ESO Diaries – 200 Champion Level Hype

It’s been a while sine I reached level 50 thanks to the Jester Festival double XP Pie of Misrule and skyrocketed my first ~60 Champion Levels in one night. I’m still playing fairly frequently and have over 200 Champion Levels! I’m still enjoying Elder Scrolls Online I just haven’t had as much time to write about it with recent SWTOR and real life happenings, unfortunately. So here I am catching up and writing a new entry.

Champion Points

It’s basically an elder game levelling system that allows you to put additional points into various attributes. But, the best part about the Champion system is once you get one character to level 50 all of your alts get access to the Champion system too. This means your alts get access to another skill points system to increase their attributes making levelling just that little bit easier. I think it’s a pretty neat system and it seems fairly easy to rank up.

Ebonheart Adventuring – Eastmarch and The Rift

At last! I reached the Nord areas! It was wonderful to finally hang out and be with other Nords because well my character is Nord too. I enjoyed the story in those areas and particularly liked King Jorunn. He’s an awesome character and a great leader for the Pact! I’ve really come to love the Pact as a faction and a people they’re certainly the most intriguing bunch in my view. And yes, I have my ‘Pact Hero‘ Title.


I really really love the soundtrack to this game. I listen to it all the time now even when I’m playing other Games and especially when writing. Some of my favourite tracks include:

  • Tides of the Abecean Sea
  • The Keep Has Fallen
  • Moons of Evening Star
  • Courage of Ordinary Mortals
  • Onslaught at the Gates
  • Order of the Ancestor Moth


I recently forayed into PvP for the first time which I wrote more about in those post. I find the large scale encounters to be the most fun and satisfying moments you can have PvPing and ESO provides that in spades. I also love that great sense of faction pride you feel while PvPing. For the Pact!

Aldmeri Dominion Alt Leveling

I’ve been putting some work into my Dominion Sorcerer alt. I’ve been enjoying not only the Dominion story but also the Sorcerer gameplay (which plays a little like a SWTOR Sorcerer with some of the abilities being very similar). I also discovered that Auridon is the prime Dolmen farming hotspot so I’ve gotten into that a few times to the point where my Sorc is now Level 22 and still not finished all the quests on Auridon. It really is such a pretty isle and I really don’t want to leave it.


I hated having to go back there and do a whole heap of quests but I gradually forced myself to do them and I eventually finished the main questline recently. Just have to tidy up a couple of quests and achievements then I’ll never have to go back there again.

I was also able to, as a result of finishing Coldharbour, see the conclusion of the main story at last! While it was just a typical hero’s journey to conquer the bad guy story, it was still fun and the characters were great.

Have you played PvP in ESO or completed the main storyline? Let me know in the Comments or on Twitter!


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