Three Years of Xam Xam Says – Reflections and New Beginnings

Reflections It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since I first started this Blog. It was at my peak consumption of Star Wars The Old Republic. I was addicted, obsessed. It was early 3.0. We had a variety of new content, the game was enjoyable and there was […]

Game Update 5.6 Highlights, Overview and Impressions

Arguably one of the biggest Game Updates Star Wars The Old Republic has had for a while, it encompasses a variety of content and quite a few Quality of Life improvements. New Activity Window One of the big QoL overhauls was the new Activity Window which combines Group Finder PvE, […]

Game Update 5.6.1 Patch Notes and Maintenance Info

Patch Notes are taken from Musco has also confirmed that the Life Day Event is returning on Tuesday 12th and a new 6 Year Anniversary Vendor is being added to the game. More info will be available sometime on Tuesday. Downtime to deploy Game Update 5.6.1 will be from 4 […]

Facebook Live Q&A with Timothy Zahn

Star Wars The Old Republic is doing a Facebook Live Q&A with none other than Timothy Zahn. The Q&A will be happening on Thursday 7th December at 2 pm PST / 10 pm GMT on Facebook. Timothy Zahn contributed to SWTOR’s latest story instalment, A Traitor Among The Chiss a Flashpoint set […]

New Warzone Delayed – Plus new details about Game Update 5.6

Eric Musco, Star Wars The Old Republic’s Community Manager, posted on the forums today (16th November) that the new Warzone, set on Yavin IV with an Alderaan Civil War rule set, will be delayed two weeks and will not be part of Game Update 5.6. The new release date for the […]

Why the Conquest start time got moved Six hours

Eric Musco, recently revealed to Bioware Influencers why the Conquest start time got moved six hours ahead of its previous start time. Basically, the reason behind the move was because of ongoing issues with Conquest rewards distribution. The timing of maintenance often interfered with the timing of Conquest and in turn […]

Battlefront II Special Forces Promotional Armor in SWTOR

Taken from Get your own Special Forces ArmorBattlefront II Special Forces Promotional Armor in SWTOR The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is excited to celebrate the launch of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II this month! Now through November 20th, redeem the code ‘SPECIALFORCES’ at to claim your free Special Forces Armor in Star […]

No, The Old Republic Doesn’t Need Vanilla Servers

Just bring back 8 v 8 Ranked. That’s all we need from the vanilla Star Wars The Old Republic days. Or I guess the old Tracer Missile animation that one guy that keeps asking for it. But seriously? When it comes to features and the ‘quality of life’ we had in the […]

My Most Frustrating and Most Satisfying Warzone Experiences

For a bit of fun recently, I had my Twitter followers guess which one of my characters was my second highest geared (it’s pretty obvious who is my most geared). Those who guessed the correct class and advanced class got to pick a topic for me to write about. Two people […]