Could we please, maybe, get mail from our Companions?

I know Charles Boyd told us on the KOTET Story Dev Stream that none of the companions, that are still missing, would be coming back in Knights of the Eternal Throne. Honestly, I understand their reasoning behind it especially since having all those companion recruitment chapters really dragged the Knights of the Fallen Empire story out. But I am still sad that I will not be reunited with my still missing favourite companions Andronikos Revel, Malavai Quinn, Lord Scourge and Kira Carson.

But here is a compromise. How about we get mail from (or about) our missing class relevant companions?

I’m not sure if the story writers have any ideas for what the still missing characters have been up to but, wouldn’t it be sweet to get some new mail from them? It doesn’t have to be from them even. Maybe one of Lana’s contacts/spies finds out about one of them and mails you telling you what’s happened to them? Or even just an update of them tracking their whereabouts? There’s a lot they could do I suppose.

But if the writers aren’t comfortable with writing mail from (or about) our missing companions, maybe we could at least get mail from the companions we do have back?

Something I found annoying with KOTFE was that they would introduce a companion back in a particular chapter and then you wouldn’t see or hear much from them after that. It would be nice to at least hear from them. Even mail from the companions we got back through the Alliance Recruitment missions would be nice. They could tell us what they’ve been up to and that they miss being able to hang out with us all the time etc.

Really something, anything that would give us more of a connection to our class story companions and add to their stories would just be amazing! We don’t necessarily need cut-scene interaction with every single companion (as nice as those are). I mean we all love the cut-scenes SWTOR but we understand how expensive and time consuming those are to make. So mail is a much easier(?)/simpler solution for the lack of companion interaction problem.

Which companion/s would you like to hear from? What are ideas do you have on how SWTOR could add to our companion’s stories?


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  • I’d at least like to hear a peep from those companions that originally really seemed to like you (like Mako for example, and we even know where she is thanks to Torian). But I like the idea of compromising by giving us more interactions with those that did come back already, that’s sorely lacking anyways…