Cartel Market Armour that should be Re-skinned

It is a common complaint in the Star Wars The Old Republic community that items in Cartel Packs are reskinned especially when it comes to the Armour Sets. Honestly, though a lot of the armour in Cartel Packs doesn’t look very nice. So I decided that since the Developers love to reskin stuff so much that I should come with a list of my favourite armours and how they should be reskinned.

Satele Shan’s Armour

There are two parts about this armour that I like. The Boots and the Tunic. I really love the style of the Tunic and would honestly love to see some more variations of it or even other armour sets that use that style. The boots, of course, are also amazing! I would love to see a lot more over-the-knee boots. They don’t have to have armour plating like’s Satele’s do I just love over-the-knee boots! I also like the Gloves in this set and would love to see more styles of fingerless Gloves.

Sensuous Dress

The Sensuous Dress Top is easily one of my all-time favourite pieces of armour in the game. I’ve used it on a lot of my characters in a variety of ways. I’m honestly surprised that there haven’t already been variations of it made. I’d like to see it with a non-leathery texture and without the arm pieces. Pictured above is one of my Assasins with the Sensuous Dress Top dyed with a Black Black Dye.

Wicked Huntress’s Armour Set

Please please please for the love of everything that is SWTOR give us a version of the Wicked Huntress’s Robes without the hood and that god awful cape! (There are far too many armour sets in-game that are ruined by that style of cape). Also, some over-the-knee boots in the same style as the rest of the outfit would be amazing too (just saying!). I use the Belt, Gloves and Pants from this set on quite a few of my characters outfits actually. I do love the gold trim! Pictured above is my Marauder wearing the Pants, Belt and Headpiece.

Nathema Zealot’s Robes

I do love this set except for the weird shoulder pads with bits of stuff hanging off of them and I don’t like that the Clasp (Belt) and Gloves don’t dye at all. I would probably use the gloves more if I could dye them a colour other than the original dark grey colour. Pictured above is one of my Mercenary’s wearing the Chestpiece.

Revealing Bodysuit Armour Set

Yes, this armour set is already a reskin of the Concealed Bodysuit Armour Set set but I’d love to see this made with different textures and the Jacket with a different cut around the chest (it’s generally not very flattering on females) and completely sleeveless. My favourite piece in the set though is the Pants. I’d like to see more pants with side slits with different textures in the game.

Xoxaan’s Armour Set

Yes, this is another favourite set of mine. I’ve used the Handguards and Robes on a few of my characters outfits. You can see what I did with it on my main Mercenary (pictured above) with Deep Red and Black Dye. I’d like to see a version with the ‘spiky’ handguards on both arms and maybe a version of the Robes (chest) with no rags looped around the neck.

Karness Muur’s Armor Set

I’d love to see a version of the Robes with no goofy shoulder pads and no sleeves. I think it would look really nice! Alternatively removing the cloak part including the sleeves and the shoulder pads and just having the top would look nice too!

Dramatic Extroverts Armour Set

I really love the cut of the Dramatic Extrovert’s Robe and would like to see it more often. But honestly, I would love to see a more formal version of this set with gold trim and no electric bits. Pictured above is my Marauder wearing the Robe (Chestpiece) with a Black Black Colour Dye.

Tund Sorcerer Armour Set

I’d love to see a version of the upper robe without the damn shoulder pad armour. I actually like the cape on it though. It does have a Destiny vibe to it. Perhaps a version of this set with pants instead of the skirt would look good along with getting rid of the stupid plating bits on the Gloves and of course that damn should pad.

Ruthless Scion’s Armour Ser

I don’t really like this armour set in its current form but I feel it has potential to be much better looking reskinned. Honestly making the Breastplate sleeveless and getting rid of the weird shoulder bits alone would be a massive improvement. The legs would look better with armour plating instead of the baggy looking material or just get rid of the bagginess of the material. Making the Boots and Gauntlets less bulky would help too. You can see how terrible the set looks on my Merc.

What are some of your favourite armours from the Cartel Market you’d love to see reskinned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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