about your upcoming assault on the Spire. When you go to a secluded location he reveals himself to you and he is not impressed. There’s honestly quite a bit of interest dialogue.

“You took my power, and now come for my secrets. But you have not earned them.”
“I am not your servant–and you have trifled with my patience for the last time.”

This is the first time you ask for his help. Yet, he is mad at you for it.

“Sometimes evolution requires a push. Or a sacrifice.”

Things aren’t quite progressing how he wants them to.

“Until you embrace your full potential, you will only be a pawn of fate. Never it’s master.”
“Arcann saw what he wanted, and claimed it. What is your excuse for failing to do the same?”
“The future is not a river to carry us. It is the ocean in which we drown, if we are not prepared.”
“You have two destinies, Outlander. In one, you defeat Arcann, claim the Eternal Throne, and remake the galaxy.”
“In the other… you die alone, unmourned and forgotten. I brought you here to taste that defeat.”

He’s not very happy with the Outlander is he? I guess things are progressing too slow for his liking.

“Pitiful. Why did I ever believe you could change anything?”
“This was a fraction of the pain my children can inflict. If you do not finish your training–become something greater–you will feel the full weight of their rage.”

Now he tells us what he wants. He wants us to do some training. He wants us to evolve just like he did.

“I cannot stay to protect you any longer. There are matters to which I must attend.. but I will leave you a token of my favor.”
“Fulfill your destiny, and I promise to return.”
“You can exist outside my head? Where are you going–and why?”
“It is pointless to explain. You will understand, when the time comes.”

This is when we discover that he is able to exist outside our head so to speak. Where did he go when he leaves you? What matters did he have to attend to? Hopefully KOTET will give us answers. But either way it’s likely his essence still resided in us.

He’s anger with the Outlander seems left of field initially. The Outlander asks him for help for the first time ever and he gets mad. Perhaps the Outlander isn’t the entire source of his anger. He says he has to go deal with other matters. But at the same time he is probably frustrated that we haven’t yet evolved to be more open minded to the light or dark side (depending on the Outlander’s alignment/view) despite now being the head of an Alliance comprised of Jedi and Sith.

Vitiate realised he couldn’t just use the dark side of the force to gain immortality so he became more open minded partially due to Revan’s influence but also he’s own will to find an alternate to Sith dogma. That is how Valkorion came to be and thus he evolved into something greater. He wants the Outlander to evolve into something greater too and gain a greater understanding of both sides of the force.

So he sends the Outlander to train with Satele Shan and Darth Marr who have learnt to work together and have discovered a new way of using the force which they teach the Outlander through a series of trials.


An Accolade (Chap 16 – Battle of Odessen)

Valkorion returns after his mysterious absence to simply tell you:

“You are ready.”

After all that we have done and suffered he is finally satisfied with our progress. We’re now on track to fulfill our destiny and his will for the galaxy.

Now that we’ve gone over key dialogue and events involving Valkorion in KOTFE, let’s go over how formed his Eternal Empire.

How did Valkorion integrate himself into Zakuulan Society?

Before we look into this question, let’s discuss in more detail how he came to Zakuul.


While looking for a new beginning, he heard rumors of an Eternal Fleet and traced rumors of it’s existence to Zakuul. This is why he chose the planet as the basis for a new Empire. Fascinated by Zakuulan Culture and seeing a people he could easily manipulate for his own purposes, he chose Zakuul as the home of his new Empire.


Able to exist in an incorporeal form, he would have been able to view and learn about Zakuulan society undetected. We know for sure that Vitiate transferred his life force that became Valkorion into a human male. Was it a native Zakuulan? More then likely. What better way to incorporate himself into an nomadic, superstitious society then by becoming one of their own? Being able to observe the populace undetected would have ensured that he could pick an ideal host to ensure his success. It then would have been a simple matter for him to become the ‘Demon Savior’ of prophesy and bring Zakuul out of the ‘dark ages’.

Once he was in control of Zakuul he used it as a base to search for the Eternal Fleet. In the mean time he guided the people to build a grand city and brought them up to spec with the greater galaxy. Then when he found the Eternal Fleet, be built the Eternal Throne to control the fleet.


How the Eternal Throne works is a mystery that only Valkorion, his children and now SCORPIO know.

Modern Zakuul as we know is run by droids and is quite a sophisticated, arrogant society built in Valkorion’s ‘new image’.



The structure of Zakuul society is quite fascinating. Valkorion wanted a society where everyone is equal which is quite opposite to the Sith Empire. Another example of how he has evolved.


So what is Valkorion now?

He has the appearance of a force ghost. But he is able to physically manifest his power through a physical conduit, the Outlander. We can only assume based on Star Wars Lore that he exists in the Neverworld of the Force (think Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi) and can manifest himself, at least to the Outlander, as a ghost. We do not know whether he is capable of affecting the ‘physical realm’ on his own without the Outlander. From what we’ve seen, he only able to affect things by using his power through the Outlander.

What does Valkorion really want with the Outlander?

He is using the Outlander as a conduit to the physical realm so the Outlander is essentially a pawn Valkorion is using to continue his plans for the galaxy. We know he wants the Outlander to deal with his children, Arcann and Vaylin and then take the Eternal Throne as it is the only way to bring balance to the galaxy.

This is fron Part 1 but it worth considering again given that we have gone over KOTFE, so I’m going to repeat it for emphasis.

Now that Valkorion is truly immortal, what does he want with the ‘physical realm’? We know he wants to see the Eternal Empire he built span eternity, and wants the Outlander to deal with his errant children then rule the galaxy by sitting on the Eternal Throne. But, is there more to Valkorion’s plans? Of course there is. Will at be bad for the Outlander? Probably. We saw in KOTFE how Valkorion’s power affects the Outlander physically and we also know that host bodies hosting Vitiate’s life force didn’t last too long. So it does not bode well. Lana is right to be concerned and she’s right, there will be a heavy cost.

This whole scenario with the Outlander almost has a Mortis Arc (Clone Wars) feel to it. The Outlander is ‘the chosen one’, Valkorion is the ‘father’ but, neither of his living children are ‘good’ unless we consider Thexan to have taken that role with his sacrifice. Or Arcann or Vaylin could get redeemed in KOTET and take on that role? A potentially fascinating parallel but I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out.



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  • wangxiuming

    My gut instinct is still telling me that all Valkorion wants with the Outlander is to use them as a new vessel. His previous vessel was getting up there in years, and now that his physical body died (either to Arcann or to the Outlander), he wants a corporeal form to inhabit. But not just any old person will do. He might have considered his kids, but he seems to view all of his children with disdain. None of them are good enough for him to possess (at least, Arcann wasn’t; Vaylin is perhaps powerful enough that he suspects she might be more trouble than it’s worth to try dominating her into submission).

    The Outlander still seems a pretty appealing choice for Valkorion to try and subsume. They’re rallying Sith & Republic to him – both factions see the Outlander as a leader/beacon of hope. They toppled Arcann, someone many Zakulaans found to be a sorry replacement for his father. Through the Outlander, Valkorion could conceivably unite the entire galaxy under his singular rule.

    Then again, this plot point almost seems too obvious. In any event, I’m curious to see what happens. Just 10 more days!