Bioware Re-announces Upcoming Fluff and Solo Content for their ‘MMO’

Pictured above: The anarchist Kaliyo aka Firebrand, not to be confused with the operations boss in Explosive Conflict.

In an unprecedented* move, Bioware has re-announced an announcement! Players of Star Wars The Old Republic have known since the December Producer Livestream when to expect the next chapter of their solo, personal adventure in the ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’. Bioware have now revealed some additional details about the upcoming chapter (which essentially spoil the plot) and clarify some tidbits about they’re new subscriber rewards program.

Coming Soon: Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise


On the 11th of February, (9th of February for subscribers) we’ll come across Kaliyo (formerly associated with the Imperial Agent) who now goes by the name Firebrand (not to be confused with the raid boss in Explosive Conflict).


She goes back to her old anarchist ways and in true Kaliyo fashion decides to blow shit up! Naturally, the Outlander gets to choose just how much destruction she reaps because she is totally going to listen to what you have to say… *


Yet again, Bioware emphasises that player choices will matter and that past choices will impact the story. Those who have played the existing KOTFE chapters will note the minimal impact your choices have had on the outcome of the story so far. Is this likely to change? Only time will tell.

You can watch a teaser trailer for Anarchy in Paradise here: (spoilers)

Artists impression of February Subscriber Reward.
Artist’s impression of February Subscriber Reward.

HK: Resurrection

Also re-announced, were details of the subscriber rewards program designed to get players to stay consistently subscribed until August 11. A desperate ploy to generate more revenue. As a reward for staying consistently subscribed until August, players will get access to an exclusive solo story chapter featuring HK-55. The release date will be announced in February.

They also clarified that all players who are subscribed on the 11th January will receive the player favourite companion Hk-55  who will be resurrected from the dead; despite the story making it clear that it would not be possible to bring him back.

Also up for grabs, are monthly rewards. February’s reward, for those subscribed from the 1st of February is a HK-55 inspired Jet-pack mount! Players can expect to get more HK-55 themed fluff as an incentive to stay subscribed for each month until August.



Practically unprecedented in the gaming industry, but not for an EA game, SWTOR is now the first game where the player has to pay a monthly fee to access new story chapters in a timely manner. Ironically, the amount of money spent to stay subscribed to SWTOR for the episodic story content is much more then going out and buying an RPG like Dragon Age, another Bioware/EA property, which has far more content then all the 16 Chapters of KOTFE ever will.** Offering fluff rewards is a desperate ploy at best, for an MMORPG who’s focus has turned to solo content, to make money. There is no incentive for an MMO content focused player to stay subscribed to a game that has no indication of offering new multiplayer group content.

As of writing this, there has yet to any news of new multiplayer PvE content (but their has been news of a new Warzone) in SWTOR. The Producer Livestream scheduled for the 14th January does offer a fools hope of an announcement or clarification of their future plans for MMO content in SWTOR.

* Sarcasm.

** Plausible assumption.

Are you excited about hanging out with Kaliyo? Are you looking forward to getting HK-55 back? Are you still subscribed? Are you expecting much from the upcoming Producer Livestream? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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  • You know, while I’m more optimistic about what’s coming up and am actually looking forward to the new chapter, your headline and intro made me snicker. 😛 Their marketing just makes it way too easy…