ESO Diaries: Templar and Nightblade Adventures

In my continuing adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, I have been levelling up two of my characters. My Nord Templar in the Ebonheart Pact and my Redguard Nightblade in Daggerfall Covenant. I’ve progressed a lot further on my Ebonheart charcter then my Daggerfall character. I’m still finding the game to be quite enjoyable!

Again, I will be making comparisons to both Star Wars The Old Republic and WildStar. If you haven’t already, you can read my previous ESO Diary entry here.


I’m actually finding the stories to be quite intriguing. As well as one world story which is the same for everyone each faction has its own storyline. There isn’t that much variety in the story compared to SWTOR but the high amount of detail in the environment and the decent quality of the stories (so far) really makes it easy for you to lose yourself in the game.

I especially enjoyed the starter story for the Daggerfall Covenant. The setting, the feel and how the story plays out on Stro M’kai really was a treat! I’ve already made another Daggerfall Covenant character to play through it again when I get a chance!

Overall, though, the Ebonheart Pact storyline has been really good. I liked how the overall main story had a continuation from the starter area Bleakrock Isle all the way through to the end of Stonefalls. The world story continues to evolve and be quite captivating. I still really really hate Cold Harbour, though.

I really do love how all the faction and guild stories are interconnected with the world story. It really does feel like you are gradually putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Stros M’kai – Daggerfall Covenant starting area.

Combat, Skills and Difficulty

Using my Mouse 1 and 2 buttons for combat has taken some getting used to. The limited ability bar doesn’t bother me too much as it’s similar to how WildStar is except WS has more slots. Having two different resources to manage is quite interesting. A bit of research though made me realise that depending on my class and what skill points I was using I only needed to worry about one of the two resources. Such is the life of a noob though!

There are quite a few types of abilities/aptitudes you can add skill points to offering great flexibility in how you play your character. I kind of wish SWTOR had this kind of flexibility in skill point distribution to tailor to your play style.

All the categories you can put skill points into.

I’m also liking that the difficulty of the game is increasing as I progress through the game. It’s great to have boss encounters that are challenging and require strategy and a med pack to get through!


Crafting in ESO is somewhat more involved compared to the other MMO’s I’ve played but in a more interactive way. I realised that I could start crafting with any profession whenever I wanted to begin but couldn’t get certified until I got to the first capital/major town where the quest is. I’m still figuring out all the details of course. It’s certainly been quite enjoyable so far. My Templar is a Blacksmith and Alchemist and my Nightblade is an Enchanter.

ESO in-game store.

Crown Store

I decided to take a peek at ESO’s in game store (SWTOR‘s Cartel Market equivalent) to see what kind of things you could buy.

I was naturally drawn to the Costumes. I did end up buying one of the costumes with the 500 Crowns I had as I couldn’t stand the look of the beginner armour on one of my characters. There are quite a few other Costumes that I would love to get at some point.

There are also quite a few character customisation options available to purchase too. As well as the usual mounts, pets, housing furniture dyes etc.

And finally, there is the housing, a more recent edition to ESO. There are a couple of lovely Houses I have my eye on to buy someday Hunding’s Palatial Hall, Mathiisen Manor & Daggerfall Overlook. I spent a couple of hours one day going through almost all the different houses ESO has to offer. Yes, in ESO you can actually go through a walk-through preview of all the houses. Note, you can buy all but one of the houses with gold + plus have a corresponding achievement or you can buy all the Houses with Crowns from the store. You can even purchase houses already furnished if you wish (from the Crown store only).

The world of Tamriel and the overall ESO story continues to captivate me. I’m looking forward to continuing on with my levelling adventures and reaching endgame!

Have you played ESO? What did you think of ESO’s stories and gameplay? Do you like crafting in MMO’s?


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