Developer Watch – Theron Feelings and Raining CXP

A (not-so) weekly series where I keep track of everything Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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Yes, it’s been raining CXP in SWTOR for over a week now and no, it’s not an exploit! While Austin wasn’t that affected by Harvey, the game, a few days later, went a little haywire due to patch 5.4a leading to several hours of downtime on Thursday (31st August). But otherwise, things have been pretty quiet (since my last Developer Watch post) in the weeks leading up to Game Update 5.4’s release.

There was also an interview Musco did recently with Corellian Run Radio. Some of the questions addressed related to topics such as 8 v 8 Ranked (a topic near and dear to my heart), Arena Ranked PvP, Class Changes (Utility Changes), Server Merges, Developer Streams, Class Story, Legacy Systems, Data mining, Weapon Designer, Companions (including the possibility of romancing Arcann), Mini-Games, various QoL features, Subscriber Rewards and other topics.

So what’s been said of significance by the Developers in recent weeks (August 1st – September 6th)? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Developer Tracker

On August 22nd, Keith gave us an update on the next Road Map. He’s been pretty busy working on it hence the lack of communication of late (among other things).

Charles Boyd thanked the players for their concern and assured everyone that the Devs were all safe from Hurricane Harvey.

When 5.4 released, the Developers failed to communicate with the players that the Stronghold Cap would not be increasing. This made quite a few players unhappy. Musco revealed that the reason they’re not increasing the cap, for now, is because they want to address issues related to Conquest first.

Musco commented on the CXP Daily bug, introduced in Game Update 5.4, telling players to enjoy it until it is fixed. He went on to say that he suspects Keith sabotaged their attempt to fix it.

Eric warned players of an exploit involving purchasing the new Umbara Stronghold without having access to the room. He reiterated that they take exploits seriously and will be investigating and taking actions against those who used this exploit.

While Keith didn’t address Musco’s accusations, he did comment on the increased CXP the dailies were giving and how he had taken advantage of it on his own characters. He also discussed various player suggested options around keeping the CXP values high and that they’d look into their options.

Keith found amusement in this players comment about him using the ‘CXP exploit’ (once again, it’ snot an exploit).

After the extensive downtime on Thursday (31st August), Keith gave the players a long explanation of what happened and apologised for the long downtime indicating that they may look into options for ‘compensation’.

Keith responded to a players comment on quality control.


Twitter lately has been a hotbed for Developer interaction with the players. I know not everyone would get to see these interactions so I’ve included them all here (at least all the ones I could find). Let’s just say that a lot of players (and even the Developers themselves) have a lot of feelings about Theron’s betrayal.

The first tweet is from Sam who is a writer at Bioware Austin.

The next one is from Charles Boyd himself.

And then there was this tweet about the stuff that really matters.

Quick Comments

Game Update 5.4 was certainly an eventful update in terms of both the content (the Traitor) and because of the issues that came up shortly after its implementation.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer to hear when we’ll be getting more content. Especially, the next boss in the new Operation and the PvP content that was promised in the first Road Map. The last we heard about the next Road Map was from Musco in his recent Corellian Run Radio interview where he indicated that the Road Map could possibly be released by mid-September. He also hinted that there could be some interesting reveals at the NYCC Community Cantina in early October.

It was great to see some response from the writers about Theron especially given the significant reaction from the community to his betrayal. I’m not sure when I’ll get to finish my review of the story. It is proving to be more difficult to write than my previous story reviews given how I feel about Theron. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long for a continuation or resolution of the story especially in regards to Theron.

What are your thoughts on recent news and developments? When do you think we’ll see the next Road Map?


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