ESO Diaries – Reaching Champion Rank 300

It’s been a while since I’ve written an ESO Diary post. But I’ve still continued to play the game all the same! I’m over Champion Rank 300 now and there’s still a lot of content I haven’t touched yet!

My first taste of PvE

A few weeks back, I did a PvE Instance in Craglorn with some of my Guildies! Yes, it was just Skyreach but, it was quite fun! I got to heal the encounter which was certainly interesting. There were a few deaths but we got through it. We’ve also done a couple of other runs where I got to DPS on one of my alts which was fun too. I hope to do more PvE group content in the future.

Yes, we held that Keep.


I’m not really PvPing as much as I used to sadly. The last time I actively PvPed was during the Midyear Mayhem Event which was honestly, fantastic! The factions were all balanced giving my faction a fighting chance. Cyrodiil was actually fun and competitive for a brief time.

Now PvP has reverted back to the norm of the other factions being dominant (at least in my non-champ bracket). It was frustrating logging in and constantly being hounded on by the other factions so I just stopped going in. I may return to it again in the future.

Wedding Outfit I choose in Thieves Guild story.


I’m slowly getting through all the story DLC’s. I finished the Thieves Guild Story which was incredibly fun and I loved all the sneaking mechanics. I’ve now started the Orsinium story and finally decided I should make a start on Craglorn. But I quickly realised I’d need other people for some of the quests so I’ve put Craglorn on the backburner for now. Orsinium is only mildly intriguing me so far so motivation to continue it is minimal at the moment.

Speaking of story, I still haven’t brought the Morrowind expansion yet. I don’t see the need to buy it when I still have so much story content I haven’t played or finished yet that I have access to just by being an ESO-Plus Subscriber. The new Warden Class does look intriguing but isn’t enough to get me to shell out money nor is Battleground access. Perhaps if it goes on sale again, I’ll grab it.

Alt Levelling

I’ve been gradually levelling an Aldmeri and a Daggerfall character so I can see the other factions stories. My Daggerfall character, a Nightblade, just started Rivenspire and my Aldmeri character, a Sorcerer (pictured above), is in Grahtwood. I’m quite enjoying both factions stories so far. But the Pact will always be my favourite.


I have Blacksmithing and Alchemy at max level and am slowly researching the various traits and crap for Blacksmithing which is so time-consuming. On my alts, I’m levelling Enchanting, Provisioning, Woodworking and Clothing which is going fairly fast as I’ve been able to send stuff from my main over to them to deconstruct to level everything but Provisioning.

What is your favourite ESO storyline? Do you think I should get Morrowind?


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