Cartel Market Pass Removal, Content Access & WZ Item Changes

There’s a lot of news and announcements to cover so let’s get to it!

The community discovered over the weekend that the SWTOR Devs had ninja removed Cartel Market Passes from the game that allowed unlimited access to various types of content in the game for preferred players. On Monday, Eric Musco, Community Manger came forward and clarified what was going on as well as their reasoning behind their removal.


Their main reason for removing passes is because the only way to to earn rewards/gear from content, at max level, will be through the controversial Galactic Command system which is only accessible to subscribers. Any remaining passes, for the time being, will become Bind on Legacy after Tuesday’s patch (25th Oct 5am PDT/1pm BST) for Game Update 4.7.3. Their reasoning is sound given the incoming changes but ninja removing them without informing the player base first, was a very dodgy move.

However Musco revealed that they’re looking into a something similar to weekly passes that will allow access to Galactic Command. This would be somewhat appeasable depending on the cost and how much access we’ll get.

Musco also implied that access to content will remain as it is now. Preferred players will still have limited access to content regardless of level but now without anyway of getting more access. So they have effectively taken away the ability for Preferred players to level through Warzones (on their own) by taking out the one way they could ‘buy’ their way to unlimited access.

Also importantly, they are making all Warzone Commendation Grants BOP with Game Update 4.7.3. If you leave them in your Legacy Bank, they will bind to the character that takes them out.


Musco has also announced that Warzone Commendations, Season 6 Tokens and Crystals will be converted into Credits. They have not yet finalised the conversion rate. So take this into consideration when moving your Warzone Commendation Grants around.

He also clarified that vendors which sold ‘cosmetic items’ for Warzone Commendations will now sell them for Credits with a Valor requirement (it was originally planned to be Ranked Tokens).


This is much better then using Ranked Tokens as not everyone who PvP’s like Arena’s let alone Ranked Arena’s so it enables all types PvPer’s the chance to get the cosmetic items! Personally, I feel that all cosmetic items should have a minimum Valor 60 (maybe as low as 40) requirement with some of the ‘better’ items having a 70 to 80 Valor requirement.

What do you think of today’s announcements? Do you feel further restricting content access for F2P and Preferred players is a good or bad thing? Do you lament the loss of Warzone Commendations?


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