ESO Diaries – Subscribing and Ebonheart Adventuring

I now an ESO Plus Member which means I’m now subscribed to Elder Scrolls Online!. I get access to some pretty awesome stuff including all the DLC’s (meaning I don’t have to buy them as long as I stay subbed I will have access to them), an account wide Craft Bag (my favourite new feature ever) and lots of other things along with the usual extra XP, gold gain etc.

Continuing Story

The Ebonheart Pact Story continues to be interesting. It was a bit of a drag when I first got to Deshann though but that was because of the whole zombie thing. But once I got past the first couple of quest hubs and the overall picture of what was happening began to unfold I got hooked right back into the story again. I don’t know but as soon as I saw the zombies, I rolled my eyes and sighed. I’m not the biggest fan of zombies but in a world where magic, gods and other supernatural things exist, I suppose it’s not that much of a stretch for zombies to be a thing too. I just don’t like them.

I enjoyed the Stonefalls area and story too. Fighting the Dominion instead of some misguided savage cult of zombie makers was a nice change of pace. It was also fascinating to learn more about the Argonians and to interact with them. The pirate town was probably my favourite quest area, though.

There are also some interesting social/political themes throughout the story (in regards to the Pact in particular) which I might discuss in the future.

Colour Dye System

Yes, I know. I only recently discovered the dye system (well that I could use it anyway). It is quite an intriguing system. See the colour dye system is based primarily on achievements. So when you earn certain achievements in-game, you’re rewarded with a colour dye permanently for all of your characters. I especially like that it doesn’t cost you anything to dye your armour, ever! I’ll comment more on outfit customisation in the future. (Click on below image to enlarge).

Reuniting with my Corvus Guildies

I have at last been able to reunite with some of my old SWTOR APAC Guild Corvus guildmates in ESO. As they are all in Australia or New Zealand and I’m in the United States now, it’s been tricky to catch them online. They’ve been able to point out quite a few additional things I didn’t know about ESO which has been a great help.

Auction Houses

ESO does things a little differently than all the other MMO’s I’ve played. There isn’t a traditional server-wide Auction House/GTN. Instead, there are Guild Traders and Guild Stores. So you have to be in a Guild to do any kind of non-vendor selling (if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of advertising in zone chat). When it comes to buying items you just have to hope that the Guild Trader you go to has the items you want. If they don’t then you have to try another one which is quite annoying. The other major issue with this system is that there are usually very few low-level items and crafting materials on guild traders.

I honestly find this setup quite limiting. I definitely prefer to have a server-wide auction house equally accessible to everyone where you can just buy and sell as you please with little hassle. It would also make it far more likely that you’ll find lower level items and crafting materials too.

Hopefully I will have my next diary post about the Nord areas and reaching level 50 in the coming days!

Do you like ESO’s dye system? What do you think of the Auction House system?


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